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Between us girls: typically female problems

Between us girls: typically female problems

About 20% of women aged 25-33 have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Most often, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) leads to this scourge. It appears due to hormonal imbalance, in particular, with an increased level of male hormones, which can interfere with normal ovulation.

When ovulation is disturbed, menstruation becomes irregular or rare, it happens that they are accompanied by severe pain and a significant deterioration in the health of the ladies.

To improve the condition of PCOS, sometimes it is enough to change the lifestyle. If a lady is overweight, then even a few kilograms (within 5-10% of the weight) will help to normalize the menstruation. An important role is played by a healthy diet.

There should be fractional, in small portions, 5-6 times a day. Prefer fruits and vegetables, legumes and low-carbohydrate foods – lean meat, low-fat dairy products.

But here we must remember that low-fat dairy products will not bring benefits. We eat them for calcium, which is retained in the body, if there are 5 fat molecules per calcium molecule.

Conclusion: it is enough to not get fat, eat cottage cheese with 5% fat. Three times a week, moderate exercise is recommended.

Discuss drug therapy with your gynecologist. In case of polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal oral contraceptives are prescribed.

Rested for several months, the ovaries after such therapy “corrected” and begin to work like a clock.

Between us girls: typically female problems

Food dependence is observed in 97% of women. The list of food addictions and addictions is headed by chocolate.

Scientists did not understand why women more often than men cannot live without chocolate. Since the usual “chocolate” dependence is exacerbated before menstruation, pundits assume that the high level of estrogen and progesterone, which is established during this period, is to blame.

These hormones reduce the content of the “hormone of happiness” serotonin, and women lean on sweets to feel happy no matter what.

Other studies show that the cause of craving for chocolate is not hormones, but addiction to the psychoactive substances found in the treat. Critics of such a postulate more than enough.

And finally, it is believed that the desired chocolate makes the perfect combination of fat and sugar.

To get rid of the “chocolate” addiction, you should always have tasty and at the same time healthy products at hand. When you want to eat something chocolate, drink a cup of hot chocolate, eat some raisins in chocolate or a couple of squares of good quality black chocolate.

Eat slowly, savor every sip or slice. In this case, the brain will register a feeling of sheer pleasure.

Between us girls: typically female problems

About a third of the human race suffers from occasional bloating (flatulence), with women more often than men.

The most common cause of this scourge is irritable bowel syndrome. And in women it occurs 2 times more often than in men.

Abdominal distention is usually caused by gases that accumulate in the intestines and are not receiving output. This happens either because the food is not digested properly due to food intolerance, or due to dysbiosis of the large intestine, or due to the fact that “bad” bacteria multiply in the small intestine.

Food intolerance usually occurs due to insufficient production of enzymes. In addition, when digesting some foods that contain a lot of fiber, such as peas and beans, gases are produced.

If everything is in order, they are processed by microorganisms living in the digestive organs. But if there is a lot of food, and there are few necessary bacteria, flatulence occurs.

With dysbiosis, probiotics are considered effective – drugs or biologically active food supplements, in which there are living microorganisms that are representatives of the normal microflora of a person. They restore the disturbed balance of “bad” and “good” microorganisms in the intestine.

When food intolerance is recommended to keep a food diary. It says what a person ate and what was the reaction to food.

This is the only way to determine which particular products cause trouble. Discuss the problem with the doctor: the doctor will advise food enzymes or other ways of getting rid of the misfortune.

Between us girls: typically female problems

Every third woman suffers an infection of the urinary tract at least once in her life. Men suffer from similar ailments much less often.

The fact is that in men, the urethra is longer than in women. So, as long as the pathogenic microorganisms that have fallen into the body of a representative of the strong half of humanity, will get to the “goal”, the immune system has more opportunities to do away with them, and more time is given for this.

In women, the urethra is short, and the body’s defenses simply do not have time to finish their job.

Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria enter the urogenital tract and begin to move up the urethra into the bladder. If the process starts, the infection can reach the kidneys. During pregnancy, the risk of urinary tract infection increases due to hormonal changes and changes in the position of the urethra.

It is necessary to treat such an infection so as not to endanger the health of the unborn child.

When relapses are advised to drink more water – this will help “wash off” the bacteria, that is, remove them from the body. There is also evidence that regular consumption of cranberry juice and probiotic drinks helps to protect against relapses. Pregnant women, suspecting a urinary tract infection, should definitely consult a doctor in order not to harm the unborn baby.

Antibiotics help cure ailment. Specific drugs and their dosage can only recommend a doctor.

Between us girls: typically female problems

Mood swings usually occur in women on the eve of menstruation. Coupled with other temporary violations of this attack was called premenstrual syndrome.

It affects 40% of women of childbearing age.

Mood swings and nervous breakdowns usually occur before menstruation, during pregnancy and during menopause. Based on this, it is believed that hormonal fluctuations are to blame for this development.

In addition, calcium absorption is impaired during menstruation, which means that calcium deficiency can exacerbate the symptoms of premenstrual symptoms.

Traditional medicine recommends seeking salvation in such an herbal remedy as Prutniak ordinary. Our pharmacies sell biologically active food supplements based on it.

They relieve the main symptoms and bring relief after continuous intake for 3 months. Scientific studies also prove the efficacy of calcium supplements.

However, sometimes, to relieve the symptoms of PMS, it is enough to use dairy products 3 times a day.

Between us girls: typically female problems

For once in a lifetime, 75% of women are faced with thrush.

In the microflora of the vagina, intestines and any mucous membranes are always present fungi called Candida Albicans. If they begin to multiply excessively in the vagina, thrush begins.

Excessive growth of fungi contribute a lot to antibiotics. In addition, scientists suspect that food with a high sugar content may also provoke a disease.

Thrush and those women who have poorly controlled diabetes often visit.

It is believed that probiotics help restore the balance of the vaginal microflora, but this postulate needs to be confirmed by additional research. Strangely enough, but recent studies have proven that daily walks significantly reduce the risk of thrush. Now scientists are looking for an explanation for this phenomenon.

In any case, it is not recommended to lean on sweets, and women who are diagnosed with diabetes should carefully monitor their blood sugar levels. And again, there are drugs that help get rid of the disease.

Recommend them and determine the dosage and duration of admission can only a doctor.

Between us girls: typically female problems

Hot flashes are visited by 45% of women in menopause.

In menopause, the ovaries produce less estrogen. For unexplained reasons, this circumstance in some way affects the body’s thermoregulation.

In an attempt to restore order, the heart begins to pump blood faster, the blood vessels dilate, the woman begins to sweat.

Dietary supplements based on the plant Cimicifuga racemosa, known here as a black cohosh or black cohosh, help to cope with the tides. It is believed that the same goal can be achieved with the help of soy products, but on this issue, scientists have not yet come to a common opinion.

If all else fails, keep cool drinks on hand and visit a gynecologist. He may recommend hormone replacement therapy.

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