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Breathing exercises for weight loss from Svetlana Feodulova

Breathing exercises for weight loss from Svetlana Feodulova

Since ancient times, people have been trying to study the process of breathing and to control it, using it for health purposes. From the 6th century BC The ancient Chinese proverb is well known: “He who is mastering the art of breathing can walk on the sand without leaving a trace.”

And so it is!

Chemical reactions and metabolic processes in our body are closely related to changes in rhythm, rate and depth of breathing. Surprisingly, it is precisely this that largely determines the mood, thoughts and physical condition of people.

Not without reason, when we worry, fear, rejoice, our breathing rhythm changes, reflecting our mental and physical condition.

How it works:

The fact is that with full oxygenation of the body, many slimming processes occur:

  • substance exchange improves
  • more efficiently split fat cells
  • food digestion improves
  • the nervous system calms down (oxygen reduces stress hormones in the blood)
  • immunity strengthens
  • improves absorption of iodine, amino acids, healthy fats and other beneficial substances, while oxygen cleanses the body of harmful substances

In order to achieve the result you need to follow 3 rules:

  1. Do gymnastics regularly.
  2. Do not combine it with hard diets (especially starvation).
  3. Exercise gymnastics not earlier than 30 minutes after eating.

To perform the exercise, you will need a chair with a back on which you can tip over. Sit in the middle of the chair comfortably.

Phase 1 – exhalation When exhaling, we tilt the body down, the head is quietly lowered and relaxed (photo 1). ATTENTION!

Do not allow your head to be tight and raised. When tilting, we fold our arms on the chest (wrists slightly clenched into fists)

Phase 2 – breath holding Fix the position in the slope (photo 2).

Phase 3 – inhale Straighten up, freeing and relaxing the body and leaning back in the chair (photo 3). Hands at the same time freely relax and throw down.

ATTENTION! no need to breathe deeply and take a lot of it! It is important to simply open the mouth to freely fill the lungs with oxygen.

It is advisable to perform the exercise several times a day every day (5-7 times at a time).

You will need a chair or stool to do the exercise. Place your right leg on a chair, and with your left try to slightly spring (photo 1)

Phase 1 – exhale. When exhaling, we tilt the body down, while slightly jumping or standing on the toe (photo 2), the head is quietly lowered down and relaxed. When tilting, arms are crossed on the chest (wrists slightly clenched into fists)

Phase 2 – breath holding. Fix the position in the slope

Phase 3 – inhale. Straighten up, freeing and relaxing the body.

Hands at the same time freely relax and throw down (photo 3). It is advisable to perform the exercise several times a day every day (5-7 times at a time)

Stand straight (feet shoulder-width apart).

Phase 1 – inhale. We bend forward and touch the floor with our fingertips, the head is calmly lowered and relaxed (photo 1).

ATTENTION! Do not allow your head to be tight and raised! (photo 2)

Phase 2 – delay. We fix the position for a few seconds holding the breath.

Phase 3 – exhale. Straighten and relax the body (arms down) (photo 3).

4 phase – delay. We fix the position for a few seconds holding the breath.

It is advisable to perform the exercise several times a day every day (5-7 times at a time)

To perform the exercise, you will need a long narrow stick (photo 1). Exercise is very simple.

Just turning the body in one direction makes inhaling (photo 2), and when you turn in the other direction – exhale (photo 3).

ATTENTION! Exercises are performed without holding your breath.

IMPORTANT! No need to turn the case too far, just turn slightly (in accordance with photos 2 and 3).

Perform this exercise 10 times and several times a day. Pace breathing, choose the one that suits you (most importantly, that it was not very frequent, or vice versa is not very slow and deep).

Breathe freely and naturally.

To perform the exercise you need a ball for fitness. Stay sitting on the ball in a comfortable position for you (slightly spreading your legs shoulder-width apart).

Put your hands on your knees. Try to relax the body as much as possible (photo 1). Breathe and lightly spring on the ball.

In the exercise, you do not need to hold your breath. Just inhale / exhale.

Breathe and count to yourself – 1,2,3,4. At 1.2 – breath.

At 3.4 – exhale.

It is very important in this exercise that breathing is smooth, free, natural and balanced (in rhythm).

To perform the exercise you will need balls (photo 1). It is desirable that they can fully fit in the palm (photo 2).

Take 2 balls and cross them from hand to hand for 5 minutes, imitating juggling (photo 3). Everything!

And the essence of the exercise is that while juggling with balls, you naturally catch the rhythm and your breathing is automatically aligned. Do not take care of anything – the body is doing everything himself! Breathing is deep and full (oxygen fills the upper and lower parts of the lungs) Due to the movement of the body in this exercise connects the diaphragm (you will notice that the lower abdomen is tightened), which also makes breathing correct.

Since the hands are in motion in the up position, the ribs automatically open when you inhale (which again makes the breath full). And the shoulders on the contrary do not rise, which saves you from the clavicular and shallow breathing.

Video: Svetlana Feodulova at the blind auditions of the Voice project:

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