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Breathe your nose

Breathe your nose

A long-term violation of nasal breathing in childhood not only adversely affects the development of the skeleton of the chest, but leads to deformation of the facial skeleton: the upper jaw develops incorrectly, its lateral parts come together, the hard palate becomes narrow, high. Hypertrophy of the adenoids often leads to hearing loss in children, which is associated with dysfunction of the middle ear, which communicates with the nasopharynx through the auditory tube.

The air inhaled through the nose is filtered, humidified, warmed. The number of microorganisms penetrating into the lower respiratory tract with proper nasal breathing decreases by 10 times compared with breathing through the mouth. Therefore, when mouth breathing is so frequent diseases of tonsillitis, ARVI, bronchitis and even pneumonia.

In addition, free nasal breathing is necessary for normal blood exchange of blood, since when breathing through the mouth, the amount of oxygen entering the human body is only 78% of its normal volume. Prolonged lack of oxygen in the body can contribute to the development of anemia. Blood and lymphatic vessels of the nasal mucosa are closely connected with the vessels of the brain, and therefore with prolonged shortness of breath, blood circulation is disturbed both in the nasal cavity and in the brain tissue, leading to impairment of the body and physical development of the child.

General weakness, pallor, a sharp decline in immunity is typical for children with mouth breathing.

The main symptom of adenoids is difficulty in nasal breathing. If your child has a stuffy nose, if you can hear how he snores or even snores in his sleep, if during the day, when talking or lightly loaded, “gasping for air” is a cause for concern.

Normally, breathing in a child should be silent, with no visible involvement of the muscles of the chest, shoulders and diaphragm. It is far from always that the child’s mouth breathing is due to the physical inability to breathe through the nose — quite often, for example, after SARS or a mild cold, the airway nasal passages are partially blocked, but the child continues to breathe through the mouth.

Children with mouth breathing preferably, in addition to washing the nose with Aquamaris-type preparations, are recommended to use the drug IRS-19, the action of which contributes to the normal passage of air through the nose, preventing the recurrence of the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx.

Normalization of nasal breathing in children most often prevents the growth of adenoid tissue, so many of these children are operated on. But does adenotomy lead to full restoration of nasal breathing?

Unfortunately, not always. Relapse of the adenoids is far from uncommon, since very often and after removal of the adenoids, children continue to habitually breathe through their mouths. The absence of free air circulation through the nasal passage contributes to the recurrence of the inflammatory process.

This is recognized by all ENT doctors.

Breathe your nose

To restore normal nasal breathing with the child, it is necessary to engage in a special myofunctional training, aimed at correcting the tone of the circular muscles of the mouth and closing the lips. An effective tool in this work was the silicone simulator – “trainer” for children 4-9 years old.

Trainer not only trains the circular muscle of the mouth, he also teaches the child’s tongue to occupy the right palatal position – thereby eliminating muscle imbalance, the bottom of the nasal cavity gradually descends, the palate acquires the correct dome-shaped form, and the air passages, in turn, become wider, facilitating the passage of air jet.

X-ray analysis confirmed that in children with mouth breathing, regular use of a trainer at the age of 4-9 years allows normalizing the shape of not only the palate, but also the nasal septum.

The trainer prevents the passage of air through the mouth, and the elastic lip bumper helps to quickly restore the functional activity of the circular muscles of the mouth, which helps to rehabilitate nasal breathing.

In the Moscow Center for Myofunctional Correction VALLEX M, complex treatment of children is carried out, based on a combination of myofunctional correction and breathing exercises with a trainer; while using game techniques, children are taught with the help of special videos, which greatly increases the effectiveness of classes. Each time the exercises are slightly more complicated, and the time of wearing the trainer is increased by 2-3 minutes. Bringing him up to 30-40 minutes, active day workout is complemented by passive night wearing trainer.

Due to the “muscular memory” effect and regular respiratory gymnastics with a trainer, nasal breathing is restored in 3-4 months even with 3rd degree adenoids. Normalization of respiration without surgery occurs on average in 3 months in 87% of children 3–9 years old.

In cases where it was not possible to avoid surgery, breathing exercises with the trainer are prescribed on the 5th day after the removal of the adenoids, to prevent the possibility of a relapse during the postoperative period. In such children, nasal breathing is fully consolidated and in 98% of cases remains stable.

As a result of treatment according to the program of complex restoration of nasal breathing:

  • inflammation is eliminated, swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose and nasopharynx is removed,
  • child’s sleep is normalized, snoring in a dream is eliminated,
  • long cough characteristic of adenoiditis disappears,
  • lymphoid tissue edema disappears, eliminating the risk of otitis media and hearing loss,
  • brain hypoxia is eliminated, which improves the child’s physical and mental development,
  • infection of the nasopharyngeal tonsil stops, the child quickly restores immunity.

Center of Myofunctional Correction VALLEX M: (495) 784-71-35

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