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Backup option: treatment without drugs

Backup option: treatment without drugs

Thanks to the achievements of chemistry and pharmacology, modern medicine has been able to treat so many diseases. And, making appointments to patients, including small ones, doctors began to give preference to chemicals. However, the reverse side of the use of such funds have become frequent side effects, such as allergic reactions.

In addition, there are diseases that are still difficult to treat with chemotherapeutic drugs. That is why now, in the era of rapidly developing scientific progress, people are increasingly interested in extraordinary means of providing assistance.

Methods of treatment “without drugs” are called non-traditional, although many of them have an ancient history and for a long time – before the advent of the pharmacological era – were the only treatment option.

Herbal medicine is used by many doctors who consider themselves supporters of traditional medicine. In addition, herbal ingredients are part of many medicines: for example, drugs for the treatment of heart failure are prepared on the basis of lily of the valley.

Most of the choleretic drugs are made from vegetable raw materials: artichoke, corn silk, yarrow. Everyone knows valerian and motherwort – sedatives. Eleutherococcus, St. John’s wort, and Echinacea strengthen the immune system.

Licorice root, Alteynija root, calamus is cough drops. Infusions and decoctions of chamomile, succession, celandine, mint leaves help from skin diseases.

And the herbal preparation “Chlorophyllipt” (in fact, chlorophyll extract from eucalyptus leaves) is one of the most powerful anti-staphylococcus agents. You can cite many more examples of the use of plants in modern medicine, both in the composition of drugs, and in the form of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements on vegetable raw materials, which are collections of medicinal plants, are now offered in large quantities.

One of the options for herbal medicine is herbalism, or medicine. This method implies an almost complete rejection of pharmacological agents. Usually a herbalist collects or grows medicinal plants himself.

But before resorting to this method, you need to enlist a guarantee of their quality, because modern ecology requires that these plants grow in places that are quite deaf and distant from humans, which remain less and less.

This method has a long history. Based on the principles of “treating like-like” and using ultra-low doses of active substances, homeopathy has become another alternative to allopathy (this is how scientific treatment is called traditional treatment).

And if, until recently, the allopaths refused to recognize her, considering it to be a frivolous and ineffective discipline, in the last 20 years the situation has changed. Homeopathy has received official recognition, it even began to be taught in medical schools. Following in pharmacies appeared homeopathic remedies that resemble traditional medicines: in the form of tablets, suppositories, drops and medicines.

Such means are suitable even for the smallest: for example, drops “Edas” help with colds, candles “Viburcol” ​​improve sleep and reduce the temperature, the preparation “Anaferon” (Materia Medica) protects against viral diseases.

Before you assign a classic homeopathic “globules” to a small patient, a homeopathic physician may conduct a small examination using the Foll method or bioresonance diagnostics.

Classical homeopathy really helps babies in certain cases, but it must be borne in mind that the correct selection of such therapy depends on the talent of the homeopathic doctor, and to a much greater extent than in allopathy. Figuratively, you can compare a homeopath with a sniper leading targeted fire due to illness. If the target is chosen incorrectly, there will be no sense in his efforts.

Allopathy in this analogy is better compared to artillery: it is possible to damage the disease and the “neighboring territories” to damage, having received undesirable effects from the action of drugs.

In contrast to herbal medicine and homeopathy, whose history goes back hundreds of years, another area of ​​alternative medicine, biotherapy, is the achievement of the last decades. The method is based on the use of living microorganisms that live in the human body.

This treatment is very natural because it costs without the use of foreign substances. Biologics are considered to be funds obtained from donor blood – immunoglobulin preparations (babies are mainly prescribed a complex immunoglobulin preparation KIP and KIPferon – these are candles).

Biotherapy helps in the treatment of many infections, especially intestinal, in the correction of dysbacteriosis, strengthening the immune system, with allergic diseases. As in the case of phytotherapy and homeopathy, drugs and dietary supplements are now created on the basis of the biomaterial, and the method itself is no longer perceived as unconventional.

Backup option: treatment without drugs

These usually include different options for herbal medicine or physiotherapy. For example, everyone knows about the benefits of tea with raspberries at high temperatures: it contains natural salicylates – the same substances that are part of paracetamol and analgin. No less well known and well help in such warming situations.

And here is another example of “folk” physiotherapy: in order to reduce the high temperature (from 39 ° C), babies are usually wrapped in a wet sheet, wiped with warm water, as if cooling the body outside.

The list of practical “folk remedies” can be continued. In severe disorder, babies are helped by blueberry kissel, a decoction of rice or pomegranate crusts – there are substances in their composition that actually inhibit bowel contractions. And prunes, kiwi, figs have, on the contrary, the ability to strengthen it, so they should be given to babies with constipation.

To improve the intestinal function, chamomile decoctions are prescribed for children: their therapeutic effect is associated with the destructive effect of substances from the composition of this plant on bacteria and fungi.

Of all the methods of healing without drugs, babies are most often prescribed massage, gymnastics, physiotherapy and tempering procedures.

Massage helps children cope with problems in the work of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, as well as with a tendency to constipation. Massage is therapeutic, it is prescribed by a doctor and performs a specialist.

And there is also the usual, accessible to parents, for example, stroking the baby’s belly in a clockwise direction around the navel and bending the legs to the stomach for constipation.

The difference between massage and gymnastics is that in the first case, the effect on the baby’s muscles passes without his participation, and in the second, the child takes on this burden. As in the case of massage, gymnastics is “home” (for example, if constipation worries a little, he should do exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall: raise his legs to his stomach, do scissors and bicycle exercises). There is also a professional gymnastics, for example, a complex of breathing exercises (it will be prescribed by a doctor if the child has diseases of the bronchi or lungs).

And finally, if the kids can be engaged in gymnastics from 2 years old, the massage is prescribed even for newborns.

Physiotherapy – the effect on the body of the baby warm, cold and all sorts of radiation. The most well-known procedures are warming, which helps to cope with the effects of nasopharyngeal inflammations; mustard plasters and “banks” for the treatment of acute respiratory infections (by the way, their effectiveness is now doubting specialists); UV radiation – ultraviolet radiation, before it was often prescribed to protect babies from rickets, now it is most likely used to treat jaundice of newborns; laser treatment – it helps with some vascular diseases and problems with adenoids.

Hardening is a way to strengthen the immune system, known since the time of Hippocrates. One of the most important requirements of the method is gradualness: efforts will produce results if the tempering load grows gradually.

The speed of transition from mild effects to stronger ones depends on the state of the baby’s body and the reaction of the first to what is happening. Another requirement is hardening systematic. During a long break, the body gradually loses the skills of endurance in the face of the disease.

If such a break has happened, hardening should be started over. It is best to start such procedures in the summer, and the first “trainer” of the baby will be water, the temperature of which will have to be reduced gradually.

By the way, the combination of hardening and gymnastics gives an even better result.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of an effective and safe treatment method “without drugs”, it should be entrusted to a doctor. There are situations when only medicine can help the child, and there are cases when the solution of this task will be within the power and alternative means.

For example, in the treatment of infections with worms, the action of modern remedies is many times greater than any anti-parasitic herbal remedy. In addition, they “work” gently. And it must also be remembered that “drug-free” treatment methods can be combined with medication intake.

For example, with angina, a combination of folk remedies, phyto, biotherapy and antibiotic will only benefit children. For the treatment of intestinal disorders, children are prescribed immediately and biologics, and chemicals – intestinal antiseptics.

Complementing the pharmacological agents, alternative means help reduce the “chemical” load on the body of babies.

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