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Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

This is one of the most effective ways to arrange an “explosion at a chemical plant” in one’s stomach. Such a duet provides you with belching, bloating and heaviness in the stomach, which will take place within a few hours. Nevertheless, the tradition of drinking sweet ice cream with sparkling water (coke, fantasy, etc.) is very strong, especially among adolescents and young people, that is, those who are not used to listening to their bodies and are not able to make causal relationships between state of health and that eaten.

Before the start of the heat season, you should tell your offspring that thirst after eating ice cream is better to quench with ordinary drinking water.

Such a duet will not harm your health, but it will also have zero benefit. If you drink green tea because you firmly believe in its healing antioxidant properties (and do it right, by the way), then it’s better to add lemon to it. Casein in milk and dairy products, falling into green tea, dramatically reduces its content of catechins, for which, in fact, it is worth drinking green tea.

In addition, milk protein reacts with another useful tea flavonoid, theaflavin, to form a useless and difficult digestible compound. Theaflavin is particularly useful for people with peptic ulcer disease (accelerates the healing of ulcers). Conclusion: if you really like to drink green tea with milk – drink.

But if it is important for you to get the benefits of green tea – during the day, drink at least one cup of tea in its pure form, or add lemon to it (thereby increasing the concentration of catechins 7 times).

Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

The bad news is for those who like to sweeten their lives by adding jam or jam to low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. Any sweet toppings, including sugar itself, getting into the stomach along with protein food, cause fermentation there.

To digest protein foods, the acidic environment of the gastric juice is necessary, and sugars inhibit its secretion, because they need, bypassing the stomach, to get into the intestines (sugars are not digested in the stomach). In the end, and proteins are digested with difficulty, and jam begins to ferment (roam). How does this affect well-being?

In the form of a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating, increased gas formation.

Reasons to forget about this combination, even two. In contrast to a duet of jam with cottage cheese, a couple of porridge + sugar (or the same jam) faces not only minor problems with the stomach (as described above). The fact is that the vast majority of cereals, of which it is customary to cook porridge, consist of 70-80% of starch, which in our body turns into glucose.

Contrary to popular belief, this composition has dietary buckwheat. By adding sugar to the porridge, you increase the glucose intake a day. And this is a direct path to overweight and diabetes.

What then sweeten your morning oatmeal, if not jam or sugar? Fruits.

For example, with the help of a banana – it is available all year round, and the price per kilogram is not space.

Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

Alas, but this favorite combination since childhood often leads to fermentation in the stomach. The reasons are exactly the same as in the case of porridge with sugar or jam with protein food. In general, all sugar is better to use separately.

And on the bread it is better to put a piece of salmon.
Speaking of bread: rye and whole grain bread should not be combined with coffee. Substances contained in coffee prevent the absorption of B vitamins from bread, making it a useless filler of the stomach.

The favorite recipe for colds, a favorite remedy “to raise the immunity”, it turns out, is not so simple in execution. The fact is that it is impossible to categorically heat honey above 40 degrees.

There are several reasons, choose to your taste. First, the enzymes contained in honey and the bactericidal properties for which we eat it are unstable when heated and completely destroyed at a temperature of 45 degrees, after which the honey becomes an ordinary sweet syrup. The second reason: when heating over 40 degrees in honey, oxymethylfurfural begins to form – poison and mutagen, which is practically not excreted from the body, the maximum concentration of this substance is already observed when honey is heated to 60-80 degrees, as a result of which honey becomes a carcinogen.

That is, if you drink tea with honey, the tea should not be hot, but a little warm. And honey should be put there already when the tea is cold enough.

The same applies to recipes based on milk with honey.

Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

This is a wonderful product, rich in enzymes. But it is the presence of enzymes that makes the melon too “independent” and not tolerating neighborhood in the stomach.

And paired with any product, it can cause very different, equally undesirable reactions. Severity, bloating, gas, or a pronounced laxative effect, depending on the combination. Nutritionists recommend not to eat melon for dessert, not to combine it with other fruits in salads (despite its popularity in fruit mixes) and not to drink it even with water.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent seasonal product for snacking in the warm season.

Broths are basically a controversial food product. But the tradition of cooking them from meat to bone makes the broths simply unhealthy. Bones are one of the main storage tanks for toxic trace elements, including heavy metals.

When cooking these substances pass into the water, more precisely, into the broth that you cook. Draw your own conclusions.

Bad food mixes: 9 common nutritional errors

Like most fruits, kiwi fruit is often added to yogurts, milkshakes, smoothies. Such a duet will not bring harm, but the enzymes contained in kiwi destroy milk protein, giving the dish a bitter taste.

For this reason, kiwi should be added to the dairy product immediately before use. And what is added to industrial yogurt and milkshakes with kiwi, to avoid a chemical reaction – guess yourself.

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