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Baby safety and toys

Baby safety and toys

Do not buy the first thing you like, think about where and when the child can play with it.

Pay attention to what games your child likes and what toys he chooses for them.

Remember that some fun requires outdoor space and unsafe homes.

Pay attention not only to the design of toys. Quality must come first.

Here are the details that you first need to pay attention to when choosing a toy:

The age for which it is designed.

Are there sharp corners and protruding parts on its surfaces: horns, swords, arrows. This caution applies to the nose of Pinocchio.

Is its removable parts too shallow?

Is it possible to consider the melodious and quiet sounds that the toy produces? This rule also applies to sirens and claps.

Choosing a toy that requires connection to the power grid, or complex fun such as the “Young Naturalist”, “Young Chemist” kit, which contain dangerous toxic components (acids, alkalis and other reagents) and sharp objects (needles, razors), consider whether there is look after the baby while he plays with them.

If a child is playing with toys on batteries, make sure that the curious baby does not take them apart and does not want to study the device of batteries – they contain toxic substances.

Be attentive to the fun, having a mechanism with a spring. A child may get hurt if he starts to disassemble it.

Toys that require electrical connection are unsafe for preschoolers, and you cannot play with them without adult supervision.

Study the instructions and explain to the child how to properly use the toy, especially when it comes to challenging fun.

Check if the pile falls out of them, otherwise the baby may inhale it, and this is unsafe.

Before handing the toy to the child, vacuum it or shake it and wipe it with a damp cloth – then the remains of the pile will remain on it.

Baby safety and toys

Covered in paint that is not washed off or not washed. The drawings on them should have a clear outline, because, if the dye is of poor quality, the images will be blurred, and the paint will saturate the plastic or rubber.

No pungent odor after you wash them with soap.

Do not buy toys for children that produce loud sounds. They can frighten a child or damage his hearing.

Sounding fun can not be brought to the ear closer than 30-35 cm, and it is desirable to play with them on the street.

With a bow, slingshots, pistols, shooting plastic bullets or balls, kids can play only under the supervision of adults. Otherwise they risk damaging their eyes.

This rule applies to pistols that use caps.

Your “chosen one” should be designed for the child to try to disassemble it or unscrew the moving parts. Therefore, it is important that all removable parts are large enough, then the baby will not swallow them and not inhale.

It is desirable that the toy does not have sharp corners, especially if it is intended for a child who is not yet 4 years old.

Pay attention to whether you have some fun with long laces, so that the child does not wrap them around the neck or, entangled in them, does not fall.

Keep the toys in a place so that the baby does not have to drag after them and he does not turn over something heavy.

Fun older and younger children need to be stored in different places.

In case the child decides to hide in the drawer where they are stored, his lid should be light, without locks and with air vents on the surface.

From time to time arrange a revision of toys and without hesitation throw away the broken ones. The baby may be injured by cracks in the plastic or sharp chips.

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