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Atopic dermatitis: personal experience

Atopic dermatitis: personal experience

Here is the result of my many years of searching, medical knowledge and experience, which may help you understand what this disease is and how to treat your child. But this is by no means a guide to getting rid of atopic dermatitis. For the diagnosis and choice of treatment methods you need to visit the doctors of several specialties.

So, in our life there have been pediatricians, a dermatologist, allergists, a homeopath and an osteopath.

Much has been written about the problem of hereditary predisposition to atopic dermatitis. In short: I am a mother of two children with atopic dermatitis (atopic), atopic itself, my mom and grandmother are atopic.

1. Atopic dermatitis is a disease from which no one died, but no one was cured. There is a theory that it can grow.

Every three years, natural changes occur in the body, and one can hope for a change in the development of the disease.

2. Atopic dermatitis is forever, but you can live with it. Some of its manifestations will remain for life: dry skin, recurring rash, peeling, as well as features of digestion. Atopics are born with genetically
caused by changes in the skin and its reaction to environmental factors. In addition to the increased reactivity of the immune system due to certain immunoglobulins in atopic enzymes is an imperfect enzyme system of the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Regular skin care – the fate of atopic. His skin, relatively speaking, is immature.

Hence the need for moisturizing and creating an additional barrier with the help of special creams and atopik means.

4. Doctors of traditional medicine believe that the manifestations on the skin – this is good! A rash is better than a runny nose, a runny nose is better than asthma.

I tend to think so. The dependence between allergies, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis has been recognized by physicians for a long time.

The processes associated with bronchial obstruction (impaired functioning of the respiratory system) are more severe than diseases with a predominant skin lesion.

5. Diet for life. For infants, there are two fundamentally approaches to breastfeeding: replacing breast milk with hypoallergenic mixtures or breastfeeding, provided that the mother is on a rigid diet, and complementary foods are introduced on an individual schedule later than is usually the case.

6. Uncompensated atopic dermatitis is exacerbated for any reason. When a runny nose or a change in the weather is not accompanied by an exacerbation of dermatitis each time, it becomes clear that the treatment is moving in the right direction.

7. Atopic dermatitis has seasonal exacerbations. This happens more often in the cold season.

8. Severe atopic dermatitis may require inpatient treatment. Yes, it is possible and such.

But not necessarily what will happen to you.

9. Imagine that an organism is a glass into which we pour allergens. When it is filled, aggravation causes everything that it did not cause before, and it may seem that distilled water is also an allergen.

It means that the reserve capabilities of the body are over: the glass is full. The existence of atopic in harmony with the world is possible if you keep the glass half empty.

It fills a little bit every day, so even if there is no obvious allergy to dust, contact with it is a drop in this very glass.

Atopic dermatitis: personal experience

Atopic house should be without carpets and open bookshelves, at least home textiles; pillows and blankets are only synthetic; frequent wet cleaning; normal air humidity in the apartment, an air purifier is required.

Clothing adjacent to the body, and underwear without synthetics. It is important to dress for the weather, excessive heat and cold provoke a rash.

Periodic checks for the presence of lamblia and parasites in the body, seasonal prevention of their occurrence.

During an exacerbation it is impossible to bathe the child, and it is better to wash away without soap. Once every 7–10 days you can bathe with peach oil (30 ml of oil per bath). This is the advice of our dermatologist.

Be careful: the child becomes dangerously slippery! For the first time I fished it and took it out of the bath, wrapping a diaper in the baby’s water.

Diet. It is advisable to keep a food diary, where it is necessary to indicate the manufacturer of the product. It often turns out that the same product of this manufacturer can be eaten, while the other is not.

Hypoallergenic is considered to be a game (elk, wild boar, etc.) that does not interfere with the achievements of civilization. Experimentally, you can find homemade meat and eggs from the farm of a particular farmer.

The rule “red and orange is bad and green is good” may not work at all. Remember: in vivo (on the skin) allergy tests are not done to a small child.

In the acute stage between meals, it is recommended to take absorbents. If the mother is breastfeeding, this also applies to her.

For prolonged remission, the sun is good in a gentle way and long trips to the warm sea.

An individual schedule of vaccinations is strictly out of the aggravation with preliminary preparation recommended by a pediatrician or dermatologist.

Regular visits to a dermatologist. When the rash does not go away for a long time, especially if they become wet, it is necessary to eliminate the bacterial infection and treat it in time.

The addition of infection aggravates the course of atopic dermatitis.

Diapers and hygiene products are irritating to the skin. Therefore, select them carefully.

Make friends with a clinical psychologist. The child will go to a regular school, and the appearance of atopic, especially when exacerbated dermatitis, and the need to often tell themselves and others “can not” can make him an outcast in the children’s team.

Professional orientation. Atopic children should have a hobby and then a profession with a minimum of allergens.

I had to leave medicine because it is incompatible with allergies, and there are many such professions.

Carefully select care products (dermatological deodorants, including teenagers, make-up, creams, hygienic lipstick).

Atopic dermatitis: personal experience

Anastasia Ugryumova, dermatovenerologist, head of the Center for the Treatment of Congenital Skin Diseases in Children, EMC, comments:

In medicine, everything is not so clear. Only 30% of people with atopic dermatitis have allergies. According to the latest data, a strict mom’s diet can aggravate the course of atopic dermatitis.

The restriction is appropriate if the mother sees a clear causal relationship with the rash. It is recommended that such children should be fed earlier, and not later.

Inpatient treatment is rarely required.

It is proved that excessive sterility is harmful, so you should not achieve perfect cleanliness in the apartment. The apartment should be cool all the time, the temperature of the house should not be above 20 ° C, the ideal humidity is 40–50%.

It is necessary, especially in winter, to use air humidifiers.

It should avoid clothing with synthetics and wool. Antipruritic effect has a special type of clothing Dermasilk.

I believe that it is necessary to check for lamblia and parasites if there are relevant complaints.

I usually recommend several skin care options. Zinc cream, including Sudocrem, zinc ointment, Desitin, can help cope with redness.

When dry restricted areas appear, I recommend using petroleum jelly or lanolin.

It is important to record in the diary also everything significant that happens to the child, such as visiting guests, to the circus, as well as what is used to take care of him: bathing, washing, cleaning the house. Farm products worth buying if the farm on time pass all the necessary surveys and checks.

Absorbents are not used in Europe and the USA, they are not needed by a nursing mother.

Blood pressure is not a contraindication to vaccination. Vaccinations can be done at least the next day after the eruption of the rash.

Diet neither before nor after vaccination is needed. But, if a child has an allergy to eggs, it is imperative to inform the doctor about this, as chicken egg protein is included in some vaccines.

A dermatologist will teach you to cope with the problem at an early stage, to adjust therapy. Stress provokes exacerbations, because earlier AD was also called neurodermatitis.

The psychologist can teach how to reduce susceptibility to psycho-emotional moments.

About the choice of profession – an ambiguous statement. I know many doctors suffering from allergies, but the work on the condition of their skin does not affect.

Cosmetics are selected by the method of sampling, for example, by testing first on a small area of ​​skin for several days. If there are no redness or blisters, then most likely this makeup is harmless to you.

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