As if on cue!

As if on cue!

Several years ago, a new way of preparing future mothers for childbirth appeared in Russia – this is training of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system of a woman. It is based on the idea that the work of our body can be controlled. Having decided on the goal, we are free to change its state in the direction we need, and we owe this “mobility” to the law of biofeedback.

It says: the result of the system depends on whether it can evaluate the fruits of its efforts. Remember, is it really more convenient to do gymnastics in front of a mirror?

This principle applies to all systems of our body, including the most complex – the central nervous system, which controls our behavior. And this means that, armed with the BOC law, you can help expectant mothers learn to manage their condition during pregnancy and childbirth.

Only the role of the mirror in our case will be assumed by a special technique.

Let’s see how the method works. The biofeedback device registers the physical performance of the body of the future mother: pulse value, muscle tension force, respiratory rate.

Then a computer program “translates” this data into a visual form: moving in time with changes in the state of a bar, a changing picture or melody. Watching what is happening on the monitor screen, a woman can compare her inner feelings with a certain signal.

For example, the doctor asks the future mother to relax, and if she succeeds in this, she hears a pleasant melody. But as soon as the woman loses this feeling, the music sounds quieter, and she realizes that she needs to find it again.

If the training on the method of BFB helps to manage their condition (and emotions as well), it means that women can feel the first results of their work on themselves during pregnancy. Pretty soon they begin to notice that they have become calmer and more confident (which is especially important for expectant mothers, whose pregnancy is not going as smoothly as we would like), disturbing thoughts ceased to disturb them, they began to sleep better. But the most important discoveries are waiting for future mothers ahead when the time of birth comes.

Firstly, the training sets up its participants for a calm focused “work”, each stage of which is well known to them. Secondly, in the classroom, future mothers learn the rules of breathing for different periods of childbirth and learn to use this knowledge to relieve pain in the process of having a baby.

Thirdly, they train the ability to relax and relieve tension from the muscles in the interval between contractions, which will give them the opportunity to maintain an adequate supply of strength by the beginning of the most crucial stage – the child’s exit. This skill will be useful during the attempts: it will help expectant mothers to send their strength down and push the baby without harming him.

But the most important thing – throughout the birth, future mothers will feel confident that they are doing the right thing.

How do they do it?
The fact is that BFB training gives women not only useful skills, but also the ability to master them well. During training, they are fixed at the level of “body memory”, which means that at the crucial moment of the birth of the baby, future mothers will reproduce them. automatically.

Training with the help of an instructor under the guidance of an instructor helps to achieve this result: each skill a woman works out about eight times in a row. As scientific studies have shown, such a number of repetitions is enough to translate the learned “lesson” from knowledge into skill.

The idea to combine the advantages of the biofeedback method with the latest developments in the field of technology and put into training for future mothers appeared in the late 90s. This is how the Amalthea program was developed, which helps to achieve good results.

  • For women who have completed this course, childbirth usually passes easily and does not slow down at any stage.
  • When comparing the well-being of babies prepared and unprepared mothers, it became clear that in the first case, they tolerate a lack of oxygen at birth and get high marks from neonatologists after birth (in 90–95% – 8–9 points on the Apgar scale).
  • Trained mothers 2 times less likely to face injuries during childbirth and complications after them.

The Amalthea training course includes from 8 to 12 lessons that last 30–45 minutes. Here is the approximate schedule.
Acquaintance (1 lesson).
In this lesson, the instructor should examine the condition of the future mother in order to find the training mode suitable for her.
Learning breathing technique (from 2 to 5 lessons).
It is about learning how to breathe in the stomach, breathing in through your nose and long, slow breathing out through your mouth. This is a very important skill that a woman will use if she needs to calm down or relieve muscle pain during pregnancy.

During labor, this breathing technique will help you to relax between contractions.
Rehearsal of the birth process. The first period (2-3 classes).
In these classes, future mothers learn to breathe properly during contractions in order to reduce pain and save strength.
Second period (2-3 classes).
We have already talked about how important it is to behave properly during attempts. At this stage of the program, future mothers will learn to manage them.
Exam (1 lesson).
At the end of the course graduates waiting verification test. If necessary, some stages of the program will be completed again.

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