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Caution: mold allergy

Caution: mold allergy

“A few years ago we bought a country house, but in the very first weekend my son developed a cold, which did not even give in to allergy drugs. The kid did not sleep well, he could hardly breathe.

The next day, I carefully inspected the house and found mold on the window sill, along the walls, in the window openings. No matter how much we cleaned or washed, we failed to completely get rid of the mold. You ended up having to sell the house: the rest turned into real torment. ” (Marina, mother of 3-year-old Vladik)

Mold is a fungus that can grow and multiply both outdoors and in the house. There are thousands of species of mold fungi, which are often strong allergens, often with the presence of disposing factors.

The fact is that spores and fragments of fungi are easily transported through the air, getting into our airways, causing responses in some people. Manifestations of allergies can be different: rhinitis, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis or eczema. Symptoms depend on which organ responds more: eyes, skin, nose, lungs.

With timely and proper treatment, unpleasant reactions go away, but if you do not get rid of the source of allergy in time and start the painful manifestations, the child may develop bronchial asthma. According to statistics, in 15% of children with asthma, hypersensitivity to mold fungus allergens is detected.

That is, asthma can be triggered by contact with mold. But even if a child has not developed such a serious illness as asthma, the baby’s body becomes vulnerable and subject to allergic reactions to various stimuli.

This, in particular, speak of studies conducted by American and Russian scientists.

It should be noted that mold fungi live almost everywhere, but they start to cause trouble only during reproduction, for which they require certain conditions. First of all, mold loves moisture and heat.

If you look closely, you will notice that the mold appears in places where old leaves, hay, grass, in wet basements, barns, sheds, houses, empty in the winter and autumn periods. Therefore, it is important to regularly ventilate the premises and avoid excessive humidity in the house.

If the baby already suffers from asthma, such places should be avoided, since contact with mold can aggravate the condition of the child.

Caution: mold allergy

“A year ago, neighbors on the floor above burst pipes, and we were flooded. We carried out repairs, but in some places on the ceiling, on the walls of the bathroom, the toilet, the mold began to appear.

At the same time, my daughter developed a chronic runny nose and cough. At first we did not associate these two events, but now I understand that the cause of Masha’s disease state is mold fungi. ” (Daria, mother of 4-year-old Masha)

Rule number one after the flooding of a dwelling is to get rid of all damp materials, carpets and wooden furniture: if you are in the damp for about 2 days, they cannot be saved. Lime absorbs moisture very quickly, so mold can appear on walls, wallpaper and even furniture, carpets and curtains. Mushrooms can begin to multiply not only in case of severe flooding, but also in case of a small leakage.

Moreover, they can appear in the most inconspicuous places, for example, on the foundation.

It is possible to determine the presence of mold by dark spots and the smell of dampness. In case of leaks, be sure to dry the premises, change the wallpaper (in some cases, make a complete redecoration) and inspect the house for the presence of mushrooms, which is carried out by experts.

There are special scientific organizations that carry out such an inspection of the premises: they take smears-prints from surfaces and air samples. When mold is detected, they conduct antifungal treatment of the house or apartment with the help of fungicidal preparations and then check for the presence of fungi and bacteria.

In order to prevent mold from growing, you need to perform certain procedures: regularly clean the bathroom, basement, toilet, kitchen, using solutions that prevent mold growth, dry all wet surfaces, use the kitchen hood to remove steam, do not close the vent openings in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, wipe dryers for dishes and towels, and dry linen only in well-ventilated areas. If your child is allergic, it is worth buying a vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filters specially designed for allergy sufferers to avoid increasing the concentration of allergens in the air.

Use of washing vacuum cleaners is possible only in combination with special anti-allergenic additives.

Gardeners should also follow some guidelines: do not plant indoor plants in the house (mold fungus often appears on the trunks of plants or on the ground); be sure to remove old leaves and grass in spring and autumn, as they serve as a source of controversy; Store vegetables in the lower compartments of the refrigerator or in closed cans.

When cleaning the apartment, remember that cleaning products often contain chemicals that can cause allergies. Therefore, choosing household chemicals and means to combat mold, try to give preference to hypoallergenic products or to isolate the child for a while.

When working with household chemicals, be sure to wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby.

Caution: mold allergy

“For several years in a row we rented an apartment in a block house, and my son was constantly disturbed by bronchitis and sinusitis. Recently moved to a brick house, and the incessant cough and runny nose “disappeared like a hand.” But now Cyril began to show allergic reactions to a variety of stimuli. ” (Olga, mother of 4-year-old Cyril)

In order to reduce the manifestations of allergy, it is worth replacing the bedding: natural fillers can serve as a medium for the reproduction of fungi, but synthetic materials maintain a moisture regime, are easily erased at temperatures above 60 ° C, at which fungal spores die. Wash synthetic blankets, pillows and underwear should be once a month, and mattresses should be vacuumed with a washing vacuum with anti-allergic filters.

Allergy sufferers need to follow a diet, eliminating “dangerous” products. It is also important to maintain optimal body temperature, because allergies do not tolerate heat: a lack of water aggravates the accumulation of toxins, disrupting their elimination from the body.

Strangely enough, the day regimen also plays a big role, as overloads and increased fatigue can cause aggravation of allergic reactions.

“We have very dry air at home. When the baby was born, I was constantly afraid that low humidity would cause dry skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, we bought a humidifier.

But after a while the baby began to constantly sneeze and cough. At first we treated him for a cold, but the doctor said that the symptoms were a manifestation of an allergic reaction. As a result, it turned out that because of the high humidity on the plants, a mold appeared in the room, to which Anton reacted. ” (Larisa, mother of 2-year-old Anton)

The level of air humidity in fungal allergies should be 40−50%. If the humidity is higher, use a desiccant or conditioner that removes excess moisture.

For any manifestations of allergy, you should consult with an allergist, who will conduct the necessary examination. It usually includes skin tests and analysis for the presence of antibodies to the allergen in the blood.

If the doctor identifies an allergy to molds, he will select the appropriate treatment. Parents should always remember that it is impossible to completely avoid contact with mold fungi, but the severity of the allergy depends on the concentration of the allergen. Therefore, it is important not only treatment, but also preventive measures.

If you follow the recommendations of experts, the constant “fight against mold and allergies” can be avoided.

Allergy – one of the most common diseases of our time. According to physicians, 40% of the world’s population suffers from increased sensitivity to certain substances.

Many factors are to blame for the spread of the disease, but one of the leading factors is genetic. Thus, according to scientific research, the risk of allergic reactions in a baby increases by 30–40% if one of the parents suffers from allergies, and 50% if both are allergic.

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