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Baby Bath Gadgets

Children usually do not like hygiene. Manufacturers of various gadgets fake this way and that in order to lure our karapuz to wash their hair or brush their teeth, and in the current age of technology speaking washbasins do not seem so fantastic.

We have collected a small selection of fashionable bathroom accessories that will help make this place attractive for children.

Shower Heads and Taps

Pay attention to the shower nozzle with an additional removable hose that connects to the main structure. It is difficult for a small child to reach the shower handle, and another shower can appear at the shower, which can be installed at a height comfortable for the child.

Baby Bath Gadgets

Nozzles for cranes perform several functions at once. First of all, they hide the faucet itself.

What is it for? Practice shows that there is a risk of hitting – for many restless children, an ordinary tap is traumatic. Another feature is entertaining.

Depending on the type of nozzle, the faucet is turned into a small shower, a waterfall, many taps with different trickles, or simply extend it – the latter option is more suitable for a sink.

Baby Bath Gadgets

Stuck without special functional load, but nevertheless absolutely necessary if you want to have fun in the bathroom. Simply put, it is an automatic bubble actuator that runs on ordinary liquid soap.

Fix it on the wall, fill it with soap, turn it on, and the bathroom turns into the best place on earth.

Toothpaste Tips & Squeezers

To persuade a child to brush his teeth regularly twice a day without reminders is a real torture for parents, and this applies not only to kids, but also to completely independent schoolchildren. It’s generally difficult for children to force them to do something if they don’t like it / are bored / don’t feel like (underline the appropriate).

A funny nozzle for a tube of toothpaste, for example, in the form of an animal’s head or some strange creature, will brighten up the process. It would be nice if the tube itself also turns out to be cute, like Stages from Oral-B with the heroes of Star Wars, Cold Heart and other Disney cartoons.

Electric toothbrush with smartphone app

Baby Bath Gadgets

Children from 3 years old can use electric brushes with reciprocating rotational technology and a round nozzle. This type of brush is considered safe and effective, and dentists also recommend it. There is an option with built-in music timer Oral-B Mickey Kids with Mickey Mouse, and there is in the design of “Cold Heart”, “Star Wars” and “Cars” without a timer, instead of which the free Magic Timer application will work.

With the application, it is much easier for children to get used to brush their teeth regularly and, last but not least, learn how to do it right.

Baby Bath Gadgets

Both adults and children love to sing and dance in the bathroom. When will you still feel like a superstar with a disco hairstyle? A duck speaker with a smartphone connection is a child’s version of the waterproof speaker, which also floats.

By the way, usually everyone sings in shampoo or a watering can of a shower, but you can get a washcloth that looks like a microphone – there are some.

Children tend to scatter everything. Clothes and towels after water procedures are no exception, especially if it is difficult to get to the hook.

Let dirty clothes be put in a laundry basket, and a used towel into a dryer, which in a few minutes will completely put it in order.

Color indicator on the crane

A useful thing to create a safe space in the bathroom. After installation, the water will change its color depending on the water temperature.

So the child will be less likely to get burned or supercooled.

Thermometer for crane

Another option to adjust the water temperature is a digital thermometer with a screen, which is installed on the tap and displays the water temperature. A very useful option if you practice various specific techniques of water procedures for health.

Making a bathroom for a child, pay attention to the design. You can add interesting elements of decor, such as curtains with your favorite characters or magic prints, fantastic non-slip mats or unusual lighting.

Try, experiment, invent new ideas, fantasize with the whole family – co-creation very much brings together.

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