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Anti-aging hair care: 10 steps

Anti-aging hair care: 10 steps

The first signs of aging hair, many consider gray hair. However, it is not. The loss of pigment can occur for a variety of reasons, not related to age, and 25, and 30 years.

And for some people and in 50 years, gray hair is almost not observed. Not color is a sign of hair age. As it gets older, the hair becomes thinner, less elastic, loses shine and is prone to premature loss.

The older we get, the more rare is the shag of thin and dull hair on the head. Thinning is associated with the dehydration of each hair and the lack of nutrients in them, and the lack of shine – with a violation of the smooth structure of the surface of the hair.

With age, the hair cuticle wears out faster, becomes uneven and ceases to reflect light (hence the loss of hair shine).

The most serious problem of aging hair is that blood circulation in the scalp deteriorates with age (this is due to changes in hormonal levels and a decrease in the activity of certain hormones responsible for the functioning of the blood vessels of the scalp). As a result, hair follicles get less nutrition, and this affects the decrease in the life expectancy of the hair in them.

Scientists estimate that, on average, one hair bulb produces 30 hairs, each of which lives from 3 to 7 years, depending on the circumstances. With age, the resources of the hair follicles are naturally depleted, and we are unable to influence this. But in our hands – to change the “circumstances of life” and the health of each hair.

Agree, he will live on his head for 3 years, or 7 years – these are two big differences.

1. Regular massage of the scalp to improve blood circulation. If you are used to washing your head in a hurry, change your habits.

Massage your scalp thoroughly and with pleasure during the application of the shampoo and then the balsam rinse.

2. Soft regenerating peeling of the scalp. With it, you cleanse the skin of dead cells and enhance the process of cell renewal of the scalp.

Special requirements are imposed on scalp peeling agents: first of all, the agent should be gentle and should not cause damage to the hair roots and their bases. Peeling with Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment provides excellent effect.

When used, up to 34% of dead skin cells on the head is gently peeling off the scalp. This procedure is carried out no more than 1 time in 30 days.

3. Choose shampoos that moisturize and nourish hair. Well suited for weakened hair products, which include essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, biotin, all kinds of oils that restore the smooth surface of the hair without weighting.

4. Be sure to use conditioners for balms. Means 2 in 1 (shampoo and balm in one bottle) are good for saving time, but do not give the level of hair care that we need.

Select moisturizing balms-conditioners that help restore the water balance inside the hair, nourish dry dull hair, returning them volume and shine.

5. Use nourishing masks for the scalp and hair at least once a week. Do not be lazy, make this procedure in your weekly calendar.

This will strengthen the hair follicles and protect the hair from premature hair loss. There are also special masks for deep hair restoration, working with the structure of hair damaged by time and external factors.

For example, Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque.

6. Use anti-aging hair serums. Unlike masks, these tools do not need to be washed off after application.

They are used for intensive hair care. There are a number of anti-aging serums that nourish, restore the structure (and hence the shine) of hair, fill the thinning areas, preventing breakage and further thinning.

Many serums can be used from several times a week to two times a day, depending on the purpose and degree of the problem.

7. Dye your hair with the right tools. Contrary to popular belief, coloring can be a good help to strengthen the hair, because the dye pigments can smooth the surface of the hair and protect it from brittleness.

The shine after dyeing just indicates that the hairs become smooth, dense, and again begin to reflect light well. However, the paint should not contain aggressive substances that destroy the structure of the hair and irritate the scalp. Otherwise, in the long run, the effect will be exactly the opposite.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to lighten aging hair.

8. Take antioxidants and adjust nutrition. No matter how good the external care of hair and scalp may be, all your efforts can go to no, if your diet is far from the standard. Skin and hair belong to the system of organs of excretion.

If you do not eat a balanced diet, if your diet is low on healthy foods, if you are daily lacking vitamins and minerals, consume a lot of sugars, carbohydrates, and even smoke, your hair, like skin, will age much faster than peers leading a healthy lifestyle. Beauty requires sacrifice. But not in the form of painful procedures for rejuvenation under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Revise your eating habits, remove from the diet too much, which harms not only the figure, but also the skin. Be sure to include in the diet products with antioxidant properties.

Or at least take antioxidant vitamins for skin and hair.

9. Do not brush wet hair. The hairs are hygroscopic, soaking wet, they absorb a significant amount of water, and the hairs swell up, which leads to the fact that the scales of the hair shaft do not fit snugly together.

In this condition, the hair is very vulnerable. The comb can easily damage the surface of a hair swollen with moisture, deform it and even break it.

10. Do not blow dry your hair after washing. Plan your hair washing procedure so that you have time to let your hair dry naturally.

Forced drying, especially with hot air, negates all moisturizing procedures.

Magnificent mop of hair – the dream of every woman. But what if the hair is too thin? You can add visual volume and elasticity to thinned and thinning hair with styling.

New hair styling products from the NIOXIN 3D Styling line in a unique way maintain and maintain the fluffiness of the hairstyle even when used on very thin hair, giving volume without weighting.

The secret lies in the use of special polymer microparticles in the composition, which envelop the hair and form stable bonds between the strands, creating a visual effect of volume and density while maintaining the lightness and softness of the hair (which is not achieved when using, for example, conventional hairspray in combination with traditional “Bouffant” to give volume).


Chief doctor of the clinic “Institute of Beautiful Hair”, a dermatologist

Anti-aging hair care: 10 steps

Thin hair is a problem if you want to create a voluminous hairstyle. Thin hair can be from nature, or as a result of the negative impact of the growth conditions of the follicles, as well as due to age-related changes in the skin and hair. and Thin hair is weak at the roots, therefore it is not able to keep its weight, especially if a large amount of varnish or musa is applied to the hair, which additionally weighs it.

Creating a basal volume with the help of cosmetics with the technology of light cellular silicone will strengthen the basal hair zone and give the hair volume “here and now”, and even calmly wait out the time needed to treat hair in order to heal, increase thickness and improve growth.

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