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Change the image for the New Year!

Change the image for the New Year!

The long-awaited time of holidays has come, and with it – a series of endless trips to the guests, in order to amicably mark the beginning of the new year – to see others and show themselves. Therefore, you should look not just perfect, but also somehow differently, because the new year is all the same.

And the best way to be reincarnated is to change your hair color or hairstyle.

If one day in the icy winter season … you come to the mirror and look at your gloomy reflection joylessly, then you need to take measures immediately – bring some color to life. To do this, go to the salon. Although it often happens that in the pre-and post-holiday days there does not break through without an appointment.

But the young lady, driven by an unshakable desire to change the image, coloring at home thanks to improved formulas and the result will bring no worse than the salon, and help save. Of course, at home it is almost impossible to make a radical reincarnation – from a burning brunette to an ashen blonde.

Yes, and to no such experiments. In anticipation of your new image, it is important to choose the right shade of paint.

This is where the “underwater stone” is found. To advantageously emphasize the shade of hair, it must be correctly combined with skin color.

Hairdressing experts call two absolutely win-win options: dark-haired brunettes and fair-skinned redheads, that is, cold skin tones, as a rule, are combined with warm hair tints and vice versa. We decided on the color, but how not to damage the hair and make the coloring more gentle? According to a study of consumer habits in Russia, about 80% of women dye their hair.

Most of them consider the main disadvantage of coloring adverse effects on the condition of the hair. Now the problem is solved!

Thanks to the cooperation of Wella and Pantene, Wellaton cream paint with Color Therapy repair serum was born. Oxygen-based hair dyeing technology not only provides a fresh and vibrant color, but also helps preserve it for a long time.

Serum contains aminosilicones, enveloping hair. It actually imitates the natural protective layer of the hair, makes the strands surprisingly shiny and soft.

If you want to give your hair glare, now, without leaving your home, you can also make highlights. Vera Mashurova, the leading specialist of Schwarzkopf Henkel, recommends using the Palette Deluxe “Glare of Color” for all hair shades: “The products are specially created with a thicker structure to avoid spreading the mixture to adjacent strands.”

If you are highlighting for the first time, Vera advises to select only separate strands from the face and a few in the center of the head, from the forehead to the crown, and be sure to retreat from the roots of the hair at least 1.5 cm.

1. “To create a luxurious volumetric styling, apply mousse on hair and dry them from root to tip, raising each strand at the roots by 90 degrees. Then apply a little varnish on the strands and wind it on a curler of large diameter.

Fix hair with lacquer and blow-dry in a cold mode. After 15 minutes, remove the hair curlers and brush your hair with a natural bristle brush. As a result, you will get an exciting volume and spectacular curls! ”Andy Uffels, Art Director of Philips Haircare

2. According to Dmitry Vishnevsky, art director of the brand MENARD, stylist of “Vallex M”, long, well-groomed hair is still in fashion. To give them an “evening” look, braid voluminous net braids. With the help of the hairpins, take the braids into the high hairstyle, then take out a few strands and wind on the tongs.

The final touch is the hairstyle formed by the hands. It turns out such a sloppy Italian style.

3. “You can achieve a quick effect when styling if you tilt your head down and blow-dry your hair,” advises Sally Brooks, international art director Nivea Hair.

Change the image for the New Year!

Throughout all 9 months, the girls “in position” are tormented by the eternal “Hamlet” question: to be or not to be (blonde, brunette, redhead)? Discussions on this topic have long been conducted by physicians and stylists. Each side articulates its pros and cons of staining during pregnancy.

It is better not to risk it and choose sparing means that certainly do not harm either the baby or the expectant mother. Ammonia is completely excluded from the composition of such means, so that even doctors recognize their full safety.

Garnier, Color Shine, ammonia-free paint is enriched with cranberry oil – a recognized antioxidant that prolongs color radiance for a long time, and the nutritional properties of argan oil protect against dryness and fill hair with maximum shine. The only disadvantage of such demi-permanents, according to Julia Gorbatova, a leading technologist at Paul Mitchell Russia, is that they only retouch grown roots, reinforce the existing shade or darken it.

For lightening during pregnancy, Julia recommends salon products and suggests using a softer dye cream rather than powder. “With sufficiently dark hair, he will not stretch the roots to the platinum blonde, but he can easily create a natural light tone. Immediately after dyeing the roots, you can toned hair or make a polish for blondes “. During pregnancy, many women become more sensitive scalp.

Those who are faced with allergies or irritation to familiar shampoo should switch to hypoallergenic products, preferably from professional lines, and use a regenerating mask 1-2 times a week.

It is not uncommon when the owner of luxurious curls dreams of absolutely straight hair. In the XXI century, everything impossible is possible!

To help the beauty come special means for straightening hair without ironing, which not only give the strands smoothness, but also fill them with shine and health.

The main trend of the season is volume. Straight, perfectly smooth hair gives way to more feminine and voluminous hairstyles. For their creation can not do without progressive styling.

Thanks to the positively and negatively charged particles, the ultra-light polymers of the new line of Effective Volume, Nivea, envelop each hair, increasing the distance between them. This allows you to achieve double the volume of hair, while maintaining its natural softness and mobility. When modeling dyed hair, Kéranove lacquer will be very useful.

The complex of active minerals of the Dead Sea revives color and protects the hair from the aggressive effects of the external environment. A naughty and frizzy curls “varnish” using Frizz-Ease, John Frieda Collection.

He will keep the shape of even the most complex hairstyles all day long and in any weather. When creating fashionable styling in the style of the 80s, one cannot do without the “miracle of technology”. Professional hair dryer Philips SalonDry Control HP8183 provides fast, but gentle drying.

The IonBoost Extreme ionization system prevents electrification of the hair and makes it more manageable. To create a romantic curls and bold curls without harm to hair, use the Braun styler.

Its main advantage is the unique ceramic surface of the Ceramic Care forceps, and the heating control along the length of the forceps protects the strands from overheating.

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