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Baby cookies: learn to chew

Baby cookies: learn to chew

The composition of the first kids biscuits is close to baby porridge. Dissolving it in breast milk or in the baby’s usual mixture, you will receive a portion of tasty porridge. In this form, cookies may appear in the diet of 5-month-old children.

And with the appearance of the first teeth of the baby, the same treat can be offered to him already in a dry form, to help the child learn to chew.

Of course, baby cookies can be baked by hand, but it is not for nothing that experts in baby food advise parents to give preference to specialized products. First, their recipe is designed to meet the needs of children of a certain age (for example, the baby’s first cookie should be low-fat). Secondly, the raw materials that are used for their production are of guaranteed high quality, and the purity of its origin is strictly controlled.

Thirdly, the treat should have a very delicate texture, and to achieve such a result at home is difficult. It is important that it be soft, melt easily in the mouth and disintegrate into very soft crumbs, so that the baby does not choke, and has not damaged the delicate mucous membranes. Cookies for older babies will be a little harder to help them train the chewing apparatus.

And, fourthly, the size of each cookie should correspond to the handle of the child.

In the composition of the product – wheat flour.
Expert commentary
It is from this that the softest cookie is made. Some types of products contain other types of flour, but most often it is wheat that becomes the basis of treats for babies.

In the composition of the product – skimmed milk powder / milk powder.
Expert commentary
Milk makes cookies tastier and more nutritious. But this feature of the product is worth paying attention to parents of babies who do not tolerate cow’s milk.

Contains vegetable and / or butter.
Expert commentary
The fat component of the cookie can only be natural fats. Margarine (in fact – a processed mixture of animal and vegetable oils) is not suitable for feeding babies.

In the composition – invert syrup.
Expert commentary
Inversion is the decomposition of sucrose into simple sugars – fructose and glucose. For what? Invert syrup is sweeter than ordinary sugar, which means that this carbohydrate in the composition of the cookies will be less.

In addition, products cooked in invert syrup do not get stale for long and have a milder taste. If the product contains baking soda, then the invert syrup will increase the loosening of the dough.

Contains malt extract / malt.
Expert commentary
It is obtained from barley grain, sometimes adding other cereals. Technology of preparation of the extract eliminates extraneous additives, so that it retains all the beneficial properties of germinated grain.

Malt gives baking flavor and taste, and even prolongs its shelf life due to a small amount of water in the extract and a high sugar content.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals.
Expert commentary
The substances that are most often found in babies of a certain age are injected into baby food. They are added in a form guaranteed for easy assimilation (for example, iron sulfate (II) pure seven-sodium). In some products, this “feature” of the composition is put into the name: “bista carotene biscuits”, “iron enriched biscuits”, etc.

Ingredients – wheat / corn starch.
Expert commentary
Starch gives the liver volume, makes it more porous, which makes it easier for the baby’s digestive system to assimilate it.

Contains vanillin.
Expert commentary
It enhances the flavor and gives the liver flavor. Vanillin molecules correspond to the formula of natural vanilla, so it is a flavor identical to the natural.

Contains lecithin.
Expert commentary
It is called an emulsifier, because it facilitates the absorption of fats, and also makes the product softer, “plastic”. In addition to lecithin, phosphatides are also used in baby food (for example, in the form of food phosphatide concentrate).

It consists of calcium citrate E 333, calcium phosphate (monosubstituted) E 341, tartaric acid E 334, potassium tartrate E 336, ammonium bicarbonate E 503, baking soda.
Expert commentary
All these substances make the structure of the cookies tender, crumbly, eliminate the appearance of lumps in it and prolong the shelf life of the finished product. In baby food they are allowed, and their safety is proven.

Baby cookies: learn to chew

All components are from bio-organic production. Ingredients – wheat flour (contains gluten) and starch.

Contains sugar, salt. Skimmed milk powder (6%), vegetable oil. Potassium bicarbonate, L + tartaric acid.

Ingredients – vitamin B1. Without dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors.

Baby cookies: learn to chew

Ingredients – wheat and corn flour. Contains sugar, molasses.

Skimmed milk powder, palm oil. Soda, ammonium carbonates E 503, calcium phosphates E 341.

Enriched with calcium, iron and zinc.

Baby cookies: learn to chew

At the heart of – wheat flour (contains gluten). Contains skimmed milk powder, palm oil. Ammonium bicarbonate, potassium tartrate, sodium bicarbonate.

Ingredients – sugar, malt, vanillin, without salt. Without dyes, preservatives, artificial flavorings and GMOs.

It is enriched with minerals (calcium, iron) and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, PP).

Baby cookies: learn to chew

Ingredients – wheat flour, corn starch. Sugar, malt extract, edible salt. Whole powdered milk, butter, cow.

Melange (in fact – a natural mixture of protein and yolk). Calcium citrate E 333, calcium phosphate (monosubstituted) E 341, baking soda, phosphatidic concentrate.

Vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, iron sulphate (II) pure seven-sodium.

Baby cookies: learn to chew

In the composition – flour from selected varieties of wheat, corn starch. Contains sugar, invert syrup, dextrose, honey, salt, vanillin.

Whey powder, dry milk, butter, vegetable fat. Sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate. Emulsifier – lecithin.

Vitamins (E, D3, A, B1, B2, B6, PP, C) and mineral substances (Ca, Mg, P, K, Na, Fe).

Baby cookies: learn to chew

Ingredients – wheat flour, corn starch. Sugar, malt extract, natural honey, salt.

Whole powdered milk, butter, cow. Melange (in fact – a natural mixture of protein and yolk).

Calcium citrate E 333, calcium phosphate (monosubstituted) E 341, baking soda, food phosphatide concentrate. Natural flavors – “Lemon”, “Orange”, vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, iron sulphate (II) seven-water pure.

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