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Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

With the advent of Miroslav, a pleasant annual tradition has been formed in our family – to prepare in advance for her birthday. After all, this day has become one of our most important and interesting family holidays.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

It helped me a lot that I simply adore organizing holidays myself, I like to control the whole process from A to Z. It’s great that there was an opportunity to share our experience with readers of www.parents.ru! So, how to organize a unique miracle celebration for their kids?

The first thing I always do is choose the theme of the holiday, then think through the colors in which to draw it. When the time came to prepare for the third birthday of our baby, I had the idea to devote this holiday to some cartoon character. At first, the daughter rejected all my options, and after some time, on the contrary, she agreed to all the characters.

Then, for inspiration, I went to my favorite sites https://ru.pinterest.com and https://www.etsy.com. I made a small selection of children’s birthday parties and, in such a more attractive form, showed all the best options in my opinion to the baby. She immediately chose the well-known Disney heroes Mickey and Minnie.

So the theme for our holiday was born.

But the color scheme, I chose the coral-golden, and not the standard red and white, with which these characters we associate.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

I started preparing for my daughter’s birthday in a few months, almost half a year, since there are a lot of nuances in this matter. Every detail requires attention, and I myself, from the very beginning, wanted to do everything in a relaxed atmosphere, not hurrying anywhere. In order not to keep everything in my head, I started a special diary and wrote a clear plan for the festive program.

And even sketched how to arrange the dishes on the table and hang decorative items.

We decided on the location of the filming immediately: our choice fell on the Naked Studio photo studio. She conquered us with her huge area and original interior design. We were repelled primarily from our strategic objectives: we needed a spacious room, a minimum of decor and a very good light.

By the way, I recommend everyone in advance, before booking a photo studio, to familiarize yourself with the rules of the lease. In some places they charge extra for the event, sometimes they have to pay extra for guests if the limit on the number of people present in the studio is exceeded.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

As soon as we chose the date and place of the holiday, made an advance payment and confirmed the reservation, we immediately began to look for a photographer and make-up artist. After all, I want to save memories of the brightest moments of a child’s life for a long time!

The choice of the photographer is a very important matter, and it is better to trust the professionals; they will definitely not miss a single important moment. In this matter, I had no doubts: we invited our family photographer, girlfriend and just a wonderful person, Elena Run @ elena _ zhundetifoto. She knows how to work with children, always tells you how to get up better and, when necessary, be able to cheer anyone.

In addition to the photographer, we still had a videographer Alexander Pavlov @ pavlovapik – he captured our emotions.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Preparing for a birthday takes a lot of time and effort, a lot needs to be done. And like any woman, on this day I wanted to look perfect, and not be tortured and tired.

Therefore, in this matter I fully trusted the professional makeup artist Yulia Abramova @ abramova. pro. What I have never regretted! She understood me perfectly well and made perfect makeup and styling for me and our grandmother, and for my daughter – very cute curls.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Decorations for children’s birthday create the necessary atmosphere and festive mood. I try not to abuse paper design, so at the holiday I used only a wrapper for cupcakes, chocolates and water.

Very good selection on the site https://www.etsy.com. You can either purchase a ready-made holiday set or order your favorite items separately, as I did. The print material was sent to us electronically. In the printing center, I just printed out the blanks, but I cut and glued it myself.

It was no work for me, on the contrary, I received great pleasure from the process.

Invitations and a banner to us was drawn by our friend, by profession he is a designer. It remains for us only to give them to the press to the printing house.

In the invitations that we sent to the guests, I indicated the wishes for the color of clothes, we did not have a strict dress code. Only the birthday girl had 2 dresses: silk with sequins and Minnie’s dress, which we purchased a year before the holiday, without even suspecting that one day we would make a birthday in the style of Mickey and Minnie.

Volumetric air arch of the balls in the form of Mickey Mouse ears served as an ideal background for photo shoots.

To save all the greetings and wishes of the guests, we order a book of wishes every year, also in the chosen style. This can be done, for example, on the site https://www.livemaster.ru. You just need to place your wishes in the order table, and the needlewomen themselves will offer you several design options to choose from.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

In order for the daughter to feel comfortable on her own birthday, we called close relatives, our friends and friends of the daughter — these were people she knew well. We always invite friends to our families, always in full strength and always with dads. I just imagined how it would be unpleasant for me if only my daughter and I were invited, and my dad would be told not to come.

Therefore, for me this item has become mandatory!

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

We booked a photo studio for 6 hours and tried to adhere to the following schedule:

12.00 – 13.00 – preparation

13.00 – 14.00 – gathering guests

14.00 – 15.45 – entertainment program for children

15.45 – 16.00 – cake

16.00 – 17.00 – tea party

17.00 – 17.30 – Presentation of gifts

17.30 – 18.00 – cleaning

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

We fully entrusted this part of the celebration to professionals in our field – animators from Lobacheva Project @ lobacheva _ project.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

When choosing a team of animators, we focused on reviews: it is very important that animators easily find common language with children. We discussed the program with them in advance and gave them the names, age and number of children.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

We ordered a 2-hour program and 2 animators in the costumes of Mickey and Minnie. There were only three children, it was possible to manage with one animator, but I could not imagine Minnie without my Mickey, so it was decided to invite two actors.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

For the birthday girl and guests, we have prepared funny mouse ears. While the children took an active part in the games, adults took photos and enjoyed socializing.

At the end of the holiday, the birthday girl presented a small gift to each child, and a personalized chocolate to all the guests.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

At children’s birthday is an obligatory part of the holiday. The appearance of the table is very important, like the rest of the decor.

An integral part of our sweet table, of course, were sweets: cake, cupcakes, cake pops, pasta cakes, marshmallows, marshmallows and cookies. The most important criterion for confectioners was to make them tasty and consonant in style with the main theme of the holiday.

In addition to the traditional sweet table, we still had a small buffet. My mom took full care of it, thanks a lot to her for that! Recently, inspired by the children’s holidays that we did for her beloved granddaughter, mother @iydif remembered all her culinary secrets. What is it worth her signature cake “Bird’s milk” – you will lick your fingers!

Our buffet consisted of cold dishes: pie with cabbage, salad and drinks. We cut the pie in advance into small portions, put the salad in jars so that it was convenient to hold them in our hands, and we chose water and apple juice as drinks.

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Birthday in the style of Mickey Mouse

Celebrate your child’s birthday! Isn’t this a great occasion to bring the whole family, relatives and friends together ?!

The photographer will make beautiful photos, and then they will be so happy to review them. And the child, when he becomes an adult, wants to see and remember how his birthdays were held!

And how much joy you bring yourself? Elegant dress, make-up – mom also deserves such a holiday!

I really hope that my experience will be useful to you.

And you have interesting stories about organizing a birthday for your children? and there are beautiful pictures to them? Send them to us marked as “unusual d.” In the subject line of the letter, we will definitely publish the most creative photo shoots on our website: [email protected]

If you want to find out how you can still beat the children’s birthday in an original and creative way, come here.

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