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Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

The birth of a child, as well as gestation, in Korea is considered one of the outstanding periods of life. All relatives throughout the time in every possible way take care of and support the future mother.

During pregnancy, a woman should already start bringing up a good taste in a child, so she listens to good music, walks a lot and follows a healthy diet. In the hospital, women in labor also provide a comfortable stay. It has now become customary to carry out partnership deliveries, so a separate bed is also provided for the future father in the ward.

After the birth, the woman is given a special soup Miek-guk from seaweed that improves lactation and restores strength. During their stay in the hospital, colleagues and relatives visit the woman, but nobody comes to the discharge because it is not so important.

Upon arrival home, the mother is provided with a three-week rest, during which she is allowed only to feed the child. All other efforts are taken by other family members, mainly from the mother.

Koreans love children and are proud of their accomplishments. But, they bring them up in strictness.

From the age of 2-3 years, children are actively taught to read, count, and other fundamental skills. Many even hire a special teacher who comes home to study with the baby. Training takes place in the form of a game.

But as soon as the child goes to school, the requirements for them become very high. Children from an early age are trained to get a good education at a prestigious university, since only graduates of such universities get a well-paid job or a wealthy husband. In Korea, even an ordinary housewife should be educated and have outstanding abilities in various fields.

In addition, I oblige children to provide for their parents in old age. Children do not resist the established order, because from infancy they are accustomed to respect and honor their parents. This is especially true of the father of the family.

In order to secure a comfortable old age, parents take their children to extra classes and groups almost around the clock.

  • You can not swing your foot, as it repels good luck. Adults from the very childhood pull the child up and force him to sit still.
  • You can not step over the child, then he will not grow up or will grow poorly.
  • You can not show a small child a mirror, since the child can see himself and be frightened, and then start stuttering.
  • Children up to a year until they celebrate their first birthday, it is customary to wear amulets in the form of pins. At this moment they are not yet protected from evil spirits.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

From a very young age, a child develops a sense of responsibility, discipline and respect for elders. However, no tough measures are taken.

This is a welcome and long-awaited baby. Moms try to talk to the child from infancy, as with an adult. Parents send the child to the “right track” so that he develops his talents and abilities, while not forgetting about traditions.

It is important to pay tribute to society, because in this country it is considered to be with the opinion of others, especially the older ones.

The baby is not taken out on the street during the first 2 months after birth. Mothers are also taken to rest after giving birth.

If possible, the relatives of the first weeks take over all the household chores. The mother spends the first few years with the child, after which he is sent to kindergarten.

It is not customary to seek help in the supervision of a child to grandparents or nannies.

  • You can not cut your nails at night. If a Japanese man cuts his nails, he wishes evil to his parents. If a Japanese cuts his child, then he casts trouble on himself.
  • The girls born in the year of the Fiery Horse, no one wants to marry, as it is believed that they bring into the house only misfortunes. Many women, this year, have an abortion if they find out that they will have a girl.
  • Children can not play alone on the shore of the reservoirs, otherwise they can be dragged off by a harmful water kappa.
  • Children can not stare at the swaying grass susuki, she lured into the world of spirits.
  • If the lower baby tooth has fallen out, you need to throw it on the roof, if the upper one – under the threshold – then the teeth will grow healthy.
  • If the expectant mother will eat seafood, the child will be a thief.
  • If a pregnant woman crosses her legs, the child will suffocate.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Due to the large population, it is not customary to have more than one child in the country. For the birth of the second and subsequent children, a fine is imposed on the family.

However, this does not apply to everyone; in poor provincial villages it is allowed to have many children, as there is a great need for labor.

Most of China’s population are men, since the birth of girls is not welcome. Therefore, if a mother finds out that she has a girl, then she often makes abortion or gives birth to a second boy.

After childbirth, it is customary for women to go to work right away, and to give their children to a nursery, where they are taught to rigid discipline. Particular attention is paid to early development, starting from 1.5 years. Parents for children are always in authority.

From childhood, they strive to develop in the child those skills that will help him in his future life.

  • Previously, pregnant Chinese women were instructed to do good deeds, not be sad, listen to music. If you follow all the rules, the child will grow up wise, persistent and kind. In the modern world, this is a difficult condition to be fulfilled; however, some still believe in it.
  • Meeting with a pregnant woman always foreshadows good luck. And if a pregnant lady stops for the night in the house, the prosperity of the host family is ensured.
  • In China, it is believed that if a pregnant woman eats rabbit or chicken meat, this will cause a hoarse voice in a child. And if there are crabs, then the child will be capricious.
  • Chinese superstition says that food can affect the sex of the unborn child. So, if a woman a week before conception will eat carrots, lettuce, tofu and mushrooms, then a boy will be born, and if she eats meat, fish and pickles – a girl.

In China, Korea and some other countries, the law prohibits doctors from telling the parents of the child’s sex. However, Eastern doctors have found a way out – filling out the ultrasound form of the study, experts use ink of two colors, each color hints at a certain sex of the child.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Hindus believe that raising children is necessary even in the womb. When they are born, they hear only kind words from their relatives, which should encourage them to have a kind attitude towards all living things. Adults try not to punish children, trying to cultivate a harmonious personality through a personal example.

To this can be attributed the fact that parents try in every way to hide their bad mood from their children. In addition, a child from early childhood is taught not to lose his face in any situation, that is, he must always behave with dignity.

In India, from ancient times, there is an aphorism that reflects their relationship with children: “Treat your son as a king from five to five years old – as a servant, after fifteen – as a friend.”

  • It is believed that pregnant women should not sleep outdoors in order to avoid the attack of evil creatures from lower worlds. For the same reason, sexual relations are prohibited during this period, since at this moment a person is distracted from the real world and becomes vulnerable.
  • In order not to succumb to the influence of the evil eye, the future mom is undesirable to be in crowded places.
  • In India, they believe that a pregnant woman should sing in order to attract good forces to herself.
  • Earlier, every day a pregnant Indian woman was filled with rites. And in modern Indian cities, pregnant women are considered a burden. Like Russian women, they manage the household, raise children and work. Old traditions now remain only in remote villages.
  • Pregnant Indian women are saved from toxemia with the help of food and drinks with the addition of ginger, and do not trust modern medicines.
  • Immediately after giving birth, a woman should be included in the work so that the child becomes accustomed to work from birth.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Throughout pregnancy, Thai women do the traditional “u-fi” procedure. It consists in performing various procedures in the bathroom using herbal decoctions.

Ideally, a woman should sit in the sauna for the last half a month, however it was before. Now Thai people only observe traditions a few hours a day, and even that is not all. True, they believe that these procedures help the body to be constantly in good shape.

Due to this, after giving birth, the body remains as young and healthy.

In this country, there are no parents who, at the first call, will rush to carry out all the whims of the child. Here, the children calm themselves in their own hands.

Anyway, the child entertains himself, as the parents are busy with their business. In most cases, children go everywhere with their parents and just watch their work. If this is unacceptable, then they sit at home with their grandmother or they are taken to kindergarten.

Maybe that’s why Thai children are almost not naughty and respectful to their elders. Besides, they simply have nothing to prove to their parents, because they have plenty of freedom.

  • Thai, during pregnancy, during a major religious holiday, bring a lotus bud over the head of a monk. After that, the pregnant woman should eat it. It is believed that during childbirth the body of a woman will open like a lotus flower, and childbirth will be easy.
  • After the birth, on the third day, relatives come to visit and begin to notice the defects in the child. This is done so that the good spirit will not leave it, having decided that the child is already doing well.
  • In addition to parents and next of kin, no one is allowed to stroke the child on the head. This is due to the fact that the spirit of Khvan lives in the head and can be offended if someone else touches him with negative intentions.
  • If the child is often sick, he should be shaved bald.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

They give birth to children thought out only after they “get on their feet” and become financially independent. On average, it occurs in 35-40 years.

During pregnancy, if there are no visible complications, the future mom does not constantly go to doctors to be tested, but constantly works. If the birth goes well, then the mother can leave already after 2 hours after them.

Despite the age of the mother, couples try to have 3 children. Even if the mother stays on maternity leave with her child, she still has a house attendant or a nanny.

Parents also prefer to take children with them from infancy everywhere. Since childhood, they require exemplary behavior from their children and the ability to control their emotions.

Even if the child behaves badly on the street, other adults will not make comments to him, since this is not accepted.

  • According to one of the English superstitions, the child should not cut his nails until he is one year old, otherwise he will grow up a thief.
  • It is customary to tie the shoes of the newlyweds to the car. Earlier, when there were no cars, the British threw boots into the carriage of newly-made spouses. The man whose shoe hit the target was considered lucky. Many Englishmen tie shoes to their car after the birth of a child.
  • Among the British, Yorkshire superstition is popular — putting a mother’s skirt on a newborn boy and any of his father’s things on a girl. This is done so that in the future the child will have success with the opposite sex.
  • In England, relatives give babies salt, bread and eggs, and in Scotland there are still matches and a few coins. Salt so that there are many good friends; bread so that there is no need; matches to always be bright and warm; Coins – well-being, well, an egg for vital energy.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Greeks give birth to families late because they live in their pleasure. More than two children are not often, especially in large cities. First child give birth closer to forty years.

At this moment, parents usually become husband and wife officially. Pregnancy is perceived as a disease and pride.

Future mother trying to please in every way.

All Greek children know their value. Self-esteem they do not hold.

Apparently for this reason they do not know how to behave in society restrained.

Men do not play a special role in education, everything is on the shoulders of a woman.

The child goes to kindergarten from the age of 4, but only until lunchtime.

  • The Greeks hang or attach a blue eye charm to the child from the evil eye.
  • At the baptism of the child, the godparents must give the baby a golden cross on a gold chain and a full set of clothes, otherwise the child will always lack clothes, and in life he will go “unevenly”.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Italian parents really spoil their children. For this reason, children are neglected to things. Also, Italian mothers are considered quite careless and not too caring.

During pregnancy, they eat everything, as well as after it. Probably, from this, the children constantly shout the first few months, suffering from colic. As children grow up, it is not customary to pull up and make comments to them so that they do not have any complexes.

As a result, many children are not even aware of the generally accepted rules of decency.

  • If a pregnant woman gets up, turning on her right side, then there will be a boy, and if on the left side there will be a girl.
  • In Italy, they are inclined to believe that it is the boy who is guilty of the fact that a woman becomes sick during pregnancy.
  • And if a pregnant woman already has an older child, then it is imperative to pay attention to what word he will say first: “mom” or “dad”. If “mother”, then the next girl will be born in the family, and if “father” is a boy.
  • If a woman in an interesting position suffers from heartburn, it is a sign that the child will be born with thick or long hair.
  • If a child is born with hair, the longest of which is on the crown, another child will soon appear in the family.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

For Swedish families, the state creates all the conditions for having children, since all services are free of charge, and after pregnancy, the allowance is paid and maternity leave is provided for both parents. Also, after the birth of the baby, the nurse is constantly in touch with the newly-made mother.

Plus, parents can attend free courses where they are told about the development and upbringing of children.

With regard to issues of education, parents can not use physical force. However, to give the child complete freedom there, too, no one wants. Everyone is trying to stick to the rule of the golden mean.

They always teach their children to do with others as the child would like to do with them. Any refusal by the parents must be reasoned child.

  • When a child is bathed for the first time, coins must be put into the water to make the child rich.
  • The child should not simultaneously read and eat, otherwise he will have a bad memory.
  • If a woman has a strong toxicosis, then there will be a girl.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

In non-religious Israeli families, upbringing is quite peculiar: parents bring up harshly, but at the same time provide freedom. For parents, it is important that children grow up smart, educated, successful and kind people.

Children are allowed to indulge, but if the child goes beyond the limits of their own safety, then the parents remind him of this.

  • Before giving birth, it is not customary for a woman to leave one so that evil spirits cannot influence her.
  • During the birth, all the mirrors in the house should be curtained, because they are a passage for demons.
  • It is better not to photograph children under 3 years old, since the camera, like a mirror, is letting demons into this world.
  • A pregnant woman should not step on clipped nails and other people’s hair, otherwise she may have a miscarriage.

The duration of pregnancy varies among women of different races. The women of the Caucasian race are bearing the longest of all children – an average of 40 weeks.

Most of the children of the Negroid race are born to the 39th week of pregnancy. At the same time, they are more physiologically mature than Caucasoid babies born at the same time.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

In African countries it is customary to give birth to many children, so that there is someone to look after their parents in old age and work. Care for younger children, most often, is the responsibility of the older ones.

At this time, parents are trying to make money to provide children with food. True, mothers have to breastfeed babies for quite a long time, since there is almost no extra food in the house.

Parents in these countries do not know anything about wheelchairs or playpens. They put their children into bed at night.

Separately, children begin to sleep after four years.

In the afternoon, in order to be able to do housework, mothers tie babies to their hips or backs, and at the same time they do not particularly care about the needs of the child. In addition, babies crawl a lot and lead an independent way of life, as parents have no extra time for them.

This method helps them to quickly adapt to the conditions of life and become independent.

  • Almost all the markets of the black continent sell special clay, which saturates the body with iron. It is used by pregnant women to get rid of toxemia. It is believed that it absorbs toxins and removes them from the body, thereby removing nausea.
  • In many African countries there is a custom: a man “takes over” all the burdens of pregnancy. It simulates ailments, drowsiness and fatigue, dizziness, and so on. At this time, the wife performs all the homework. Only among the Masai tribe a pregnant woman is freed from milking cows and collecting firewood. Probably for this reason, women of this tribe are considered among the most beautiful and healthy.
  • In Western Africa, we are confident that the actions of the expectant mother affect the character of the child. If she behaves well, the baby will grow up obedient and kind.
  • In Uganda, people believe that a pregnant woman should not look at the eclipse and the full moon, since after that, the child is likely to be born with abnormalities.
  • Pregnant women in Nigeria are not recommended to visit the places where there were fights and murders, so that the child is not born whiny and nervous.
  • Nigerian healers also warn pregnant women against eating meat. They believe that if a woman eats meat, then the born child will inherit the characteristics of the animal whose meat his pregnant mother eats.

Around the World: strange signs and superstitions about pregnant women and children

Latin American countries are not considered the most prosperous. In the ranking they are second, after the countries of Africa.

Early marriages and early pregnancies are common in these countries. Until recently, they were practically not allowed anywhere to have abortions.

Now it is possible, if there is a good reason. According to various studies, early pregnancy is typical for poorly educated adolescents or homeless people.

It cannot be said that Latin Americans live poorly, rather, they have a peculiar way of life. They themselves do not seek to build a career and “do not drive themselves into strict limits.” So it is with the upbringing of children.

Some techniques they do not adhere. They scold kids by mood, as well as praise. However, praising is not made for success in school, but for the fact that the child has found a source of personal pleasure.

Probably for this reason, there are many dancers, writers, singers and artists in their midst.

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