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Breast cancer: when it’s time to see a doctor

Breast cancer: when it's time to see a doctor

The mammary gland is a very sensitive and vulnerable organ of the female body. Its nature is such that throughout life it undergoes a natural change. Breasts are dependent on the menstrual cycle, hormonal levels, the reproductive system, age and even psycho-emotional state.

Every woman notices that from time to time her breasts sometimes swell, then become more sensitive and painful. Each one notices, but the units focus on their sensations and go to the doctor if something really worries.

Mammologists note that women are able to independently diagnose potentially dangerous changes in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, the first thing that every girl should do from the age of 16 is to examine and feel her breasts every month. What to look for:

  • Pain sensations.
  • Increase or decrease in size.
  • Redness or irritation of the skin of the breast, areola or nipple.
  • Changing the shape of the breast, areola or nipple.
  • Discharge from the nipples.
  • Increased axillary lymph nodes.
  • Seals in the chest when probing.

If you notice at least one of these changes, contact your mammologist for advice. It is likely that you are completely healthy, but in this matter it is better to exercise excessive vigilance than insufficient.

Unfortunately, no woman is immune from the occurrence of breast diseases. Guaranteed prevention does not exist, but the risk factors are determined quite accurately:

1) If your age is over 35 years.

2) If maternal relatives had benign or malignant lesions in the mammary gland, it is likely that a hereditary factor will work.

3) If you have hormonal system disorders, regular failures of the menstrual cycle, gynecological diseases of the endometrium and uterus (endometriosis, myoma), changes in the activity of the thyroid gland, do not neglect regular visits to the breast specialist. Most breast diseases are hormone-dependent.

4) If you have repeatedly terminated the pregnancy, the first birth was late (after 30 years), and breastfeeding short-term (no more than 1 month). The work of the female reproductive system is directly related to the health of the breast.

5) If you are constantly experiencing stress and overwork. Depressed psycho-emotional state can weaken the body and create a favorable environment for the development of the disease.

If you have even coincided a few points, do not panic. Need to control the situation!

Breast cancer: when it's time to see a doctor

Starting from the age of 16, every woman should regularly, once a year, visit the breast specialist. Up to 25 it will be a manual examination if the doctor does not find grounds for in-depth examination. After palpation, an ultrasound examination of the mammary gland will be added, even if there is no indication.

In a woman’s body, age-related changes begin to occur, which need to be monitored.

After 35 years, annual mammography is required (breast X-ray). All these measures are aimed at one thing: the early detection of possible breast oncology. According to statistics, every 8th woman at risk of developing breast cancer during her life.

And oncologists are struggling to keep women abreast of these statistics. It’s not a matter of intimidation, it’s important to be forewarned and realize that breast cancer can be overcome.

The main thing is to make a diagnosis in time!

The most common diseases of the breast are mastopathies, fibroadenomas, cysts and malignant tumors.

Mastopathy is a diffuse or nodal change in breast tissue. Mastopathy occurs in 30–70% of women 30–50 years old, and in gynecological diseases, its frequency increases to 76–97.8%.
There are several types of mastopathy, but the main division can be attributed to one feature: whether there are nodes and neoplasms or not. If not, we are talking about fibrocystic mastopathy and its variations.

She needs constant medical supervision, and in most cases does not require radical treatment.
Nodular mastopathy is characterized by the formation of nodes in the mammary gland. The first thing the doctor does is monitor their condition for 2–3 months.

Sometimes, the nodes are absorbed; if this does not happen, surgery is necessary, because any education in the chest is a risk factor for the development of cancer.

Fibroadenoma is a benign tumor in the mammary gland, which is well felt during examination. The diagnosis also used mammography, ultrasound and puncture (biopsy) of the tissue. If fibroadenoma appears after 30 years, it is best to remove it as soon as possible, because it is a serious risk factor for developing breast cancer.

Cyst – abdominal liquid formation in the mammary gland. The chest consists of glandular and fibrous tissues and small cystic inclusions.

If they increase – a cyst is formed, it looks like a bag filled with fluid. Diagnosis is similar to the detection of previous breast diseases. Treatment – puncture: from the “bag” with a syringe, remove the liquid, and the woman goes home.

If the same cyst after removal is filled with fluid 2−3 times a year, it must be removed entirely. When a cyst is associated with a fibroadenoma, the cellular material obtained by removing it is sent for cytology.

The result will tell the doctor if the woman needs more thorough treatment.

Breast cancer – a malignant tumor of the breast. Traditionally, there are 4 clinical stages of the disease and zero, preclinical. The difference is that zero is rudimentary: the tumor has just started, and it can be seen only with the help of examinations.

Clinical detect hands, when viewed. Detection at the 1st and 2nd stages is considered early and involves a complete cure and return to full-fledged life. Treatment of malignant breast tumors includes a combination of the following methods:

  • surgical (mastectomy, or removal of the tumor while preserving the breast itself);
  • radiation method (irradiation of the mammary gland and regional zones);
  • drug method (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy).

It is important to note that chemotherapy today is modern drugs that improve the quality of life of a recovering woman. Pharmacists are constantly improving medications and seeking to reduce side effects.

Why cancer appears, from which it can “be reborn”, how to insure yourself against the disease – none of these questions have an exact answer. The only thing that oncologists say with full confidence is that breast cancer that was detected in time is completely cured in 97% of cases. If a woman’s diagnosis is breast cancer, her main task is not to despair.

Psychological mood for recovery is a significant part of success, even the doctors themselves agree with this.

They also ask women not to delve into information about oncological diseases, placed in publicly available sources. The fact is that each disease is a separate life.

And even the generally accepted symptoms of each woman can manifest in a certain way, and the disease can have its own path of development. One thing in common: the belief of women and doctors in recovery, achievement of results and return to a full life.

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