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Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Currently available bottles of different shapes: from the classic cylinder to the oval with a hole in the middle. Narrow cylindrical containers can already be attributed to the outdated type, since it is not very convenient for the crumbs to hold such a container. Therefore, most mothers tend to bottle, having a narrowing in the middle – especially for children’s hands.

A bottle curved in the middle contributes to a better filling of the nipple – the child swallows less air. Additional protection against colic will be a special hole in the bottom, which can be opened during feeding – air will flow through it, which will relieve the pressure inside the bottle. When choosing, also pay attention to how comfortable it will be to wash the bottle.

If its shape is too complicated, then the brush may not reach some corners. It is convenient to fill and wash the bottle, if its neck is wide.

The shape of the bottle can be both direct and very intricate. It is convenient to hold the bottle in the form of a ring for the baby, but now it is not easy to wash it. Therefore, it is better to choose a bottle for feeding without excessive bends – it is easier to care for it.

When the child begins to try to keep the bottle himself, stop your choice on ribbed models or those that narrow in the middle.

When choosing a bottle should pay attention to the design of the nipples. Recently, manufacturers have begun to rely on the physiological shape of the nipples, imitating the shape of the female nipple. This is very important if the baby is on a mixed diet, or you breastfeed him only, but have to periodically express milk and give it from a bottle.

Either you started to dab your baby with tea or juice. Then this nipple will help you maintain natural feeding, because it makes it easy to go from breast to bottle and does not cause addiction.

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Antikolikovye bottle. These are the ideal bottle-fed dishes for newborns. The biggest problem with digestion in babies is painful colic, which is caused by swallowing air with food.

Anti-colic bottles have a design that prevents air ingestion during the feeding process. Each manufacturer offers its own know-how in solving this problem.

In some, it is a removable system of pistons and valves, which is installed in the neck, in others – an additional nipple with valves, which prevent the formation of a vacuum in it. With such bottles to suck the baby comfortably, and in a dream then nothing bothers.

Physiological bottles – hemispheres that repeat the shape of the female breast. These bottles have not just an unusual shape, but excellent functional features. Soft, as if consisting of a big nipple with a hard bottom, they are ideal for feeding babies breastfed.

The fact is that due to their design, these bottles do not spoil breastfeeding in newborns. A child receives a nipple of a usual bottle only with his lips, he can take the same nipple just like a mother’s breast, and a small hole in such a nipple makes the baby pretty much work to get food.

Thus, sucking such physiological bottles is not much different from sucking the breast.

First of all, the bottle must be made of safe, durable and non-toxic materials. Bottles are glass and plastic.

Mothers, who prefer glass, emphasize easy washing – such bottles are easy to keep clean, as they are not stained by the influence of juice, yogurt or soup. However, glass containers have obvious drawbacks: they are heavy in weight for a baby, they can easily break, and in addition, the liquid in them is heated for a rather long time due to the thickness of the glass.

Plastic bottles, on the other hand, may stain with components in the food. But at the same time they are safer for the baby, as he can easily hold the plastic in his hand. Plastic bottles weigh less, do not fight, do not crack from boiling water, and may have a different shape.

Plastic is especially convenient on a walk and on the road, and they are also indispensable when the child learns to drink from the bottle.

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Choose the size of the bottle should be in accordance with its intended use. So, for feeding baby from birth to half a year, a volume of 125 ml will be suitable. And one year old baby will need 330 ml already.

Try to get a bottle on which a graduated scale is clearly applied, so that you can easily see how much food you have prepared and how much your child has eaten.

If you are breastfeeding, one or two bottles will be enough to give expressed baby milk, as well as medicine, water or juice in your absence. If the baby is on artificial feeding, you will need at least six bottles – for 5-8 feedings per day.

Before each use, the bottle and pacifier should be washed. To do this, use special detergents and brush. Sterilize both the nipple and the bottle after each feeding.

To do this, just pour them completely with water and boil for 5 minutes. It is convenient to use a sterilizer for the microwave oven. A more expensive option is an electrical sterilization device.

Another mandatory element is a cap that protects the nipple from external influences between feedings.

1) It is convenient to buy bottles not separately, but in sets. They usually include everything you need: bottles of different sizes, a basic set of nipples, caps, coasters, brushes for nipples and bottles, and more.

2) The baby will need a removable handle when he can hold the bottle himself.

3) It is convenient to carry a bottle in a special compartment or in a purse. If you want the liquid in the bottle to be at a certain temperature for a while, use a thermos bag.

In the summer, she will keep the bottle cool, and in the winter she will not let it cool down.

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

  • Pay attention to size: bottles should fit easily in a drawer, sterilizer, refrigerator.
  • If you prefer glass bottles, do not save: it happens that cheap bottles burst during sterilization, unlike the more expensive ones made of heat-resistant glass.
  • The nipple for the bottle should match the age and appetite of the child.
  • The nipple should be changed every 2–3 months if you actively use the bottle.
  • New bottles must be sterilized. If there is no sterilizer, all parts can be boiled for 5-7 minutes. Be sure to purchase a bottle cleaner. Do not forget to change it every 3-4 months.
  • Check if the nipple holder and cap are securely covering the bottle. With vigorous shaking, the liquid should not leak.
  • Removable handles are sold separately to many bottles. They will be useful when the baby shows a desire to independently hold the bottle.

Mickey Mouse Bottle by NUK

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Material – polypropylene. Orthodontic anticolic silicone nipple. Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM reduces the likelihood of colic caused by harmful air ingestion.

The touching characters on the bottles will give your kid the joy and first bright impressions!

Calma by Medela

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

The ideal solution for feeding decanted breast milk. Calma simulates the physiological mechanism of breastfeeding, allowing the baby to breathe, suck and relax just like a breast.

Before you teach the baby to the nipple, it is necessary to establish breastfeeding.

Bottle Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Made of polypropylene. Does not contain bisphenol-A. Antikolikovy valve, power temperature indicator, physiological nipple, which repeats the shape of the maternal breast.

The nipple of the bottle is compressed and pulled out during feeding, contributing to natural sucking movements. The child can easily switch from the bottle to the mother’s breast.

Peristaltic Plus bottle, Pigeon

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

The design of the nipple allows you to reproduce the natural sucking movements of the child, consisting of 3 key stages: the capture of the areola, the movement of the tongue to extract milk and swallowing. Holes and the degree of stiffness of the nipples can be selected depending on the level of development of the child. There is a special nipple for the newborn.

The bottle from polypropylene, does not contain bisphenol-A. Does not cause failure of the chest.

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Made of polypropylene, does not contain bisphenol-A, phthalates and PVC. Soft silicone nipple nozzle.

An assortment of nipples with five different flow rates for babies from birth to 18 months. The ventilation system eliminates the appearance of painful symptoms of colic and infections of the middle ear in babies. Suitable for a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

It can be washed in the top dishwasher tray and used in the microwave.

Dr.Brown’s Natural Flow® Bottle

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Wide neck. The unique ventilation system eliminates the swallowing of air by the child during the feeding process, reduces the likelihood of colic, regurgitation, gas, inflammation of the middle ear.

Prevent the oxidation of breast milk, retains important nutrients. Do not contain Bisphenol A, lead, phthalates and PVC.

Includes silicone nipple level 1, brush for cleaning the ventilation system.

Philips AVENT Bottle Natural Series

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

It has a physiological nipple, the feeding of which imitates breastfeeding. The wide nipple of the bottle is similar in size and shape to the female breast, which stimulates the baby to open his mouth wide for proper grip. This allows the baby to perform during the feeding the same movements of the tongue, as if he was feeding from the breast of the mother.

The bottle has an improved anti-colic system – a dual anti-colic valve.

Mimijumi® Very Hungry Bottle

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Thanks to its unique shape, natural colors and texture, this bottle is the perfect complement to breastfeeding and helps ensure a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and back. The unique design of the nipples allows you to repeat the appearance and tactile sensation of the mother’s breast.

Chicco Curved Bottle

Baby Feeding Bottle: Rules for a Good Purchase

Convenient for feeding the newborn. The bend of the bottle allows you to keep the baby in the most natural position for feeding, as if the baby was applied to the breast. Air antispastic valve, located at the bottom of the bottle, reduces the risk of intestinal colic in babies, ensures a constant flow of milk.

Due to the removable bottom, the bottle is very convenient to wash. Special wide nipple shape with anti-spike valve. BPA free (bisphenol A)

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