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Builder’s Day

Builder's Day

Even the grandfather of his grandfather perched on one another full-fledged wooden cubes, sticking out the tip of the tongue with zeal. In turn, three-year-old Egor tirelessly tinkering with his cubes of various shapes and shades. He is captured by construction, like all children at all times.

Even in the era of ingenious toys that need instructions for use, nothing can replace these familiar cubes, which the little builder so skillfully and confidently controls. The designer is universal, it allows you to embody a lot of ideas, obeying the desires and fantasies of the child. Selflessly messing around with cubes, children develop dexterity and precision of movements, comprehend spatial relationships, plan and implement, show perseverance and dedication.

Playing with a designer stimulates the imagination and, of course, gives great pleasure.

  • Choose a designer that is adapted to your child’s age and physical abilities. For the smallest pick a designer with large details.
  • Prefer simple cubes complete with several characters and removable wheels to build cars. Designers to whom the scheme is attached are not suitable for kids, they are too complex and give less space for initiative.
  • Start the game with the child: put the cubes in turns. But do not take the initiative in your hands, let the child express himself. Later, having mastered the basic principles, he would be happy to build one.
  • Enrich the collection with new elements to enrich the design possibilities and diversify the game.

Builder's Day

Acquaintance with the designer you need to start with a few cubes, bricks, circles of different colors. Sitting on the floor, the baby takes the figures one by one, as if weighing and measuring them with his own hands. Then he tries to connect the elements, selecting one under the other, finding stable combinations.

Driven by sensory pleasure derived from a variety of shapes and colors, he learns the game on the fly. At first, he builds at random, enjoying his actions and the novelty of the lesson. But soon, mastering the forms and volumes, begins to notice that the design in which the small cube is on top of the large one is stable, and if it is the other way around, then no.

Step by step, his spatial representation becomes more and more perfect, and he acquires the strength and dexterity necessary for the construction of the connecting elements of designers. Mastering more durable and complex structures is a kind of start for a new sensorimotor experience. Picking up each other and connecting the details, children learn to mentally manipulate objects, collating them, evaluating their size and shape.

The development of spatial thinking is very important for acquaintance with your body: its scheme and position in space. It is noticed that many boys give priority to the construction of high structures.

They love to build towers, while girls prefer to build sustainable structures, wide. Each floor has its own way of occupying space.

For about two years, a child discovers the ability to create his own world in which he has power over all elements. Contemplation of his own creations fills him with pride and glee: he managed to build a tower of almost the same height as himself. He calls his parents to admire, listens to well-deserved praise, and then passionately destroys his creation.

The designer game is wonderful, which allows the child to manage the process of creation and destruction.

Breaking, scattering and rebuilding is very important for a small child, this sequence gives him a sense of control and predictability. By giving vent to his aggressive impulses, the child releases the vital energy necessary for his growth and development.

In the safe space of the game, he learns about the experience of destruction and its consequences, relives the feelings associated with it and copes with them, again starting construction. These experiments help the child to gain power over his fears and, within the framework of the game situation, to manifest his natural aggressiveness.

Builder's Day

By three years, when the possibilities of spatial imagination are expanding, the small builder starts implementing projects in three dimensions. He wants to build a house with turrets, a road, a pool. But it is often found that the result is far from his ideas.

We have to admit that there are limits to its possibilities, and ask for help from parents. During the game, the kid not only gives free rein to his imagination, but also discovers in himself such qualities as attentiveness, patience and perseverance. And the need to take into account the physical properties of the elements of construction may make changes to the ambitious plan.

An uneasy, but fascinating task is to find a balance between racing dreams and reality.

How? You do not see the castle with towers and a battlement?

And the child, at the mercy of his mental images, sees. Having mastered the technical side of construction, he embarks on free-floating on the waves of his imagination.

Cubes, soldiers, dolls, cars are rebuilt and shuffled, bringing fantastic plots to life. The child builds a cave for polar bears, a house for dolls, gathers troops to fight the robbers. Later he will share the game in the constructor with friends.

They will be able to share experiences, compete in the complexity of structures and jointly improve their buildings.

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