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Breastfeeding badly: 6 reasons

Breastfeeding badly: 6 reasons

Baby is called the child of the first year of life. For example, during the neonatal period (the first month of a baby’s life), a weak sucking reflex, improper attachment, a lack of milk in a mother, or an anatomical feature of the mother’s breast (a retracted nipple) can be the cause of lax sucking.

Later, constant lethargy during sucking can occur with problems from the nervous system and temporarily with colds, teething. Separately, it is worth mentioning the situations when the child was shared with the mother during the first days / weeks of life, and he was fed from the bottle. It is easier to suck from a bottle than from a mother’s breast, especially if the child is the first or if the hole in the nipple is larger in diameter than it is supposed to be by age.

The baby has time to get used to the “easy” feeding and in order to relearn, it will take patience and time. So, we will examine in more detail each of the causes of the problem.

It may take place after a difficult delivery: long-term or, on the contrary, fast – “fast-moving”, complicated with the use of forceps or with a caesarean section, when premedication is used, which suppresses activity. It can also speak of neurological symptoms (for example, if the baby was born prematurely).

In these cases, probe feeding or intravenous feeding is practiced; in milder cases, bottle feeding is provided, facilitating sucking. Much depends on the state of the mother and the dynamics of the baby. But even if the first feedings did not go according to plan, do not despair, you can gradually return and establish natural breastfeeding.

You just need to focus on preserving the milk and continue to offer the breast.

You can also “help” the baby and use reflex milk outflow after a minute stimulation of the nipple area and massage-rubbing the breast with a cloth moistened in warm water from the outer edges towards the nipple, which will expand the ducts and direct the milk to the “exit”.

It is important to find a comfortable posture for feeding. Notice if the chest is blocking the baby’s airway. Inability to breathe makes sucking difficult.

Since the size and shape of the female breast, its “softness”, as well as the shape of the nipple, can vary greatly, the position during feeding may be different. From classical poses, you can call: posture A lying on its side, posture B sitting with a child in her arms or on a special pillow, C posture of a football player, when the mother sits and the baby’s head is not in front, but on the side of the mother (breastfeeding, in position baby to the right of the mother head forward), posture D – the mother is lying on her back, the child is on top of her stomach on her belly.

Positions should be changed, as it helps to empty the different lobes of the breast and find more comfortable and “beloved” babies, where it is easier for him to suck.

Breastfeeding badly: 6 reasons

More often, mothers are given this “diagnosis” at the maternity hospital and are recommended to acquire special silicone or latex nursing pads. But they, as a rule, only complicate the process.

What can you do? Shape nipples with special tools and exercises during pregnancy and / or after childbirth.

With the help of vacuum suction, which use pads on the areola area with a slot of the right size for the nipple or with the help of the index finger and thumb with a gentle stretching and rotational movements.

Stimulation of the areola area during pregnancy causes a reflex contraction of the uterus, which can lead to its increased tone or even miscarriage. It is important to know and not to get involved in nipple training, especially with a strongly pronounced reflex.

But after delivery, additional nipple simulation will help the uterus to shrink faster, which will stop the bleeding and help restore its original size faster.

Faced with the problem of the retracted nipple, mothers find a quick and easy solution – they begin to express the milk and feed it from the bottle. But this is a temporary solution to the problem and leads to a subsequent deterioration of the situation – the child after the bottle is lazy to suck the breast, since it requires great effort.

Young children have structural features of the respiratory tract and their mucous membranes. They are characterized by shorter and narrower ear and nasal passages. And any inflammation is accompanied by rapidly emerging swelling of mucous tissues, which can block the lumen.

This makes swallowing and breathing difficult. Therefore, with a cold, it is difficult for a baby to drink milk, because it is impossible to breathe at the same time. If you see that the child is actively reaching for the breast, but taking it, spits out the nipple and begins to cry, stretches and again cannot suck, or screams sharply, as if from pain, then the reason is most likely either a breathing disorder or pain in the area pharynx or ear (with strong sucking the eardrum draws in, which causes severe pain or discomfort during inflammation), or when the gums swell during teething.

The latter happens after 6 months, but, perhaps, even earlier (from 3 months). And in any case it is worth consulting with a pediatrician.

If the first feedings are carried out from the bottle, then the baby is difficult, especially at the beginning, to suck the breast, because it requires a lot of effort. Be patient.

Time, the lack of temptation to return to the easy way and frequent application will train the baby.

The characters of kids differ from birth. There are those who are calm and sleep a lot.

If the baby is gaining weight normally, you should not worry that he overslept the next feeding.

In children of the first year of life, especially the first months after birth, the processes of inhibition predominate over the processes of arousal. This is necessary both in order to recover from childbirth and in order for the brain tissues to “ripen” and gradually form new neural connections.

But sometimes there are children in which the processes of inhibition prevail above the values ​​of the norm. Most often these are children after cesarean section, premature or difficult labor. They sleep more often and more than their peers, less active during periods of wakefulness and can suck sluggishly due to their physiological characteristics.

In this case, consult a pediatrician. However, it is worth knowing that even with difficulties at birth, babies have an amazing ability to recover and often “catch up” with their peers by the year.

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