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Psycho-prophylactic work with pregnant women was introduced in the Soviet Union in 1951 with the aim of helping expectant mothers in labor. Gradually, good intentions were reduced to a formality due to the high workload of medical personnel.

In addition, to find out about what is happening in the maternity hospitals, it was necessary to be at least Stirlitz, so closed were the institutions. In the early 90s, obstetrician-gynecologists and perinatal psychologists came to the conclusion that relying on Russian “maybe” in childbirth is not worth it, and began to actively promote the preparation of pregnant women for childbirth.

Back to school

Back to school

As long as mankind exists, so much does childbirth exist. Our grandmothers gave birth, and our granddaughters will be too. The question is how?

All our “generic experience” is laid in the subcortex. Everyone has his own, depending on education, culture, family and everyday traditions. Classes at the school for pregnant women with professionals allow it to be adjusted. “The modern generation lives at a frantic pace, overcomes stress.

Mom can help herself, using the knowledge gained in the school for pregnant women, “- says Tatiana Shepel, obstetrician-gynecologist, perinatal psychologist of the school for expectant mothers,” I, Mom, Dad. ” In addition, the lessons are disciplined.

When you train under the guidance of an experienced specialist in the group of like-minded people, a special atmosphere is created, a common rhythm.

“According to statistics, 30% of deliveries that go“ not so ”are, as a rule, a pathology detected during pregnancy. 70% – this is the wrong behavior in childbirth.

Fear and panic are the main enemies in childbirth. Proper breathing, childbirth behavior, every minute of labor activity are the main topics of the theoretical and practical classes of the school for expectant mothers, ”says Natalya Ivanova, curator of the school for preparing for childbirth of the Women’s Club perinatal medical center.

About 80% of paid deliveries in Russia take place in the presence, or even with the direct participation of the baby’s father. These numbers indicate that there is a trend. Most of the popes are in the birthblock not by chance, but they take this step quite deliberately.

And to bring real benefits, attend special classes in preparation for childbirth.

All changes contribute to the normal development of pregnancy. Particular attention is paid to the class stretching.

It’s amazing how plastic pregnant women are! Slopes, slants, a pose of a lion and a frog, elements of yoga are given to future mothers very simply. “You can start attending courses for pregnant women at any time.

Most often this occurs in the interval from the 20th to the 38th week of pregnancy. As a rule, after the 20th week of pregnancy, the woman feels “the most pregnant”, which is associated with the growth of the tummy, and from the 30th week, working mothers are freed, ”Natalya Ivanova shares her experience. Throughout the lesson, the perky music sounds, which sets the rhythm.

Already by the middle of the workout the mood rises significantly. Endorphins do their job. Not only mothers become more fun, the child also receives hormones of happiness. “It feels like the baby is dancing inside.

Gymnastics helped me not only to improve my well-being, but with the help of special exercises we helped the baby to take the correct position in the uterus, ”says one of the students. Hour lesson ends. Experts in one voice advise to do gymnastics systematically.

Only such loads can keep the muscles in good shape until the moment of delivery.

In the US, expectant mothers attend special courses because: 82% want to know everything about pregnancy and childbirth, 37% want to properly prepare for natural childbirth, 26% follow the advice of a doctor, and 11% consider it one of the available options in their position.

Proper breathing is important throughout the entire period of pregnancy, as well as directly at the time of delivery. The trainings are taught to breathe at the level of reflexes.

Four types of breathing are laid in the subconscious, and during contractions the body itself remembers which one suits it best. The choice of optimal breathing allows you to relax as much as possible, which contributes to pain relief. “Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, as if blowing out a candle. Your body moves to the music.

The chakras are open, the body is relaxed, ”like a mantra, the instructor repeats. Indeed, after several breaths, the body begins to move to the music itself. For a kid, music is a kind of original language by which he, not yet born, learns the world around him.

After the “dog” breathing, intermittent and frequent, oddly enough, it becomes easier to breathe, the tension leaves the body. Singing the open and closed sounds “a” and “m” completes the relaxation.

The picture, of course, is funny – everyone aka and mooes, but what an effect!

The next 15 minutes – immersion in a dream to the sounds of the sea surf. “Serious women come to us – economists, accountants, directors. In their head work. And the more amorphous the cerebral cortex, the less irritants for a woman.

It is easier to concentrate on pregnancy and childbirth. Breathing training helps to relax and get rid of unnecessary thoughts from the head, ”explains Tatiana Shepel.

For a child, proper breathing plays a very important role, it helps him cope with hypoxia and stress during childbirth. In the course of respiratory training there is a unique occupation “Childbirth through the eyes of a child”, which allows the mother to feel the feelings that the baby is experiencing.

Thus, a mother can write her positive “scenario” of childbirth.

Back to school

Back to school

Each lecture is devoted to a specific topic, which together cover issues from the “New Body of a Pregnant Woman” to “Child Care in the First Year of Life”. “It is difficult to say what modern future mothers do not know: literature, the media and the Internet provide quite complete information about everything. Another thing is how to navigate this huge stream. Misuse of knowledge can lead to rather sad consequences.

The task of the teacher is to help you learn the necessary information, ”says Natalia Ivanova.

As for fears, you can get rid of them. Fears are most often based on prejudice. For example, many people think that childbirth is in agony.

The feeling of fear clamps the muscles, and then the pain certainly can not be avoided. You need to draw your fear on a piece of paper and paint it with colored pencils.

And third: we find a place on the body where fear lives (someone sucks in the stomach, someone knocks on the head), then breathe in as much air as possible and exhale through the place where fear is felt. Figuratively speaking, exhale fear.

90% of married couples in the United States actively attend special courses for expectant parents.

80%. Such a number of Danish and Dutch women give birth at home because they want to have healthy children.

In the first classes in school, women most often come with their husbands. The main question that concerns future fathers is when his beloved wife will once again become that glorious laughter that he married, and not a tearful mademoiselle with drastic mood swings. “We have to talk about hormones and promise oath that everything will fall into place after giving birth,” Tatyana Shepel jokes.

Since classes are held during working hours, men do not often attend them, but if they do, they are laid out thoroughly. Helping his wife during gymnastics, doing a foot massage, cheering. Breathing trainings are very popular – dads not only learn to help their mother and baby, but they also relax and rest. “The first time I gave birth with my husband.

We are lucky that Sasha learned the breathing technique well. It was evident that he is very worried and is about to faint.

So they breathed together, ”one of the pupils recalls the first birth.

“Classes for future parents imply psychological preparation of a married couple. It is important for both spouses to understand and accept the changes that occur with the onset of pregnancy, ”says Natalya Ivanova, an obstetrician-gynecologist.

There are also separate lectures for future popes, which are conducted by a male obstetrician-gynecologist. “There are only men in the classroom. The lesson is a kind of maternity guide for future fathers and helps to better understand your loved one, to remain fully armed in any situation, ”continues Natalia Ivanova. “Dad’s efficiency depends on his ability to kiss and cuddle,” – joking at school. “The lips are a projection of the cervix.

When we smile, the cervix also “smiles.” If the pregnancy passes “with a smile,” the cervix during labor is well revealed.

In addition, endorphins act as a natural pain reliever, ”advises Tatiana Shepel, a perinatal psychologist.

German scientists conducted an experiment involving 100 pairs. They were shown a video showing a crying baby, and asked why he was crying. The absolute majority replied that the child was hungry.

The fact that a newborn may cry from fatigue, pain, or for some other reason has not occurred to adults. Having learned the possible options, future parents admitted that they had never thought about how to properly live through pregnancy, childbirth and care for the baby.

The school teaches 4 child protection lines. The first line is love for an unborn child. While he is in the stomach, the mother communicates with the baby, thus the formation of maternal love takes place.

The second line is the support instinct. When dealing with a child, a mother should tell him everything that happens in life, both good and bad.

Negative moments must be clarified: “I try to make everything good with you.” The child learns that there are troubles in life, but with the help of my mother’s love, everything can be overcome.

A huge role here is played by the father, who also talks to the baby. The child feels the love of parents and knows that you can rely on them.

This is how the instinct of the prop is formed. The third line is to train the will. You really want to meet friends in a noisy restaurant for a glass of wine.

However, you understand that this is not very useful for a child. Paradoxically, it will sound, but you need to refuse with pleasure – we do it for the good of the child.

We transform negative feelings by positive effort into positive ones. And the last line of protection of the child is knowledge, everything that a woman learns about pregnancy, childbirth.

Since 1993, a model of obstetric care, which is called “one on one”, has been developed in England. Every pregnant woman gets the opportunity to be observed at one midwife and give birth with her. Midwives go to patients’ homes, where they are examined, they take tests.

Midwives are paid for gasoline and mobile phone costs, since they must always be within the reach of their pregnant women. This approach is recognized as the most effective in Britain and is gradually being introduced into the health care system.

So far about 20% of women get into such services.

In Germany, the state has taken care of the future mothers – courses for pregnant women are free. Standard classes consist of gymnastics and theoretical training.

For an additional fee you can come to meditation, yoga, water gymnastics. From the first days of visiting the gynecologist, expectant mothers are issued a pregnant passport: you should always carry it with you, just like a regular passport.

After giving birth, each mother takes an express course in caring for a newborn.

The expectant mothers are watched by several obstetrician-gynecologists at once, so that one of these specialists will take birth without fail. American doctors believe that only the person who led the entire pregnancy can best help the baby to be born.

Future dad can live in a special hotel at the hospital.

In Peru, there is a medical center that recommends swimming with dolphins to pregnant women. Proponents of the methodology claim that high-frequency sounds emitted by dolphins surprisingly affect both the mother and the child.

The brain of the child “registers” the voice of the dolphin, which contributes to the better development of the brain cells of the baby. And the future mother enjoys swimming in the pool with dolphins and gets rid of negative emotions.

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