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Back to harmony: intimate muscle gymnastics

Back to harmony: intimate muscle gymnastics

Intimate gymnastics is a very useful set of exercises that help to train intimate muscles, that is, the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor. And if a woman perfectly owns her vaginal muscles, then she, firstly, will have an intimate life, secondly, she will be able to give birth without breaks and episiotomy and, thirdly, avoid such a phenomenon that greatly complicates life, like prolapse ( sagging) of the pelvic organs.

And now the details – what kind of thing is this, intimate gymnastics, what is needed and what exactly should be trained in.

Interest in training intimate muscles came from the East. Mostly concerned about this were the priestesses of love, who trained the intimate muscles with the help of wooden or stone “simulators” in the form of eggs, trying to hold them in the vagina and move them there in all directions. Such exercises are described in “Tantra”, “Kama Sutra” and “Tao”.

Indeed, in Asia, traditionally, great attention was paid to keeping many women in labor in the form of intimate muscles.

In the 40s of the last century, the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel took over the baton. He developed a system of exercises that helped control and control the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

Kegel prescribed intimate gymnastics to his patients for the omission of the pelvic organs and urinary incontinence.

In the 90s of the last century, Vladimir Muranivsky, an inventor engineer from Vladivostok, introduced the term “Vumbilding” (B – vaginal, u – controlled, m-muscles, building – English “development”, “construction”). He designed a special simulator for training intimate muscles, and also wrote 4 books and released 1 video film – all this is devoted to one topic: strengthening vaginal muscles.

A few years ago, Muranivsky’s Vumbilding Studio registered the word “Vumbilding” as a trademark. Since other schools and studios practicing the same technology had to somehow designate what they were doing, another term appeared – imbilding.

And now he is used to designate intimate gymnastics much more often.

Back to harmony: intimate muscle gymnastics

In the correct position, the uterus and vagina support the pelvic floor muscles. During pregnancy, the growing uterus puts pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum, because of which they stretch and move.

The childbirth process also contributes. When the baby passes the birth canal, the pelvic muscles stretch even more. Elasticity is restored very slowly.

Since these muscles support the uterus, intestines and bladder, you should try to bring them back to normal as soon as possible.

In addition, the vaginal muscles weaken and lose elasticity as a result of surgical interventions, overweight, chronic constipation, and heavy physical exertion. Since the weakened pelvic muscles do not cope with their main task – supporting the pelvic organs, the prolapse of the pelvic organs begins. This can lead to a deterioration in the quality of intimate life, such problems as urinary incontinence during laughter, coughing, sneezing and physical exertion.

With age and weight gain, the situation is exacerbated.

To understand exactly which muscles need to be trained, and feel them, you need to arbitrarily delay urination. Just at this moment you will feel the tension of the right muscles.

Back to harmony: intimate muscle gymnastics

It is possible to do Kegel gymnastics 6-8 weeks after giving birth, when all the secretions have passed.

These exercises are convenient in that they can be done at any time of the day or night and anywhere – at work, standing at home at the stove, reading a book or sitting at a computer. If you perform the exercises systematically and allocate to them at least 20 minutes a day, changes for the better can be felt in 1-2 weeks.

Empty your bladder before gymnastics. For beginners, the easiest way to do the exercises is to lie on your back, stretching out and slightly apart legs bent at the knees.

Heels are on the floor. Place one hand on the lower abdomen, the other – under the buttocks. In this position, it is easier to feel how intimate muscles are reduced.

Having mastered the exercises, it will be possible to perform them in any position and in any place.

  1. Reduce the muscles of the perineum and vagina, keeping them in this position by 3 counts. With muscle contraction, exhalation must be done, and with relaxation, inhalation. Try not to strain your stomach and buttocks. Gradually bring the retention of the perineal muscles in tension to 15-20 seconds.
  2. Try the same fast paced exercise.
  3. Reduce the pace, while reducing the muscles of the perineum, do not relax them until the end, leaving them slightly tense for a while.
  4. This exercise is sometimes called the “elevator”: a little muscle contraction (1st floor), hold for 3-5 seconds, then continue the contraction (2nd floor), hold again and contract even more. And so go to the 5th floor. Then “get down”, gradually relaxing the muscles and lingering on each floor. Gradually bring the number of cuts and relaxations to 25-30.
  5. Long and sustained muscle contraction, as if you are trying to pull an object into the vagina. Hold for 5 seconds. Gradually, the time of reduction should be increased.
  6. Reduce the muscle as if you want to push something out, as if you were emptying your bowels. Only pushes should be sent to the vagina, and not to the anus. The voltage must be held for 3 seconds. This exercise is especially useful for women who have not given birth.

All exercises are first done 3 times a day, repeated 10 times in each session. After about 6 weeks, the repetition rate can be reduced by increasing the time of muscle contraction to 5-10 seconds or more.

Kegel gymnastics with a simulator. Video:

Here, the load on the muscles is provided by using special vaginal plastic cones of different weights. Cones are inserted into the vagina by the narrow end. Try to hold the cone without letting it slip out.

Exercise is recommended to perform for 15 minutes every day.

2 interconnected special vaginal balls are worn during the day. Ideally, you need to learn how to move them up and down inside yourself and tap them together.

3 testicles of different size jade with thread are used to develop the muscles of the entrance, the walls and arches of the vagina (vagina). With their help, they work out both passive exercises (carrying the testicle in the vagina during the day) and active techniques (working out “waves”, “shots” of the vagina, etc.).

Jade vaginal eggs – how to use. Video:

You can include an intimate component in the usual gymnastics. It turns out that the muscles of the perineum work during the legs, exercises for the abs and back, and squats, and you need to squat smoothly and as low as possible.

Stand up straight, chin stretches up, hands relaxed. Take 30-60 steps around the room, raising your knees high and pulling the socks down.

Complicate the task: when walking, move your raised knees to the side and only then lower your legs to the floor. 30-60 steps.

Lie on your back, arms along your body. Bending your legs at the knees, pull them up to your chest, make a sharp exhalation and squeeze the muscles of the vagina. Return to the starting position inhale.

Repeat up to 20 times.

While standing, breathe deeply through the nose, drawing in the belly. In this case, the chest rises, and the muscles of the vagina are compressed. Hold your breath, counting up to 4.

Exhale slowly through your mouth and relax your muscles. Repeat 5 times.

Taking a deep breath through the nose, bulge the abdomen and tighten the muscles of the perineum. Hold your breath, counting to 4, slowly exhale through your mouth.

Relax your muscles. Repeat 5 times.

Lying on your back, bending your knees and putting your feet on the floor, raise your pelvis above the floor, spread your hips to the sides and, holding the intimate muscles in tension, linger in this position, counting to 5. Return to the starting position. Run up to 15 times.

Exercise 1 for intimate muscles. Video:

Exercise 2 for intimate muscles. Video:

Exercise 3 for intimate muscles. Video:

Fitball exercise for intimate muscle training for women:

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