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Baby’s First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

Baby's First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

So, a can of peas is opened, a contented and well-fed chick is wrapped in tinsel (I hope you feed him not with peas?), Mom and dad have an aperitif, muffled jazz sounds. And in this charming idyll is a phone call.

The mother-in-law (or mother-in-law) decides to brighten the young parents of their first parent New Year. Of course, your Olivier you expected to eat tete-a-tete. But it was memories that flooded back a few years ago with how you were lying with your bare ass under your first tree and shaking with a rattle, which your father heroically extracted, passing through fire, water, and even imagine copper pipes.

And now a very similar rattle, but even better, an indefatigable grandmother acquired even more and more explosively for her beloved granddaughter. Immediately hand!

Otherwise, the New Year will be met in vain. “Of course, mother, come.” And to you, dear (honey), I will tell all about your parent later. Or maybe let them come!

In the end, you deserve to be your first-year parents, congratulations and gifts to you.

Error decision number 1: we will collect the whole family with us

Or rather, connected by your marriage, BOTH family. Of course, you can celebrate in the house of some, bringing with them others. Really gather all and at home, if you have the opportunity to organize a dinner for 50 people.

Do not forget about the danger that grandparents gathered around your child can not find a common language. Here is a picture of the celebration in the family, where the grandfathers did not agree on how to cut the bath more correctly, and the grandmothers are biting over the preparation of the filling.

The situation can be quite complicated if the standard of living in both families is different, and in one best gift is considered “a woolen suit to have enough for the next winter,” and in the other a railway costing a real locomotive.

Baby's First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

Erroneous decision №2: both there and there

That is, on the 31st in the evening with your parents, and the first with mine. This is undoubtedly possible if everyone lives in the same city.

If not, then know that you are approaching a catastrophe. In addition, adults are still able to survive Gargantua-style dinners served by grandmothers competing in culinary delights. But for a child, such a marathon is terrible.

The mere fact that he has to look gorgeous and behave perfectly at his first party makes him nervous. If the next day he goes to another grandmother too far away, he will definitely lose his last pieces of patience and meet the holiday, screaming loudly.

Under the disapproving views of grandmothers, aunts and their girlfriends, each of whom considers it his duty to share with you tips and recipes for the upbringing of a Real Unbalanced Child.

Erroneous decision №3: we throw everyone and leave for rest

You can try to escape. So much the worse for Santa Claus – we shake to Senegal! And yet get ready for a small attack of the blues by the pool, when, feeling discomfort from the difference in time, you suddenly realize that the time has come for gifts and holiday greetings that you used to get in the family circle.

It will make you even worse when in the club of the hotel you feel all the sadness of the “New Year’s party” in Senegalese, with an orchestra and kitsch-animation, unfrozen New Year’s dinner and cheap champagne. You ask yourself what you are doing here with other foreigners and a child (if you haven’t prudently thrown him at your grandmother), who is resting peacefully in the bungalow.

And you, no doubt, will tirelessly see yourself for having deprived the whole family of a warm family Christmas.

Right decision: everything has its time

Of course, everyone will pull to their parents. You can come together on a compromise: this year is mine, the next is yours.

Senior couples will tell you that this is the only way to get out of the vicious circle. In the end, we still have the old New Year and Christmas!

Up to 3-4 years, kids will swallow without any problems the story that Santa Claus always comes just before the New Year to Grandma Nina and is late for Grandma Sveta.

Baby's First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

What will give the baby? The question of gifts arises, even if the main character is not able not only to walk, but also to sit. Nevertheless, you should not take this issue lightly.

With a “smiling” cup, equipped with eyes, nose and mouth, your prodigy to Cognition can begin. From the high highchair, where you hoist the baby, as if to the throne, is his royal procession through life.

One thing is absolutely certain: it is not worth the grandfather to give a radio-controlled car to his grandson, who has not yet learned to even focus his gaze, and to granny to cover the squeaking treasure in the sliders with a complete collection of Jules Verne.

Erroneous solution: it is too small to receive gifts.

You can’t do this to him! He will deliver it to you in a reproach thirty years later, when, together with his psychotherapist, he comes to the conclusion that his unwillingness to stay at one job for more than six months is a reflection of your attitude towards him in his infancy. The baby does not understand the importance of the moment?

Who can say that for sure? Well, if he felt and heard everything before being born into the world, now he knows very precisely what he wants, except for warmth and food: your festive mood.

Baby's First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

The right decision: to truly celebrate

It doesn’t matter if you give a baby an expensive gift or not, put it on a Christmas tree or put it to bed, as always. The main thing is that you have a good mood, and the kid will thank you for it.

Subtle hint environment during the whole of December, which can bring pleasure to the child. This is a great way to avoid blunders, repetitions, and especially unnecessary abundance.

When to hand out gifts? When mom was little, Santa Claus always came at midnight. Her parents believed that this was the only way to allow the whole family to participate in gift wrapping.

After all, in the morning the children will have to wait until their parents wake up and overcome the hangover. But dad, unfortunately, adheres to the tradition “So much more romantic!”.

Which of the two wins in setting the rules?

Baby's First New Year: How to Avoid Mistakes

The wrong decision: we will do as my family

Everything will go smoothly, if one spouse does not attach importance to the details of the organization of the holiday. If no one wants to surrender their positions on this most important issue for family happiness, the matter can go to fistfight.

Right decision: every year is different

This, perhaps, and deprives the process of giving presents a certain amount of magic, but it is very practical. Each family retains its ritual. It is even logical, because the grandparents, who are visiting you celebrate this New Year, may have other grandchildren, and you need to somehow come to an agreement.

A change of rules can be easily explained, for example, by the fact that Santa Claus has a different timeframe for delivering gifts to Yasenevo and Kutuzovsky Prospect.

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