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Chaplygin’s technique: fast reading, or tricks with cubes

Chaplygin's technique: fast reading, or tricks with cubes

The warehouse method of teaching reading, which underlies the method of Evgeny Chaplygin, is not a new invention. Such a method was proposed by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

Warehouses uses for training and Nikolai Zaitsev. The principle of warehouse reading, above all, is good because the child does not need to understand how one letter forms a syllable with another.

But this is exactly the stumbling block for most children!

“He knows all the letters,” parents say, “but he cannot read.” Familiar? The child himself doesn’t particularly pronounce separate phonemes: almost from birth he “talks” with entire warehouses: he is talking, babbling.

And this means that learning to read in warehouses will be much easier. Why warehouses, not syllables? After all, the phrase “reads by syllables” sounds more familiar than “we read by warehouses”.

The warehouse is different from the syllable. In Russian, a syllable can consist of one letter or ten.

For example, in the word “pit” the first syllable is “I”, in the word “explosion” there is one syllable consisting of five letters, and of eight letters consists of a syllable in the adverb “casual”.

Learning the letters of the alphabet at first glance is easier than learning all the possible warehouses. But this is only at first glance.

If learning does not take place during boring lessons, but in a game, then the matter moves quickly and easily. The goal is to read and not know by heart the alphabet.

Chaplygin's technique: fast reading, or tricks with cubes

Chaplygin vs Zaitsev

Can Chaplygin be called the second Zaitsev? Not really. Chaplygin’s method is also individual and in a certain sense original.

But, of course, the ideas are similar – also warehouses, also cubes. What are the main differences? The main difference is the simplification.

In the method of Chaplygin there is no division into deaf and sonorous sounds, soft and hard, like Zaitsev’s. The teacher thought it was unnecessary information for children.

Indeed, for the understanding of the principle of reading sound-letter analysis is not so important. The concept of “vowel and consonant” is also not introduced, although the color division is still present.

Zaitsev’s cubes with their “rattling”, musical tune and distinction in size are aimed at the development of both aural, visual and tactile perception. It is assumed that these three sensory zones should help in memorization. Chaplygin’s cubes are mobile or dynamic, as they are called.

Ten double (two cubes connected by planks at the top and bottom) cubes can be twisted around its own axis, receiving new warehouses, which also contributes to the development of sensorics. The cubes are made of natural material, the best for children’s games – made of wood.

Zaitsev offers cardboard ones, since it is much more problematic to fill with wooden “sound”.

But these are not all the differences! Chaplygin has fewer cubes. If Zaitsev has more than sixty of them, then Chaplygin accommodated all the necessary warehouses for thirty.

Moreover, twenty cubes are combined in pairs into ten (that is, there are only twenty elements in the set). The combinations of letters themselves are not random.

This, as the author writes, is the result of many years of work and research. Some kind of clear and straightforward logic in the arrangement of letters is not to be found – it is rather a combination of the most common warehouses.

For typing some words, however, you will need to put double cubes with an end face in order to have enough letters (for example, when writing the word “hello”, because the single letters “D” and “Z” are on the same block).

Chaplygin's technique: fast reading, or tricks with cubes

The Chaplygin kit includes ten double cubes and ten single. In other words, you need thirty wooden cubes. With single ones everything is simple: you need to stick or write with a marker or device for burning letters on their faces and mark them for convenience with icons.

Up the cube – the icon, and on four sides – the letters.

Single cubes look like this:

* triangle and L, M, J, W

* fish and M, P, T, K

* bird and R, D, B, W

* cross and C, F, H, X

* month and C, F, G, U

* baby elephant and b (lighter color), B, C, b (light)

* machine and red Oh, E, U, E

* strawberry and (also red, like all vowels) A, I, E, U

* snowflake and Oh, U, Yu, A

* ring and Y, Y, Y, I.

Double cubes will have to be assembled with a wooden plank. You can just gently hammer short nails into a piece of wood, planting two dice on it so that they can rotate around its axis, but at the same time be at a minimum distance one from the other.

Finding ten pieces of wood can cause problems. But who said it would be easy? Chopsticks from building material or slats from an old baby cot will do (the main thing is to ensure safety for the baby – the cubes should not be removed from the nails, and the tree should not have chipping and uneven edges).

Double cubes are marked on the bar with badges – this will be the top. Just as on single ones, letters are put on them in any way.

One double dice with consonants (black letters), the second with vowels (red).

Double cubes are as follows:

Square and the letters M, P, K, W; A, I, E, U. (there are two such double cubes)

Circle and H, K, T, D; A, Oh, And, I (also two)

Asterisk and C, P, L, B; Ah, Oh, And, I

Herringbone and B, B, D, H; A, O, E, U

Heart and P, L, C, H; E, S, W, Y

Flower and B, F, X, H; A, And, E, U

Apple and P, T, M, L; Yo, I, Y

House and C, F, H, G; A, And, E, W.

That’s all. The package of Chaplygin’s cubes also includes an “explanatory note” for parents, which is a ready-made option for organizing classes.

Chaplygin's technique: fast reading, or tricks with cubes

The book with a description of each lesson, of course, makes mother’s work easier: you do not need to specially prepare, select the necessary cubes and combine them into words. Classes are divided into eleven blocks.

The new unit is marked by the addition of a new cube or a new way of working with existing material. The transition from one class to another is individual — it all depends on the rate of material mastering by the child.

The principle of operation is simple. Mom makes a word out of cubes, calls it.

Invites the child to read the word, make it yourself and find the same warehouse. Work begins with drawing up the first word – “mother”.

First, an adult shows the warehouse “MA” on double cubes with a square, calls him and asks the child to find the same on the other cubes. To fix, you can draw a mother’s portrait or stick a photo directly into the little book.

At the second lesson – focus! – rotating the cubes, we get from the word “mom” the word “dad”. The next lesson will be built on the chain of transformations “mother-Masha-porridge”. Then “dad” turns into “Pasha”.

This is followed by a change in the word “mother” in the cases, that is, the ending changes (“Mother” – “mother” – “mother”). The word “papa” and “pasha” also change. Then the letter “I” is entered, and “Misha” appears …

It seems there is nothing complicated and you can improvise and engage with the baby yourself? But immediately pick the right cubes fail. Therefore, we again have to turn to the manual.

After changing the end of the word “Misha”, the word “write” is composed and immediately “write”. Thus, we are approaching the fourth block, at the first lesson of which it is necessary to show the child “closed” syllables and write the words “porridge”, “Mashka”, “bump”, “Bear”, “front sight” into cubes. The second lesson introduces the letters H, Y, L on double dice with squares and single with a triangle.

The words “semolina”, “Mike”, “gang”, “stick”, “file” are obtained.

In the fifth block, the letters D, T, O, Ya are entered alternately. On cubes with a square, circles and a triangle, the child traces the transformations “porridge-our-Dasha” and “Dima-dom-kino”, “Petya-Manya-Mitya”, ” Nina-where-cat. Of course, all in the form of a game with funny stories. The course of the lesson itself can be thought up on the basis of the interests of the child, but the sequence for entering the material is still difficult to replace.

It is time to show the child the reverse order of the combination of sounds using the words “Am-am”, “Umka”, “Anka”, “Yan”, “Yanka”, “ears”, “window”, and “windows”.

In the seventh block, finally, a cube with a fish joins and the words “chalk”, “whale”, “noise”, “cat”, “yum”, “tuk”, “dam”, “cap” and others are read. To familiarize yourself with the letters C, P and B, you need a cube with a star and now the baby reads “Sasha”, “Vika”, “kitty”, “linden”, “paw”, “Tolya”, “Kolya”, “your”, “ Vata “,” Sanya “,” little “,” saw “,” themselves. “

With each block the number of words increases. In the ninth, the child already reads words of three syllables: the word was “our”, and the word became “Natasha.”

The tenth block adds a cube with an elephant, and in the eleventh, after the words “jackdaw-pebble”, “chalk-stranded”, “Gulka” and “swan” it is already possible to make up a whole fairy tale. By the way, it is very interesting to beat each occupation ..

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