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Cameron Diaz: “Breakfast

Cameron Diaz:

“I WILL OPEN YOU A SMALL SECRET: hunger is peculiar to a person. In the first months of our lives, we cry loudly that we are hungry, calling on adults to feed us.

Then we fall asleep, wake up again from hunger and raise a cry. Babies do not cry because they are bored or do not have enough snacks and potato chips, which, in addition to a mobile toy over the crib, would be a great entertainment, and not because they want some unusual ice cream.

They cry because their cells need nutrients for growth and development, and an unpleasant feeling of hunger is just a signal that the body gives, demanding food.
As adults, we can feed ourselves. It seems to us plenty of opportunities to do this, because we have time to get hungry five or six times a day, and so from day to day, from month to month, from year to year.

It turns out that over the year we have a feeling of hunger more than two thousand times. The figure is impressive, and there are a lot of chances to help yourself (as well as harm).

So let’s see what hunger is, why we feel it, and why this feeling should never be neglected. ”

“The body is a great car that needs refueling. Hunger is a signal from your body that warns you that fuel is running out. If you ignore this warning, the feeling of hunger will not go anywhere, but only intensify.

For a longer period of inattention, your body will respond with unpleasant symptoms: weakness and absent-mindedness. You will become inattentive, get annoyed over trifles, everything will start to fall out of your hands.

Finally, when you endure hunger will be completely unbearable, you pounce on any food – even on tasteless. Since your body is desperately in need of fuel, you will surely eat much more than is required, and all because you didn’t satisfy your hunger when it just started to remind you of yourself.

“As a child, mother every morning woke me early so that I could make myself breakfast: eggs, cereal with milk — everything that took time. Leaving home without breakfast was not allowed.

When I was older, my breakfasts were not always healthy and healthy, but I was still not allowed to leave the house hungry. A regular breakfast was an integral part of the morning ritual.

He has become a habit. Since the habit of eating breakfast was natural, I never thought about how healthy it was for health. It didn’t even occur to me that in the morning I leave home vigorous, cheerful and active just because my blood received fuel. (Thanks, mommy!)

Cameron Diaz:

I left my parents’ house when I was seventeen. She began to live independently: she worked as a model, provided herself.

All this meant that my mother no longer woke me in the morning. I woke up by myself.

Long live adult life!
There was, however, one nuance. My morning ritual was now built around sleeping for a while.

Who needs these cornflakes, if you can still ten minutes to soak up under a blanket? I counted how much time it would take to take a shower, get ready and jump out the door, and until the last did not get out of bed. I had a dream in the first place.

And what could be more important than sleep?
The built-in mechanism, which forces one to get up early to fully have breakfast, was replaced by the habit of doing without breakfast. Then I didn’t understand how I was paying for those ten minutes of sleep that I had recaptured from myself. I did not realize that nutrition, which I deprived myself, was necessary for my physical and mental health.

And then what happened was: after the casting, I returned to the model agency in a disgusting mood. Because of the low blood sugar level, I was nervous and quick-tempered or constantly yawned and could not support elementary conversation. (And I was thinking: why am I so tired, although I allowed myself an extra ten minutes of sleep?)
My agent asked: “Have you eaten?”
And I answered: “Mmm, no.”
The most amazing thing: only after she paid attention to it, it came to me that the reason for my fatigue and absent-mindedness, irascibility and nervousness was the neglect of hunger. Then I went down to the cafe and ordered a huge dish for lunch: chicken, greens and mashed potatoes.

A couple of pieces – and I could think again. Could breathe.

And feel like a man.
It took forever before I appreciated the charm of my mother’s breakfasts. She just wanted my school day to be fine. I must admit that when I can say with my skin I felt how breakfast affects the whole day, my views on the food system changed drastically.

I recalled that those days when I donated breakfast for the sake of excess sleep were extremely unfortunate. But what I blamed on my own sluggishness, in fact, was a feeling of hunger and a consequence of my disregard for the needs of the body.

As soon as I received a charge of energy with food, the sun peeped out from behind the clouds, it became light in the soul, it cleared up in my head. ”

Cameron Diaz:

“Today breakfast is my favorite food. He gives me strength and energy, prompting me to put on my sneakers and go for a morning jog, helps me get the food ready for the rest of the day. A few hours after breakfast, I have a snack to save energy.

And I try not to miss lunch, which includes vegetables, cereals, chicken or fish. In the afternoon I also have a snack – if I’m at home, it can be a piece of chicken or some rice with lentils (I can grab them with me). And dinner depends on what I did during the day, and on what I plan to do in the evening.

Since energy is required less in the evenings than during the day, then less carbohydrates are needed, so for dinner I prefer vegetables and a small portion of protein foods. ”

“You’re already used to monitoring energy consumption. Do not believe?

Submit your cell phone. Do you leave the house with an unloaded mobile?

Of course not. You always check the battery level. If the battery goes down and you don’t have a charger at hand, you’re nervous and start looking for someone to borrow it from.

But what can I say, the mere thought that a smartphone can break at the most inopportune moment scares you, and you look frantically at the charging indicator, hoping that you will have time to receive all messages from friends and photos from Instagram.
So a person should start the day with a fully charged battery and replenish energy as needed. The intake of natural food, which provides you with vital nutrients, is comparable with the inclusion of a smartphone in the outlet: you also charge with energy. ”

Materials taken from the book “The Book of the Body” Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bark. Sinbad, 2015.

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