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Breath! Do not breath!

Breath! Do not breath!

Respiratory gymnastics is a system of exercises for training breathing. Due to the fact that such exercises help clean the respiratory tract mucosa, strengthen the respiratory muscles, they help to fight such illnesses as obstructive bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, to avoid exacerbations of asthma.

Respiratory gymnastics is part of a combination therapy, which is prescribed by the attending physician for problems in the respiratory system. Like any other methods of treatment, she has certain features, so that, before you begin to master this or that exercise with your child, consult your doctor.

He will tell you which complex will be most effective for your baby.

The common perception that deep breathing is good is nothing more than a conscientious delusion. With the help of a deep breath, exhalation problems of the respiratory system can not be solved. To get rid of them, you need to create an increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the problem area.

In this case, the blood circulation increases, the blood flow increases, and thus, air exchange improves. Due to this, more nutrients are supplied to the “gassed” area, the vascular tone rises.

Breathing exercises are aimed at achieving just such an effect. Moreover, for each section of the respiratory system developed its own complex.

For example, with vasomotor rhinitis, or chronic rhinitis (such a diagnosis is made to a child, if he often develops a rhinitis that is not associated with the common cold), nasal breathing is disturbed. To restore it, the mother can clamp the child one or the other nostril alternately, so that the baby calmly inhales air through the right nostril, and exhales it through the left nostril. 35 breaths 2 each3 times a day will be a good workout.

When the toddler has mastered, the exercises become more complicated: you need to breathe air quickly, and breathe it out through the other nostril as slowly as possible. Then the task changes: you should take a slow breath and a quick breath.

The same exercises will help to establish nasal breathing and after removal of the adenoids.

In order to stimulate the expectoration of sputum when coughing, offer the baby to blow the feathers from the palm of your hand, blow the whistle, blow air into a glass with water through a straw for cocktails, inflate balloons. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to perform exercises for 510 minutes a day.

There are many breathing exercises: here, breathing exercises of yogis, and gymnastics according to the methods of Buteyko, Muller, Strelnikova, cannot be listed. Description of the exercises can be found in numerous brochures and on the Internet.

But since these are quite specific exercises, it is better to master them all the same under the guidance of an experienced instructor, rehabilitation physician or physical therapy instructor, especially since a child, depending on his age, will not be able to master all exercises. The instructor is just needed in order to pick up a complex of breathing exercises, focusing on the diagnosis and age of the toddler, as well as to check the correctness of the exercises.

All the mentioned techniques are based on exercises, the main of which are breath-holding, artificial difficulty, slowing down and shallow breathing.

Respiratory gymnastics Buteyko recommends training in breath holdings and breathing superficially.

Muller respiratory gymnastics, on the contrary, trains deep and rhythmic breathing without pauses. This is a slow and fast exercise.

The first are performed in accordance with the rhythm of natural breathing (for example, forward bending of the body – inhaling, straightening out – exhaling), during the second, during inhalation and exhalation, several identical exercises are performed (during one inhalation and exhalation – several bending and straightening).

The main thing in breathing exercises Strelnikova – fast, active, intense, short and noisy inhale and invisible, almost silent exhalation. For each inhalation and exhalation, a specific exercise is performed.

To master this type of breathing a child may try to be 6 years old earlier he is unlikely to succeed.

Breath! Do not breath!

Of course add 2 A 4-year-old child has no sense in special methods: they imply conscious control over their breathing. Because children 25 years suitable simple exercises, and it is better to do gymnastics in the form of a game. Exercises are performed or on an empty stomach, or approximately 1.5 hours after eating.

The room before this must be ventilated.

For example, have the child draw a bubble. Let the baby take a deep breath through the nose and inflate the cheeks, then slowly exhale through the slightly open mouth.

To show how the pump works, the crumb puts his hands on his belt, crouches slightly and takes a breath, and straightening exhale

Ask the kid how the train speaks, the machine buzzes; you can sing with him vowels: “oh-oh-oh”, “aaaa”, etc.

Draw a little bee: Sit up straight, arms crossed over your chest and head down. The bee is buzzing: on the exhale we say “wfj”, then on the inhale we spread our arms to the sides, straighten our shoulders and again we buzz. Let the baby also “fly” he will rise and, spreading his arms to the sides, will make a circle around the room.

Watch your child breathe through your nose.

Suggest a toddler “mow the grass”: legs should be shoulder-width apart, hands lowered. The child, pronouncing “vzhik-vzhik” or “zu-zu-zu”, waves his hands to the left – exhale, to the right – inhale.

Then shakes with relaxed hands and repeats everything over again 34 times.

And why not help watch ticking? To do this, the baby must stand up straight, put his legs apart, his hands lowered. Then, waving straight arms back and forth, say “tick-tac”.

You can just walk around the room like a train engine, making the alternate swinging arms bent at the elbows and saying “chukh-chukh-chukh”.

The course of therapeutic gymnastics to consolidate the effect should continue 34 months. By the way, these exercises will not only help your baby recover faster, but will also be a good prevention of repeated acute respiratory viral infections and exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases.

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