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Attention: baby holidays!

Attention: baby holidays!

So much emotion, how many kids get in the New Year, perhaps, they drop out only on their birthday. That’s just parents should not forget that even on holidays the principle of “the more the better” is not always appropriate. Any changes, even pleasant ones, are stressful for the little man; What can we say about the situation when for a week – one and a half world of the baby literally turns upside down.

The usual rhythm of life, daily routine, menu, classes, social circle changes, and it is not surprising that all these “innovations” can not but affect the child’s well-being.

We are accustomed to consider the New Year as a family holiday, although, strictly speaking, this event is for adults. In any case, its traditional version – with a long feast, libations, family disco and the launch of firecrackers at 3 am is not for kids.

After such a party, even adults need time to get in shape, to say nothing of small children. The inferior nervous system of the child may respond to the New Year’s regime change by overexcitement, and the baby “for no reason at all” will become moody, irritable, and tearful. Often on holidays, parents notice that the little one has become worse to sleep, and it becomes more difficult to put him to bed in the evenings.

If, in addition, the child has some chronic problems, at this time they may worsen.

Try and on holidays to follow the usual routine of the baby – no matter how many guests come to their parents, the child should always eat, sleep and walk at the right time. Even on December 31, a two- and three-year-old crumb is not necessarily together with the elders to wait for the chiming clock; for him it is much more important to meet the first New Year’s morning vigorous and rested. On the eve, put the baby to sleep at the usual time; tell me some new year’s story before bedtime and promise that in the morning it will be waiting for a gift from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree.

Ask guests not to make noise, and hang windows with blackout curtains so that the loud voices of people strolling and the explosions of firecrackers do not interfere with the crumbs.

Attention: baby holidays!

Before you choose what events to fill the New Year holidays, think about which of them will benefit your baby? Can he understand and appreciate the festive performance? Wouldn’t the fireworks show scare him? Will not the baby get lost in the noisy crowd of children and parents?

Keep in mind that for children of 2–3 years old it is difficult to keep attention for something longer than 20 minutes, and in a long performance, even the most colorful, a crumb can get bored. Choose performances where the child can be not only a spectator, but also a participant: to dance around the Christmas tree, play outdoor games.

Best of all, if the holiday will take place on the air. In the hall, where hundreds of children and their parents (healthy and not so) sit shoulder to shoulder, the baby can easily catch the infection.

In the New Year the number of children’s acute respiratory infections goes up sharply, and therefore it is better to take care of the safety of the baby in advance.

  • Before you go to the Christmas tree, before leaving the house, wash your baby’s nose and drip the Grippferon prophylactic drops (Firn M). After returning, repeat this procedure to the child several times.
  • Take wet disinfecting wipes with you and wipe hands with your baby from time to time. It is easiest for children to become infected through the mouth when unwashed fingers suck.
  • Use the holidays to walk more with the little ones. Fresh frosty air will help strengthen its defenses. Kids with whom parents walk on the street every day, do exercises, hardening or breathing exercises, get sick much less often.

New Year holidays in hot countries have long ceased to be something out of the ordinary. If you are going to take the baby with you, get ready for the fact that his body can make a real rebellion against unexpected changes: for example, in the form of a cold or intestinal upset. The reason is that the need to quickly adapt to an abrupt change in climate and time zone weakens the body’s defenses.

As a result, the child becomes especially vulnerable to infections – respiratory, intestinal and even tropical. So it is best to wait with family trips south to summer, and for the Christmas holidays to choose countries whose climate is close to ours.

Have you decided to go to “warm lands” with your whole family? Then find out what the weather, food and conditions are waiting for you on the spot, what kind of infections may be waiting for travelers there, and do not forget to take a first aid kit with you.

Attention: baby holidays!

The “age requirement” should be introduced not only in terms of entertainment, but also a holiday menu. No doubt, on New Year’s Eve, any mother will want to treat her crumbs with something special, but you shouldn’t forget about a few important facts.

Many “gastrointestinal” disorders during the holidays occur in children because of such a banal reason as overeating. Even if the mother really wants the crumb to meet all the items on the holiday menu, make sure that the portion does not exceed the usual volume for the baby.

Late dinner, breakfast at noon and the complete absence of dinner – during the holidays this rhythm is a habit for many adults, but you shouldn’t teach the younger family members to it. Deviations from normal dietary habits are fraught with digestive disorders for children (such as vomiting, intestinal upset or constipation), and older children can cause exacerbations of existing problems.

Among the festive abundance there is a whole group of products that are not at all suitable for small eaters. These include fish delicacies (red and black caviar, smoked fish), smoked sausages, mushrooms, chocolate (especially dark).

These delicacies often cause allergies in children, and a very small portion can lead to it. Even harmless at first glance, but unfamiliar to the baby products can cause an allergic reaction, from the “frivolous” rash on the ass to the urticaria, and sometimes, alas, and more serious difficulties.

So do not forget the time-tested rule: any new products should be offered to your baby carefully and little by little, one novelty every few days.

The celebration of the new year must pass unnoticed for the baby, otherwise vanity will affect his well-being. Young children are stressed more often than adults. Nervous overloads usually provoke everything unusual: an unfamiliar guest, a new toy or an unknown product on the menu.

Given that the crumb can not voice their feelings, the occurrence of a traumatic situation, parents will have to guess for themselves. If the baby suddenly cries, refuses to eat or does not fall asleep at the appropriate time, he is likely to have stress.

Sometimes the nervous strain is accompanied by even a slight increase in temperature, so it is easy to confuse it, for example, with a cold. An analysis of the events that happened the day before will help to draw the right conclusion.

Think, what could upset or impress a baby so much? In any case, and regardless of the answer, the crumbs need to be comforted and soothed, for example, by arranging for him a relaxing bath.

And in the future, it is better to avoid common mistakes: do not introduce a new product of complementary foods on the day when the baby is vaccinated; not to give a crumbs for the holiday at once all the gifts; Do not make noisy parties at home. Even on the occasion of the New Year, the child’s regime should not change.

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