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Can a pregnant woman travel: where and when

Can a pregnant woman travel: where and when

Before going to a travel agency, the expectant mother should look into her doctor. It is up to him to consult about when, where and for how much to go. If waiting for the baby goes well, the doctor will not even object to foreign travel.

If there are any complications, most likely, the doctor will recommend a rest somewhere nearby. So a woman will have the opportunity to periodically come for a consultation, and, if necessary, use emergency help.

These situations are considered unambiguous contraindications for long trips:

The threat of termination of pregnancy (at any time). In this case, the woman needs the most gentle and sometimes bed rest.

Even to the country should go only if it is located near the city, and at hand is always a car and one who can get behind the wheel.

Toxicosis (up to 20 weeks). If the sickness does not disturb the woman too much and she only occasionally has nausea or dizziness, the trips are basically acceptable.

Sometimes on vacation ailments even stop. However, in this case it is better to choose for travel proven places with already known climate, living conditions and food.

It is difficult to predict how an organism, weakened by toxicosis, will react to new foods or smells. When it comes to pronounced manifestations of toxicosis with daily vomiting, loss of appetite, deterioration of general well-being, no trips, of course, are out of the question.

Placenta previa (from week 16). This is one of the most serious contraindications for travel, as it is fraught with the risk of bleeding.

Any burden (including overflight or climate change) can exacerbate this already high risk.

Gestosis (from the 20th week). Late toxicosis, also called this phenomenon, is accompanied by an increase in pressure, edema, and the appearance of protein in the urine.

Each of these symptoms may aggravate during long journeys.

Non-obstetric complications (at any time). Chronic diseases, even those with which the woman learned to coexist peacefully in everyday life (for example, allergies or diseases of the digestive system), can manifest themselves in a new way during pregnancy. The “change of places” can be a provocation for them, and a sudden deterioration will ruin the rest.

By the way, the exacerbation of serious chronic diseases (for example, diabetes) is not considered an insurance case when you go to the doctor for a traveler’s policy.

Approach childbirth (from the 28th week). In this case, it is prudent to avoid any long trips and go to rest in the country or in a boarding house 50–100 km from your city, and in the last two weeks before giving birth to stay at home.

For a family trip with a future baby, it is best to choose places whose climatic and time zone is close to ours. Sharp biorhythm change will be a serious load for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It is better that the air temperature does not exceed 30 ° C, otherwise it is fraught with the development of edema and dehydration. So from the foreign destinations the best choice will be the countries of Europe in the velvet season (September – October).

The optimal time to travel is from the 21st to the 28th week of pregnancy.

Doctors consider any exotic destinations to be not a very good choice for “in position” travelers. For example, a trip to Southeast Asia or Africa is fraught with the danger of infectious diseases.

Even an expensive hotel in these countries is not at all a guarantee of the safety of food, water or household supplies. Even insects that are imperceptible to the eye can become a source of infection, and the expectant mother will not be able to insure herself with a vaccine or prophylactic drugs.

The main risk associated with long journeys (regardless of the type of transport) is road fatigue. So, prolonged sitting is fraught with pain in the lower back, which can lead to the threat of termination of pregnancy (the first sign of the problem is pain in the lower back and lower abdomen) or premature birth.

Whatever way of travel you choose, make sure that the journey or flight is not too long, and you are close to the trip next to you.

Can a pregnant woman travel: where and when

Medically, the most “aggressive” mode of transport is aircraft. During takeoff and landing, a sharp change in atmospheric pressure occurs, causing an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. This can lead to premature placental abruption and threatened abortion.

In addition, flights are associated with the risk of thrombosis, so expectant mothers better to fly only in compression stockings. Women with acute or chronic ENT organs (at least many future mothers who are familiar with the chronic rhinitis of pregnant women with rhinitis) are also at risk.

Due to pressure drops, the air exchange in the Eustachian tube connecting the nose and ear is disturbed, and it closes, causing pain. In addition, the swelling of the nasal mucosa is enhanced, so that before the departure, the expectant mother is better to drip the vasoconstrictor drops.

A few simple tips will help the future mother to maintain good health during the flight:

  • Wear compression stockings before the flight. They support the tone of the veins of the lower extremities, prevent the feeling of heaviness and swelling.
  • Try to drink as usual, without reducing the usual portion of the desire to run less to the toilet. In an airplane, fluid is especially needed to prevent blood from thickening.
  • If you are swayed, bring along your usual means of rocking – they are allowed for pregnant women. If nausea, drink water in small sips, suck sour candy or lemon slice.
  • To prevent ARVI, put antiviral ointment in the nose (for example, on the basis of oxolin or interferon) or 2-3 times during the flight, wash the nose and throat with saline solution (sprays on the basis of sea water).

From a obstetric point of view, traveling by train is considered safer – provided that it is not too long and comfortable (the lower shelf is meant by itself). For small crossings, you can use the car. Arrange in the back seat and do not forget about the seat belt.

You need to wear it, insuring the belly from above and below, and if necessary using a special belt adapter for pregnant women.

To avoid fatigue and back pain on a car trip, put a pillow under your back, make small crossings (up to 200–250 km) and each time stop for 5–10 minutes to move.

Sunbathing and swimming in the sea is the dream of every citizen, but the expectant mother should keep the measure even in pleasure. Do not seek to sunbathe – it is now contraindicated to you; better take air baths in the shade or under ambient light. Due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women, more hormones are produced, which are involved in the production of “solar pigment” melanin, and the skin is easier to tan.

True, unfortunately, not always evenly, but because of this, not too nice pigment spots can appear on the face and body. They occur under the action of ultraviolet radiation, and this is one more reason why the expectant mother should take care of herself from the bright sun and be sure to use sunscreen with a factor of no less than 30

Pregnant women are more susceptible to overheating due to dilated vessels, so avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day, from 12 to 16 hours. It is fraught with heat stroke and fainting.

For the same reason, warmed up on the shore, do not go into the water abruptly.

Swimming in any of its manifestations, except for diving, is considered an ideal sport for expectant mothers – the main thing is that the swimmer “in position” should be careful. Expectant mothers have an increased risk of seizures, so don’t swim far. If the bottom is stony, wear special rubber slippers – your balance is unstable now, and you may lose your balance more easily and be injured.

And most importantly: going to a resort, secure yourself a decent company – this is a guarantee of not only good mood, but also security.

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