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Appetite education

Appetite education

Disguise pieces of meat mashed potatoes? Perhaps at first this maneuver will succeed, but it is unlikely that the child will allow him to trace himself around the finger time after time.

Your baby is picky about food, and it means that he needs special attention in this matter.

Many mothers are familiar with this: the child agrees to see at his disposal only a certain set of dishes, usually simple and not always ideal in terms of the content of nutrients.

At the top of the charts frivolously – macaroni and cheese, sausages and potatoes. To the surprise and chagrin of the parents, these dishes will never bore the electoral feeders, and attempts to introduce minimal variety provoke protest.

Of course, this limited preference is of concern to adults. Does the child get everything they need, feeding in this way?

Is he too afraid of everything new? Do you really have to cook for him separate dishes, because by the age of three he should be finally transferred to the common table?

To begin, let’s try to understand the reasons for this attitude to food.

Conservatism is peculiar to children of this age and extends to other areas of the baby’s life. He prefers that everything in his life happens on a routine basis, and he perceives any changes with hostility.

Especially such aversion of novelty is usually characteristic of anxious and fearful children. They feel calmer if every day of their life is like another, and the variety, even if pleasant, is unsettling.

How to help the little conservative go beyond the limits?

First of all, you need to give him an example. Surprise, delight in life and interest in everything around him – this is what he needs to see in your eyes.

Become a curious child, and your crumb will join you.

Appetite education

Sometimes the refusal of the food offered by you, says the opposite – your baby soon realized his need for independence. Rejecting food, which previously was to his taste, he asserts his right to choose and proves his separation from you. Help your child show his “I”, do not push him, do not try to repent him. Do not oppose your will to his feelings and desires, this will lead to constant battles around food.

Be flexible — let your baby make choices, but insist on following the rules you consider necessary.

The physical development of the child also affects the nutritional situation. In the second year of life, the growth of the child slows down markedly compared to how he grew up to a year.

Accordingly, his appetite may decline slightly. The baby does not need to eat much to feel full.

At this age, it is more important for children to play and exercise physical activity than to cultivate the qualities of a gourmet in themselves.

Finally, the last reason your child turns away from the food you offer him may be an increased sensitivity of taste buds compared to adults. As a result, the baby rejects all food that has a pronounced taste.

Of course, most moms want to do their duty by feeding the baby properly. But how to do it, without engaging with your child for each spoon?

Try to follow the simple rules – and then lunch will be just dinner, and not an arena for wrestling or an amusement park.

Appetite education

Reduce portions. A child, even with an excellent appetite, cannot eat an adult portion. Remember these simple rules: half a slice of bread, vegetables so much so that they can fit in a palm, a slice of chicken or meat the size of a matchbox and a third of an apple or orange. Try to provide a child with a choice of several dishes and do not worry about how much food your child will eat.

The baby will get all the necessary nutrients if he eats a little bit of everything.

Gradually introduce new products. Do not fall into the monotony trap if you know that your child will only eat pasta without fail. Regularly offer new products and do not despair if the baby turns away from the plate.

Show persistence. Studies show that parents consider the product finally rejected after it was offered to the child three to five times. And nutritionists say that the product should be offered to the child at least 15 times in order for him to accept it.

The best way is to offer some unfamiliar food in combination with well-known products.

Set the feeding schedule. One-year-old children should receive food on average every 3.5 hours. Do not give your child snacks, even if you are sure that he has not eaten enough during breakfast or lunch.

A child who has a snack during the day is unlikely to be hungry when it is time for lunch or dinner. The time interval between snacks and feeding should not be less than 2 hours.

Make sure that all snacks are not only nutritious, but also beneficial for the baby (vegetables, low-fat and mild cheese, fruits, baby biscuits with cereals).

Invent. The way you cook food can affect your child’s perception. Some textures he may find unpleasant.

Steam vegetables and fry them a little with cheese, use different spices (bell pepper, coriander, dill, cumin). But too detailed table with an abundance of different products can lead to even more nagging on the part of the child.

Find a middle ground between dull monotony and variegated abundance.

Set an example. If you want your child to eat fruits and vegetables and drink milk, you should do the same. And remember: in encouraging a child to eat broccoli, do not promise him ice cream for it.

This will simply devalue the food you offer: the baby will understand that you consider it tasteless.

Appetite education

  • Offer your child each product separately. Do not mix, for example, potatoes with carrots.
  • Offer a new product cooked in the same way several times. When the baby accepts it, you can vary the dish by adding, for example, cheese.
  • Show your child an example: he would rather agree to taste vegetable puree, if he sees that you also eat it with pleasure.
  • Allow your baby to be present when cooking.
  • Do not use the method of blackmail in relation to food.
  • Do not force to eat up if the baby does not want.
  • If you do not want your child to eat sweets or chips, first remove them from his field of vision.
  • Do not show your child that you are worried about his poor appetite. He will very quickly understand that this is an excellent reason for manipulating parents.

Excessive selectivity in food is a frequent, but not the only problem with nutrition at this age.

“How to translate from baby food to regular food?”

Special baby food is very useful for babies, because its composition and the products that are used there are subjected to the strictest control. However, the transition to “adult” food is important both for the development of chewing skills, and for socialization: the baby should be accustomed to eat with their parents the same dishes as they.

If you feed “jars”, smoothly go to those that correspond to his age (he is listed on the jar), canned food from 8 months includes slices. If you cook yourself, start mixing mashed potatoes into finely chopped pieces of other food, gradually adding larger and larger pieces.

During a snack, feed the child with food appropriate to his age.

“As soon as I try to give my baby meat or chicken, he spits out the food.”

Your child may be getting too much protein and no meat products, such as milk, eggs, cheese, beans. Try to cook the meat in a different way, offer delicious sauces or combine unloved food with your favorite dishes (for example, by preparing a sauce for pasta with the inclusion of beef).

Appetite education

“My daughter loves milk!”

If your child drinks too much milk during the day, there is a risk of overdosing with excess fat and calories. Try to give her milk only during the meal, at the same time, replace the milk with fermented milk products.

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