Big revision

Big revision

  • Analgin and aspirin: because of the many contraindications and side effects, these drugs should not be given to children up to 15 years.
  • Imodium, Janssen: this fixative is contraindicated for children under 6 years old, and it is also dangerous for acute disorders of the stomach and intestines, because it prevents the release of toxins out.
  • Cough syrups: they should not be given to babies with a wet cough, because in order to recover, sputum must be disposed of.
  • Antibiotics: only a doctor can prescribe them to a child; besides, opened vials are stored for a very short time.
  • Eye drops: see the previous paragraph.
  • Mercury thermometer: if his flask breaks, the baby can get hurt, and also get poisoned by mercury vapor.

Necessary (for babies from birth and older)

  • Sterile cotton wool: rolled up in turunds, it is useful for cleaning the nose and ears of the baby.
  • Sterile gauze napkins: use them to handle the umbilical wound.
  • Sterile oil, sunflower or peach (sold in a pharmacy): they are moistened with a tip of a cotton turundum, and also an enema nose, before you put it on to your baby.
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution 3%: will be required for the treatment of the umbilical wound (1-2 times a day).
  • Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate): 5% solution is useful for the treatment of the umbilical wound and to dry the irritation on the baby’s buttocks; a weak solution (slightly pinkish), not cooked in a bath, is needed for bathing a little one.
  • Zelenka (solution of brilliant green): in those moments when you do not have potassium permanganate at hand, it can process the umbilical wound.
  • Enema number 1 (25 ml, 2 pieces): from one make a vapor tube (cut the upper set of enema – you get a funnel), and use the second for its intended purpose. Just before putting the kid an enema, it must be boiled and processed tip sterile oil.
  • Espumizan, Berlin-Chemie: a drug that reduces the formation of gas in the intestines of a child and thereby relieves abdominal pain.
  • Plantex, Lek (from 1 month), herbal fennel tea, Hipp (from 1 week): they help with colic, but they act softer.
  • Chlorophyllipt (alcohol solution): useful for the treatment of skin inflammation caused by staphylococcal infection.
  • The series, chamomile: these herbs have the ability to heal wounds and reduce the number of dangerous bacteria, they are added to the bath for bathing the baby.
  • Efferalgan, UPSA or Panadol, GlaxoSmithKline (children’s forms; suppositories and syrup): recognized as antipyretic, analgesic and weak paracetamol-based anti-inflammatory for babies. Use it if your child’s temperature rises above 38 ° –38.5 ° C.
  • Nurofen, Boots Health-care: safe antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent based on ibuprofen for babies from 6 months.
  • Activated carbon or Enterosgel, Silma: drugs that absorb harmful substances and remove them from the body during poisoning.
  • Regidron, Orion: this solution will restore the water balance with diarrhea.
  • Aqua-Maris, Jadran: sterile saline-based saline solution for the treatment of rhinitis.
  • Hypoallergenic children’s plaster (set of different sizes).
  • Thermometer (not mercury, as you understood).

Big revision

  • Laundry soap: too caustic for baby’s skin.
  • Liquid antibacterial solution: these drugs are prescribed to the baby only by the doctor, and you can use them for a short time.
  • Cotton swabs: even if their head is crowned with a safe “ball”, they can hurt the baby, and still push the sulfur deep into.
  • Foam and bath salt: they will not bring benefit to babies, but they can cause allergies.
  • Artificial sponges: irritate the skin.
  • Manicure scissors with sharp ends: you can get hurt.
  • Regular shampoo: sting eyes.
  • Baby soap.
  • Cosmetic milk.
  • Cotton pads (hand-rolled).
  • Baby shampoo or baby foam for washing hair and body.
  • Thermometer for water.
  • A pair of scissors with rounded ends.
  • Children’s cream to relieve dry irritation.
  • Drying baby lotions for weeping skin irritations.
  • Separate basket for baby clothes: do not store it with an adult.
  • Baby washing powder.

Big revision

  • Sterilized skimmed milk: there is not enough essential fatty acids, iron, vitamins.
  • Soups in bags: the composition of these products makes them unsuitable for baby food.
  • Mineral water with a high salt content: dangerous for the weak kidney of the baby.
  • Sweet drinks: babies should be watered with milk and water (without added sugar).
  • Orange juice: closes the pyloric sphincter, slows down the digestion of milk and may cause allergies.
  • Mild detergents: cause allergies.
  • Milk and baby food products.
  • Mineral water for babies: its composition and properties take into account the characteristics of the child’s body.
  • Mill for vegetables: as soon as possible, abandon the mixer so that the child gets used to coarser food.
  • Brushes: small and large for nipples and bottles.
  • Several sponges for different needs: from time to time they need to be disinfected and replaced once a month.

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