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Can food make you fruitless

Can food make you fruitless

In this article, we will not engage in listing myths about what products prevent you from getting pregnant. Instead, let’s go over the research published over the past few years in the journal Human Reproduction (“Human Reproduction”), published at the University of Oxford.

Immediately make a reservation: all these products reduce fertility in a certain part of men and women, and if you did not fall into this significant percentage – this suggests that you are lucky, and not that the findings of scientists are not true. If your natural fertility is high, you will have to try hard to ditch it.

But those who have been “working” for conception for some time to no avail should check their diet and, if it contains the products listed below, exclude or at least reduce their consumption by time.

Can food make you fruitless

Alas for a strong half: a cola, tarragon, “Buratino” and other pleasures of summer life significantly worsen not only the amount of sperm, but also its mobility. This is signaled to us by several studies at once about the connection of sugary carbonated drinks with male fertility / infertility.

At first, Danish scientists started talking about the dangers of cola to the male seed (University Department of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark). For 5 years, they studied over 2500 young Danes and found that regular consumption of it entails a decrease in sperm concentration (and the lower the concentration, the lower the chances of fertilization). After 4 years, colleagues from several major universities in the USA and Spain joined this study at once.

In a joint study, they concluded that the problem extends to any sugary drinks. In this study, it was proved that the use of soda not only significantly reduces the number of sperm, but also makes them inhibited.

All this is extremely undesirable for those men who dream of children.

Can food make you fruitless

And this is bad news for ladies who dream of harmony, and who consider every gram of fat at ease. Alas, but leaning on the curds and yogurts with zero percent fat, you risk reducing to zero and their chances of conception.

The fact is that the use of low-fat dairy products often leads to anovulation – these are the so-called “menstrual periods without ovulation”, in which a woman does not even suspect a problem. These findings are based on a large-scale study of a group of scientists from Harvard University (USA).

It was attended by over 18.5 thousand married women of reproductive age who did not have a history of infertility. The study revealed that women who consumed two or more servings of low-fat dairy products per day increased the number of menstrual episodes without ovulation by 85%. “These findings were unexpected for us,” said one of the study leaders, Jorge Chavarro, “because in America there are even official, at the government level, recommendations for adults to eat at least three servings of low-fat dairy products a day.”

Can food make you fruitless

The problem lies in a substance called genistein, which is contained in soy. This so-called phytoestrogen is a plant hormone that is similar in structure to human estrogen, in view of which it behaves in the body in much the same way as hormone therapy with estrogen.

For women, especially those who are in menopause, soy products are of considerable value. But for the same reason, soy is harmful to male fertility.

Eating soy products, especially while the couple is trying to conceive a child, shifts the hormone balance of estrogen / testosterone in the direction of the female hormone, as a result of which the male body produces less sperm. Scientific evidence of this fact was obtained in a study of a group of physicians from Harvard University. The findings are made on the basis of a study of the effect of 15 different soy products on sperm quality in 99 men.

Another study suggests that the use of soy products leads to a decrease in sperm motility, which also reduces the chances of conception.

Can food make you fruitless

It turns out that caffeine negatively affects the process of passing the egg through the fallopian tubes. Under the action of caffeine, the villi fail to work, lining the inner surface of the fallopian tubes and pushing the egg to the uterus.

As a result, the egg can not get into the uterus in time. At best, the egg will not be fertilized (because fertilization occurs on the last section of the fallopian tube (in the vial of the fallopian tube). In the worst case, the fertilized egg will remain in the fallopian tube, which means the onset of ectopic pregnancy.

This is confirmed by the research cycle of scientists from the University of Nevada (USA). And it should be noted that Cho in the study was not about coffee, but in general about any products that are rich in caffeine.

Can food make you fruitless

And the thing is that dairy products contain derivatives of the female hormone estrogen. It is this that has a negative effect on sperm motility and vitality – important factors for successful conception. This relationship was established by scientists from the United States, studying the diet of 200 healthy men aged 19 to 25 years.

It was found that the quality of sperm in the use of three or more servings of dairy products per day drops by an average of 25%. A single serving means a glass of milk, a tablespoon of cream or about 30 g of cheese.

At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary that these were three servings of something one.

Can food make you fruitless

According to scientists from Harvard, red meat contains arachidonic acid, which “feeds” the internal background inflammatory processes in the body. With regular consumption of meat, the body enters the mode of “internal reactivity”, in which conception is difficult for the same reasons as under physiological stress.

The same scientists recommend lovers of meat food to add to your diet at least 5% of vegetables, in order to reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility by 50%.

Can food make you fruitless

Trans fats are a cheap raw material for making confectionery fats, margarines and butter substitutes. Due to their low cost, they are used by food manufacturers almost everywhere. Where can trans fats be found?

The list is very wide: confectionery (cakes, pastries, waffles, cookies, crackers, sweets); buns and donuts (homemade – including if they used cooking oil or margarine), fast food (chips, popcorn, hamburgers, belyashi, pasties, french fries, etc.); mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces; margarine, cooking oil, baking oil, refined vegetable oil; dry concentrates (soups, sauces, creams, desserts). If you often eat in the dining room or budget restaurant – almost certainly you eat food that contains trans fats.

The inverse relationship between their use and the quality of the male seed was revealed by Spanish researchers who studied the diet of more than 200 physically healthy young people who have no problems with fertility.

Can food make you fruitless

As it turned out, the consumption of large amounts of fiber foods, that is, foods rich in fiber, leads to certain changes in the hormonal balance in the body. And the more such products in a woman’s diet, the lower her concentration of hormones necessary for the reproductive process. Moreover, the increased consumption of fiber-rich foods by a woman often causes anovulation — a change in the menstrual cycle in which there is no release of a mature egg from the follicle into the abdominal cavity.

Scientists from several American universities came to this conclusion as a result of a two-year observation of 250 women of childbearing age. So, in all the measure is good, even in healthy food.

Can food make you fruitless

Scientists are still trying to reach the Europeans, whose favorite drink is beer. So, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, who studied 1,200 guys aged 18 to 28, determined the maximum allowable threshold for beer consumption, after which the chances of becoming a father are significantly reduced. It turned out that in order to become almost fruitless, it is enough to drink 1 cup of beer with a volume of 250 ml per day.

And for those who already had some problems with the concentration of sperm and their mobility, 4 mugs a week would be enough. All the fault – estrogen-like substances contained in beer.

Can food make you fruitless

In essence, the fact that alcohol and pregnancy are incompatible things, we already knew. However, in general, it has always been about possible congenital pathologies and complications of pregnancy. Now it turned out that the love of gatherings over a glass of wine can reduce female fertility altogether.

The fact is that regular alcohol consumption makes it harder for the liver to utilize the hormones produced by the female body. As a result, hormonal metabolism is disturbed, an excess of hormones enters the blood. In 50% of cases, this leads to anovulation – monthly without ovulation (in this case, conception is impossible).

This is evidenced by data from scientists from Harvard, who for 8 years investigated more than 18.5 thousand women of childbearing age.

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