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Can I paint my nails pregnant

Can I paint my nails pregnant

Nail polishes can be useful – to strengthen the nail plate and protect against external influences, and can harm health, it all depends on the composition. As a rule, it is not possible to understand what components are present in the lacquer – it is not written on the labels.

Then you should rely on logic and experience.

  1. Choose varnishes known, proven brands that value their good name. Such funds will not be cheap, but they can give a guarantee of quality.
  2. Trust feelings. If after removing nail polish, yellowness appeared on the nails, if the nails became thinner and brittle (and this is not related to hormonal changes in the body), if the varnish has an unpleasant smell, and after using it the headache, then most likely the product contains formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate, or both. These components allow the varnish to dry quickly, increase its durability and elasticity. These varnishes are usually inexpensive.
  3. If you find it difficult to trust a brand and cannot verify the composition, look for Vig Marinating paints with Three Free, which means that the product doesn’t contain any harmful substances. The composition of this varnish contains: nitrocellulose, which gives durability and luster, castor oil, which has a positive effect on elasticity, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate – the components responsible for the viscosity of varnish, they quickly evaporate and do not have a pronounced smell, ceramides that strengthen the plate, proteins , giving smoothness and various vitamins and oils.
  4. Another nuance: a good lacquer rests flat on the nail, leaving no transparent gaps. If after applying two layers it was not possible to achieve a smooth coating, most likely, the varnish is not of high quality.
  5. But there is no dependence between the color of varnish and the amount of harmful substances, so feel free to make a bright manicure.

In any case, you are 100% convinced of the naturalness of varnish or not, choosing well-known manufacturers, you minimize the risks. Even if a good, high-quality varnish contains no useful components, most of them are excreted in pairs, but it is so small that it can hardly be harmful to health.

Just try to be in a well-ventilated room at this moment.

Note: during pregnancy, various metamorphoses can occur with the body, including with the nails. Their structure can improve – the nails suddenly begin to grow better and become stronger, or deteriorate – the nails become thin, begin to exfoliate, brittleness appears. If your nails are not in the best condition, pay attention to nail care products – apply firming, healing lacquers, do spa treatments, do not forget to put nourishing hand cream and oil on your nails.

Most likely, in such a period, your body does not have enough calcium, how to correct the situation, the doctor will tell.

Tip: nail polish remover is less harmful if it does not contain acetone. But even in this case, try to carry out the procedure long before leaving the house or before going to bed, so that after using the liquid, you can rub castor oil and liquid vitamin E into the nail holes. These substances penetrate the skin, nourish the cuticle and nail roller.

To strengthen the nails and wash them of the remnants of harmful substances, every one to two weeks you can make baths with a small amount of salt and iodine.

Can I paint my nails pregnant

During pregnancy, it is more difficult to follow the manicure, and the lacquer constantly peels off and you often have to use a harmful liquid to remove it. At such times, gel polish becomes an ideal solution for future mothers.

It lasts at least two weeks, firmly and firmly – no worries, no hassle. Just one question: are there health risks?

Often on the bottles of gel varnish you can see the inscription “bio-gel”. In most cases, the prefix “bio” means something useful and natural.

However, this has nothing to do with bio-gels. Their main ingredients are synthetic polymers.

Simply, chemists have created such a compound that does not harm the nail plate and does not violate its structure, therefore they called it “bio”.

In the salons, the word “helium varnish” is not loved by everyone. Therefore, more often you will hear the fashionable word “shellak”.

In fact, the name Shellac (shellac) is just one of the variants of the gel polish name, different brands have their own products with the same effect. Is it possible to make shellac pregnant? This is a question to which the experts have no definite answer.

But there is no negative experience either.

Manufacturers of gel polishes insist on their harmlessness. Scientists and practitioners do not have a single opinion on this matter, here are their statements:

  1. Gel polish when applied requires maximum polishing of the nails. This means that the natural protective layer is removed from them, which is hardly beneficial to health.
  2. The resistant coating seals the tips of the nails, and even fragile and exfoliated nails become dense and strong. However, gel polish does not strengthen the nails and does not make them more healthy, after removing the coating, they will still be thin and layered as they were before manicure. It is worth keeping this in mind.
  3. About the effect of ultraviolet rays of a varnish drying lamp. Some scientists claim that ultraviolet provokes skin pigmentation and may cause cancer. Others believe that the UV rays in the lamp can be compared with the spectrum used in teeth whitening and that they do no harm.

So, to make a resistant coating or not, you decide. The number of pregnant women who prefer this procedure and refuse it is approximately the same.

Statistical data and scientific evidence of the harm of gel polishes not.

Can I paint my nails pregnant

With nail polish in front of the hospital will have to leave. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to stop using helium varnishes in advance (we remember that they imply polishing the nail plate, making it fragile).

Make an ordinary uncoated manicure in advance, cut your nails shortly. Nail on the nails in the hospital – a taboo.

These are the rules of the hospital, but they are not unfounded.

  1. At any time, the condition of the woman in labor can change and doctors will need to attach sensors to the fingers, for example, to check the oxygen content in the blood.
  2. After giving birth, a woman will have to perform personal hygiene procedures especially often, and long nails will interfere strongly.
  3. Updating a manicure in a maternity hospital is unlikely to be possible, the lacquer will crumble and its small particles will spread around, causing harm to both adults and toddlers.

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