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Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Age: from 7 years
Number of players: 2-4
Play time: 60-90 minutes
Manufacturer: Magellan
Develops: logical, tactical and system thinking

This legendary game, invented in the 70s by MSU students, is simply made for boys. The “Jackal” box is filled to the brim with the spirit of pirate romance and adventure, and also with excitement, risk, rivalry and reckless fun!

Before the start of each game there are: treasure island (playing field), 4 ships (cardboard tiles), 4 pirate gangs (12 wooden chips of four colors), gold (37 plastic coins). After the pirates land on the shores of the island on their ships, carefully advancing along the uninhabited jungle (playing field chips), they must remove as much gold from the island as possible and load it into the holds of their ship.

Who will do it first (and will remain intact!) – Wins.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

If your child loves gold, loves to look for treasure, fearlessly looks into the mouth of the gun and shouts loudly, “yo-ho-ho!”, Then a thousand devils! – this board game is just necessary for your family. The dynamic and unpredictable “Jackal” contains a variety of various “obstacles” (swamps, deserts and mountains, “traps” in the form of pits, bottles of rum, crocodiles or a giant man-eater lair) that will not let little pirate bored.

The playing field chips are each time placed in new combinations, so you can play an infinite number of times in “Jackal” – the pirate island will change its appearance and you will have to explore it again and again. Perfectly coaches logic and planning skills.

The rules of the game are simple and unpretentious – you can easily explain them to children, after which you don’t drag them away from the enchanted pirate field.

Age: from 7 years
Number of players: 1
Play time: 10-20 minutes
Manufacturer: Bondibon
Develops: mindfulness, skills of logical and abstract thinking

Speed, adrenaline, prosecution and detention of the criminal – the script of the game, which will appeal to any tomboy! The desktop puzzle “Operation Interception” makes it possible to try on a police chief’s cap and neutralize a dangerous hijacker: you just need to block the paths to the retreat by the red car.

Choose one of 60 tasks, place houses on the playing field, six police cars and the criminal’s car, pass the secret password by radio: “To all posts urgently hold up the red car!” – and the operation “interception” will begin immediately!

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

The puzzle makes you sit and think what a bit like a game of chess. The game teaches you to think logically, and it can be a great puzzle for not only a small race car driver, but also an experienced DPS!

Tasks are divided into four levels of difficulty (for all tasks there are ready answers). All elements of the game are voluminous, which contributes to the development of the child not only visual, but also spatial thinking.

And “Operation Interception” is an excellent simulator for improving the skills of fine motor skills.

Age: from 8 years
Number of players: 2-6
Play time: 30-40 minutes
Manufacturer: Matagot
Develops: logical, tactical and strategic thinking, attentiveness

Overcome obstacles adore all boys. And they love to run, jump, shove and push. The board game “River Dragons” seems to be created for this!

The task is to cross the river (ie, to get from one end of the playing field to the opposite), building bridges with stones and boards (on the islands marked on the playing field, you need to put stones, and already on them – boards). It is not so simple to do this: rivals interfere, who can easily pocket the building materials of a neighbor, as well as the formidable inhabitants of the river – dragons.

At the disposal of each player there is a small deck of cards with which he performs all his actions: he builds, runs along the bridge, launches “his” dragon, throws the opponent into the water. The bravest, quickest, and smartest player to get to the finish line first will receive a golden dragon statuette!

The kit includes 6 chips of different colors (3 “girls” and 3 “boys”), but first it is better to play this game together or three.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Gambling is an exciting and unpredictable game with fairly simple rules. It is remarkable for its unusual theme (the East is a delicate matter!) And beautiful, bright, high-quality performance.

It develops agility, accuracy and an eye, because when building bridges, it is important not to miss the length of the board. Makes you be smart and before the start of each new round carefully calculate the next steps: if you gape and fall into the water, you will have to start everything from the very beginning. The playing field is two-way: one is simpler – the position of the stones is already marked, the second is more difficult – you can improvise and place the stones, anywhere.

As the action develops, the river valley turns into a real water labyrinth, the bridges of which may lead the participants not at all to where they originally wanted to go.

Age: from 8 years
Number of players: 2-5
Play time: 15-30 minutes
Manufacturer: “Lifestyle”
Develops: oral score, attentiveness and quick response

Attention, young Lobachevskys: divine arithmetic has visited your home! Gorgeous card game “Zeus on vacation” will teach not only to count well, but also to bluff brilliantly. The set contains 60 cards (cards with numbers from 1 to 10 – 40 pieces, cards with images of Greek gods – 20 pieces).

At the beginning of the game, all the cards are shuffled. The players, having received 4 cards in their hands, lay them out in turn in the middle of the table (at the same time taking one card from the “stock” deck instead of the discarded one). With each laid out card, the “height” is calculated, which you managed to climb: the player adds the “face value” of his card to the amount already available and voices the new figure. “Divine” cards add intrigue: Hermes suddenly intervened in the game can turn the numbers literally upside down, and in a second turn 45 into 54!

The round ends as soon as the mark of 100 points is reached, but only the one who Zeus favors at this moment wins the race (the passing plastic figure of the Thunderbolt should be in the player’s fist). So, the main goal – Olympus.

Count your jumps!

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Fun gambling with an element of surprise: here, it would seem, you are already a step away from the top, as you have to start all over again. “Zeus on vacation” is ideal for students who need to practice oral counting skills, but younger children will be very useful – help them remember the numbers within the first ten. The game quickly and conveniently folds into a compact (15×15 cm) metal box, which is not difficult to take on a visit or a trip.

The game is very dynamic and does not take much time. Although in order to earn the title of absolute winner, you have to sweat.

For winning each round, the player receives a card with a letter. A total of four, and together they form the name “ZEUS”.

If one player manages to collect them all, he is immediately put on a victory wreath of left-handed!

Age: since 5 years
Number of players: 1
Play time: 10-20 minutes
Manufacturer: Bondibon
Develops: logical and spatial thinking, fine motor skills, attentiveness

Captain Flint? Jack Sparrow?

John Silver? James Hook?

The game “Pirates hide and seek” is a great opportunity to present yourself as the captain of a pirate ship! Everyone is ready to go in search of treasure?

Then go ahead – the game tablet container and the task book are waiting. The future sea wolf will have to cope with a difficult task: to find a treasure or, quickly escaping from a gang of thugs, to meet with a friendly pirate ship.

Using four plastic tiles, the player will need to close the images of the playing field so that only the pictures defined by the conditions of the problem (ships, treasures or pirates) are visible. With each adventure passed, the level of tasks (there are 48 in total) becomes more complicated.

Only the real pirate captain can handle everyone!

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

“Pirates hide and seek” – a great gift for a little fidget! Like any puzzle, it trains patience and perseverance, because over tasks (they have 4 levels of difficulty) will have to build.

According to the developers, the game is designed for one person, but the whole family can play it, for example, by completing speed tasks. Combining puzzles perfectly develops visual and spatial perception, trains logical thinking and cognitive abilities.

All elements of the puzzle (playing field with images of ships, boats and islands and tiles of different shapes, symbolizing the pieces of land and lush vegetation of the wild jungle) are made of colorful and durable plastic. Convenient design: the lid of the plastic box in which the puzzle is packed, simultaneously performs the function of the playing field.

Age: since 5 years
Number of players: 2-4
Play time: from 3 minutes
Manufacturer: Magellan
Develops: fine motor skills, eye, spatial thinking

Brave penguins invite all lovers of adventure to go on a long and dangerous voyage! As soon as the brave young man opens the box, 16 small black-and-white pirates will immediately jump out of it. Each of them needs to find a place on the ship: on the deck, on the mast or on the yard.

Just be careful: the ship is treacherously balancing on a high wave. The penguins are quite heavy, so with each subsequent navigator who climbed the ship, he begins to sway more and more. One wrong move – and the pirates are left behind.

The winner is the one who was the last to put a pirate penguin on a ship before the crash. So, the sea is worried “once” …

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Incredibly simple, but incredibly fun game “Do not rock the boat” – the perfect option for family leisure, because it will not leave indifferent even adults! The game does not take much time, so you can play it at least 20 times a day.

A funny design, of course, will lead all, without exception, little mischievous men in complete delight.

Age: 3-10 years
Number of players: 1
Play time: 15-30 minutes
Manufacturer: Bondibon
Develops: logic and fantasy, spatial imagination and fine motor skills, introduces geometric shapes and colors

“First a toy, then a game” – this motto of Bondibon is the best way to illustrate the children’s truck puzzle “Trucks 3”. It is addressed primarily to small racers and truckers.

Indeed, unlike many other puzzles, its playing field is not limited to a plastic box, but only by an auto track that draws children’s imagination.

“Trucks” are the real machines that can travel from box to box, from a chair to a sofa, from a nursery to the kitchen and back, carrying along valuable loads. Actually, this is the goal of the game – “pack” three wooden dump trucks with bodies of different shapes with plastic cubes (10 pieces in a set) in accordance with the tasks. The simplest level of complexity “asks” to compactly put only two molds into one car, but gradually the volume of traffic increases and now you have to use the entire fleet.

Do not underestimate this game: even junior school students will have to break their brains over the tasks of the advanced level.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Puzzle “Trucks 3” – a real find for tiny childish fingers. The size and weight of the machine are ideal for small palms, and the bodies of trucks and molds-weights are made of high-quality materials (odorless plastic, smooth edges) пос wheels are seated on strong axles and securely fixed.

The game grows with the child: gradually introduces him to various geometric shapes, trains fine motor skills, stimulates imagination. Such an amusing “logistics” perfectly develops logical thinking and develops a skill that is very useful when a child matures – the ability to optimally store a certain number of objects in a limited space (for example, in a suitcase).

Age: since 6 years
Number of players: 2-6
Play time: 10-15 minutes
Manufacturer: “Gang of clever men”
Develops: logical and mathematical abilities, skills of comparison and comparison of numbers

Motorists – at the start! The board game “Traffic-Jam” invites you to solve the problem of car-arithmetic traffic jams and spend time fun and profitably. Players receive 10 cards, of which three are immediately laid out on the table.

That’s the beginning of a traffic jam! Next, participants need to replenish the ranks of cars, laying out cards, observing two conditions. Firstly, each card is assigned a certain number, and the next card can be laid out only in the row where it is “bigger” than the previous one.

Secondly, the card should be laid out in a row, where its number will be closest in value to the number on the previous card. For example, if cars with numbers 6, 15 and 19 are in the row, and the player’s card has the number 17, then his car should be added as the 15th.

But be careful, not everything is so simple: for example, for too long traffic jams (more than 4 cars in a row) the players are fined! Penalty cards do not participate in the further game, but are used for scoring – who as a result has less of them, he wins.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

“Traffic Jam” is an ideal option for starting a child to get acquainted with the world of mathematics. A simplified version of the rules allows you to play with kids from the age of 4!

The boys will be delighted: the pictures of the cars on the cards are big and bright, and the manufacturer has diversified the game with special cards – there is an ambulance, a police car, and a tow truck trailer … The game easily helps the children to learn a number from 0 to 50 and learn to compare two-digit numbers, and also trains memory and attention.

Age: c 6 years
Number of players: 1
Play time: 5-15 minutes
Manufacturer: ThinkFun
Develops: logical and figurative thinking, attentiveness

“Crossing for Kids” is an original puzzle game that will make a restless fidget stay for a long time in one place. Let him choose a role for himself: a tourist who needs to cross to the opposite shore or a lifeguard whose mission is to help the kitten not fall into the river. The main task – to move through the logs through the raging stream (which, quite possibly, is not inhabited by the most friendly creatures).

Only – that’s bad luck! – logs are much smaller than hemp (5 and 14, respectively). Therefore, the player needs to transfer the logs in time, along which he has already “passed” to a new place and finish building the crossing.

As soon as the first card with the task is put on the playing field (more than 40 pieces in the set) – the crossing begins!

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

This high-quality game is a real warm-up for the mind, therefore it is especially good for preschoolers and younger students. It has 4 difficulty levels: beginner, advanced, experienced and expert, which even adults will have to break their heads with. The most simple tasks are available for children from 4 years old.

You can play “Crossing” several times, since it’s almost impossible to remember all your moves. This puzzle is a convenient “road” option: the playing field of a small size has comfortable rubber protectors and does not slide on the table surface, and the figures – 2 tourists (a boy and a girl) and a kitten – and building materials are equipped with magnets and are very stable.

Age: c 7 years
Number of players: 3-6
Play time: 30-45 minutes
Manufacturer: “World of Hobby”
Develops: spatial and logical thinking, reaction speed, imagination

Half an hour of real excitement and brainstorming is what “Georgia and Carry” is! So, there are trucks and cargo that players must carry. Throw the dice (there are five of them) and in accordance with the numbers drawn on them, type in a different-sized (oh, of course, different-sized!) Load.

The next stage is the choice of the truck. And here you need not yawn.

As soon as the cards are opened, depicting truck bodies, quickly estimate what kind of car your bricks will fit into, and grab it, grab it! Finally, place your load in the back of the selected truck.

Act extremely carefully: store the bars only in accordance with the level indicated on the cab of the car (1 – one “layer”, 2 – two, etc.) and make sure that they do not overshoot. As soon as the cars are loaded, as they say, to the eyeballs, scoring begins: for every empty space in the back one point is taken away, for every bar left without a seat, and even more – minus two points … That loader wins, who has the most points.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

“Georgia and carry” – a real “Tetris”, half-imagined, of course, but quite tangible! The game is obscenely simple and at the same time incredibly addictive, dynamic, fun.

Try it – and you do not want to break away from it. He perfectly develops spatial thinking skills: it is very important to correctly match the available cargo with a truck into which he could climb.

We note the excellent quality of the toys: the bars are made of natural wood and pleasant to the touch, and the cards have excellent decoration.

Age: c 8 years
Number of players: 2-6
Play time: 20-30 minutes
Manufacturer: “Lifestyle”
Develops: logical, strategic and tactical thinking, imagination

“Noma” is a fun card game, the noisy and hectic atmosphere of which will be appreciated by all the little tomboy. Nomahs are mysterious creatures, extremely pleasant and charming, but terribly gullible and defenseless: at every step they are lurked by the dangers and troubles that look at their village from the face of the earth (that is, from your desk, of course).

The task of the players is to save the nomovs. Before the start of the game, each participant receives one “live” nome. The remaining cards are shuffled, and players draw three more cards from the mixed deck.

Then they go in turns, using the cards on their hands, and getting them from the deck. The security of the nomes is provided by “defensive” cards (a nome can ride a frog, hide behind a mushroom or tame a velvety moth), threaten them with a trap card, and help out of the trouble cards.

Over time, cards with letters will appear from the deck, and as soon as the last letter of the word “NOM” is removed from the pile, the game stops. The participant who defended the most nomov, wins.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

It may take time to figure out the intricacies of the rules. But then the gamble for survival will not leave you indifferent. Each card contains a detailed description of the action that it activates.

There are seven types of cards: protection, trap, help, danger, events, rescue and actually noma. Each new card is a potential threat, because it can “steal” and even “kill” the nome. It is almost impossible to plan something in this strategy, but by that it is attractive!

The game will help to have a great time with the whole family. Funny nomas depicted on the cards will not leave children indifferent, so they will play with great pleasure.

Age: from 8 years
Number of players: 2-4
Play time: 30-40 minutes
Manufacturer: “Lifestyle”
Develops: the ability to play in a team, logical and tactical thinking, attentiveness

Not “against each other”, but together towards adventure – this is the credo of this exciting board game. A team of players goes in search of powerful artifacts.

The task is complicated by the fact that they need not only to find the treasure, but also to have time to leave the island. Why? Yes, because from the moment a piece of land is built (24 cards are laid out face up according to the rules), it begins to sink in the ocean depths!

Four artifacts are located in the corners of the playing field, and six cards, randomly drawn out of their deck, immediately determine the first flooded areas. Then all adventure seekers take on the chip and on the map that determines their magical abilities.

Finally, the most important cards are distributed from the deck of artifacts and special actions. In order to get the artifact you need not only to collect four corresponding cards in one hand, but also to deliver them to the other end of the island where the treasure is located.

It is not easy to do this – with each move the island more and more goes under water … And here it is important not to forget about the unique skills of each participant in the mission and in time to stretch a helping hand, because to win the Forbidden Island is possible only together!

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

The game is simple, very interesting, beautifully and well made. One of its main differences from other desktop options is what it brings together.

Players need to interact closely to win. Do you want to explain to the child what mutual assistance and aiming at the result? “Forbidden Island” will do it for you.

The game is incredibly exciting, and the element of chance (each drawn card can change the vector of the plot by 180 degrees!) Only stirs up the emotions. “Forbidden Island” has several levels of complexity, which means that it does not lie on the shelf: you will conquer it for a long time.

Age: since 6 years
Number of players: 1
Play time: 30 minutes
Manufacturer: Bondibon
Develops: spatial and logical thinking, visual perception, attentiveness

Masterly to maneuver between the raging waves and dangerous whirlpools and eventually bring the ship to its berth – such a task is only for the most courageous and brave navigators. And agile.

And, of course, smart. After all, “Vikings” is a puzzle game!

Install all the elements on the playing field in accordance with the task from the brochure and begin to storm the inaccessible ocean. The task is to rotate the “sea” elements, to bring the ship to the pier, indicated by an arrow of the same color as its sail. However, not everything is so simple: the wrong arrangement of one element leads to blocking of two neighboring ones, and raising the ship above the waves, and commanding the waves without a ship, is strictly forbidden …

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

“Vikings” is one of the most wonderful and original puzzles from Bondibon. Perfectly develops the skills of spatial and logical thinking for preschoolers: who would have thought that parallel mooring of two ships to the piers is not only a way to save time, but also the only solution to the problem?

60 tasks of the puzzle are divided into four levels of difficulty. In those of them that are simpler, one ship will have to contend with whirlpools and fast currents, and more difficult exercises will force the young Viking to manage a whole flotilla.

The compact size makes the game an ideal option for traveling, and the beautiful performance is an excellent gift for a young thinker.

Age: from 8 years
Number of players: 3-5
Play time: 30-45 minutes
Manufacturer: Zoch
Develops: tactical, strategic and logical thinking, imagination

Rubies, sapphires, amethysts, amber – these are the treasures in just one box! In the box with the board game “Niagara”.

Open? Brave gem hunters on their nimble canoes need to get to the very edge of the Niagara Falls.

They need to believe in luck, and still – do not yawn! Using the movement cards (35 pieces in a set), the participants determine the speed of the river flow and the speed of movement of the canoe on it. Another unpredictable factor that can influence the course of the game is the weather effect maps (when one of the opponents almost reached the cherished stone, just force the wind – and his canoe, perhaps, will fly to the bottom of Niagara Falls merrily).

The brave treasure hunter is the brave one who will be the first to collect one of his collections: 4 gems of the same color, 5 gems of different colors, or 7 any stones.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

A great option for family leisure. The rules of the game means five participants, but you can try to play together (each participant will be “led” by two tribes).

Unusual and interesting design: the playing field is located directly on the box (just do not forget to turn it over!). Simple rules, short duration and fantastic bright design provide the most complete immersion in the world of extreme adventures – all the boys will be delighted!

Age: since 6 years
Number of players: 2-8
Play time: 15-20 minutes
Manufacturer: Zoch
Develops: memory and attentiveness, reaction speed

All hands on deck! Before you, “Alles Pirates” is a real gift for fans of pirates and sea wolves, because the cards (49 pieces in the set) show all pirate treasures. Who will collect them the most?

Seven thematic cards are located on the table. Seven pirate cards are laid out next to each other (one shows a bayonet, another a bottle of letter, a third a toothy shark, etc.).

Try to remember in a short period of time what is depicted on each, because very soon the leader will turn them face-down! The remaining pirate cards in the game are shuffled, and after the top card is opened, you must first shout out the name of the item shown on the closed card. Think easy?

And you try it! And take the treasure in your piggy bank.

Gathered the largest number of “pirated” cards solemnly awarded the title of captain.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

“Alles Pirates” (thematic version of the popular board game “Alles trolls”) is an excellent “simulator” for training memory and attention. Cute design will be pleasant to the eye and an adult, and a child.

Noisy, fast and simple game – what more do you need to have fun with friends?

Age: from 8 years
Number of players: 2-4
Play time: 30-35 minutes
Manufacturer: Zoch
Develops: fine motor skills, attentiveness, logical thinking

And again the brave captains beckons the sea horizon! Here are just a complete calm for a minute gives way to gusting wind.

The fragile little ship is so desperately waving on the waves that the valuable cargo that needs to be delivered to its destination, every now and then falls overboard. Clever sailors must return it to the ship! The second name of the popular game “Reef-raf” is “Sea Balance”.

It is on the balance that the success of the rescue operation depends: each captain will have to arrange one of the objects of his set on a certain area of ​​the ship. This should be done with the utmost care: during the manipulations, the wooden structure rotates treacherously.

One wrong move – and the values ​​will fly into the depths of the sea.

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

Board games for boys: what to inspire fidget at home

The game perfectly develops sleight of hand, eye and tactical thinking (for example, it is sometimes advantageous to throw a load on a yoke while competitors occupy the deck). Train your memory and do not forget that the objects already placed on the ship, moving your arms is forbidden (this can only be done with other objects)! Romance “sea” adventures adds the fact that the ship here is the most that neither is real – before the game you need to assemble it yourself.

The ocean of emotions and the sea of ​​useful skills – that’s what your tomboy “Reef-raf” will give!

Photographs provided by Mosigra and Game Expert

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