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Baby monitor – control at a distance

Baby monitor - control at a distance

When choosing a baby monitor, you should first of all pay attention to the following details.

  • Communication between the units of the apparatus can be one-way or two-way. In the first case, the mother only listens to the child, without being able to answer. If the baby monitor is purchased exclusively to monitor the sleeping baby, then this will be quite enough. In the second case, the electronic nanny works in the “intercom” mode, when the mother hears the baby, and he, in turn, hears her.
  • Depending on the technology used to transmit and receive information, baby monitors are divided into analog and digital. An analog signal transmits information in the clear, so it is more susceptible to interference and is easier to eavesdrop on by adjusting a normal receiver to the desired frequency. Digital communication has a higher level of quality and security.
  • Another very important detail: in the radio monkey, the presence control function in the radius of action is required. Its task is to ensure that both units (the parent and the baby) are inside the radio coverage area, and signal a radio communication violation. Even if you are carried away and moved away from the child farther than the set distance, the unit will give a signal, suggesting that you return to its area of ​​operation. This is especially convenient if you and your child are at the cottage.
  • It is very good if your baby monitor will be equipped with pleasant additions in the form of a built-in nightlight, which will turn on when you wake up the crumbs, or a complex of lullaby melodies, replacing one another. Some baby monitors can even distract the baby with a pleasant light-music. Equipped with a humidity indicator devices at the slightest wetting of the bed sheet in the baby’s crib will give you a certain signal. There are also models of baby monitors who are able to dial the cell phone number embedded in them at a given level of noise and contact their parents.

Baby monitor - control at a distance

  • Powered by a frequency of 860 MHz.
  • High quality sound transmission without interference.
  • Two modes of observation: sound and visual.
  • 2 radio channels with 15 encodings each.
  • Range up to 400 meters.
  • Light diodes are activated with noise.
  • Two modes of observation: sound and visual.
  • Work of transmitting and receiving devices from batteries (7 days without recharging).
  • Mount the receiving device on the belt.
  • Indicator light on the transmitting and receiving devices.
  • The volume control on the receiving device.
  • The music button on the transmitting device – a pleasant melody lulls your baby.
  • 3900 rub., M.Video store chain.

Baby monitor - control at a distance

  • “2 in 1” – performs the functions of a breath monitor and baby monitor.
  • The special Sensor pad sensor catches the slightest movement of the child.
  • The alarm signal sounds 20 seconds after the device has not caught a single movement or breath of the baby.
  • Can run on batteries or battery.
  • 8 communication channels to protect against interference.
  • Special indicator lights to see and hear the sounds of a child.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Batteries for the parent unit in the kit.
  • 4 970 rub., “Korablik”, “BananaMama”, “Our Mother” stores.

Baby monitor - control at a distance

  • Digital DECT technology provides maximum protection from interference and listening.
  • Automatic tuning of the most reliable communication channel out of 120 possible.
  • Record temperature data.
  • The ability to track nightly fluctuations in air temperature in the nursery.
  • The timer last feeding the child.
  • Vibrating on the parent unit allows you to hear the baby always.
  • Light indicators sound.
  • Remote control night light: the ability to regulate the light in the nursery with the parent unit.
  • Two-way communication with the baby.
  • The range is 300 meters.
  • From 4028 rubles., A network of shops “Ship”, “BananaMama”, “Our Mother”, “Olant”, “Kangaroo”.

Baby monitor - control at a distance

When a child grows up and becomes so quick that it is not enough for a mother to just hear him, it becomes necessary to observe what happens in the nursery. This is where the baby monitor comes to the rescue.

Her monitor transmits not only the image, but also a great sound.

The baby video baby unit is a video camera. On the parent unit – the screen.

The transmission distance depending on the model is from 90 meters in open space.

The ability to connect external devices makes the video nurse even more functional. You can connect a TV, video recorder, DVD-, CD-, MP3-player, computer to the camera – it allows parents on their unit to watch programs, movies or listen to music without losing the connection with the baby.

When transmitting an image and sound from a video / audio source, the camera never stops watching a child for a second. When the slightest sound appears in his room, the system immediately switches to broadcasting the image and the voice of the child.

Modern “helpers” are also able to receive a signal from several cameras at once. When you install a special mode, you will see all the images transmitted by the cameras, in turn.

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