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And why did he do it?

And why did he do it?

Why is it ok
The child wants to explore not only the world, but also himself. Perhaps right now you have begun to teach him to the pot, and it is very interesting for him to consider all parts of the body, including those that are involved in this process. In addition, he probably likes the feeling of a free, unburdened body.

Many parents are embarrassed when faced with “childish nudism”, and it is interesting for children to observe their reaction. And there is nothing surprising that the kid is amused by the catch-up game when you try to dress him forcibly.

How to handle
If the baby puts you in an uncomfortable position, allow him to run around naked at home, where no other people see it. Having received such an opportunity, he is likely to eventually lose interest in such entertainment. But if you respond to stripping with a shout or a laugh, you can be sure that the “oddity” will last for a long time.

You should not also call the behavior of the baby ugly, because he explores the world in this way, and the condemning words addressed to his nakedness can lodge an inferiority complex in him, because of which in the future your child will be ashamed of his body.

Why is it ok
Small items are convenient for a variety of manipulations and indispensable for the development of motor skills, and therefore intelligence. They are easy to take in hand, taste, smell, inspect from different sides.

However, a little researcher may not be satisfied with the usual use of a piece of food, a button or a bead. He can try to push them to wherever a finger does not crawl, trying to make an already “mastered” object an extension of himself.

Well, if the object of study in this case becomes a gap in the floor or a toy car cabin. But its own body, and especially its hard-to-reach parts, is of much greater interest.

How to handle
Partly to satisfy the curiosity of the crumbs, you can explore along with his nose, ears and mouth with a flashlight. It will be good if you can explain to the child that food is food and should be put in the mouth.

Initially, teach how to act, and do not tell what you can not do, because the recommendations are effective, but the prohibitions give rise to temptation. And the immutable main rule: children of this age should not be left unattended.

Why is it ok
Studying the space of his home, the child uses his body as a universal measuring tool. The kid, who recently began to move independently, still knows little about the size of his body, and therefore tries to squeeze into the gap that is too narrow for him between the floor and the sofa, he is stuck between the legs of the highchair.

This is not only the satisfaction of the need for movement, but also an invaluable experience for the development of your child’s intelligence. After some time, he will be able to get an idea of ​​the size, boundaries and possibilities of his own body.

How to handle
Use any opportunity to satisfy the need for movement and knowledge, create a safe environment at home, add special gymnastic facilities to the children’s interior.

Why is it ok
The child builds a tower of cubes in the middle of the hallway on everyone on the road, or starts a game literally under his feet in adults, and not in his room. The reason for such strange behavior from an adult person’s point of view is not “harmfulness”.

He is waiting for not only attention to himself, but also reactions to the development of the surrounding space. At this age, contact and support of parents is very important, but without suppressing the activity of the child.

How to handle
Show patience and wisdom, look for new forms of relationships, cooperation with your child. Here it is important to find a balance between respecting the needs of the child and respecting the boundaries necessary not only to teach children to discipline, but also to preserve the mental health of parents.

Requirements should be clear and expressed calmly and kindly. Try to look for an alternative: when selecting a dangerous object, offer an equally attractive one in return. Barring playing at a working plate, offer a couple of minutes to throw the ball or show a short puppet show.

You will reduce the number of tantrums and will be less tired. If the baby continues to resist, apply a time-out – an educational device that was appreciated by many parents.

You only need to sit the child on a chair next to you for a few minutes without having to reprimand him or make a strict face. As a rule, two or three minutes is enough to “cool down”.

Why is it ok
The kid is happy to study the properties of parts of his body and sense organs. He enjoys the capabilities of his own vocal apparatus and the impression his “vocals” have on others, each time raising the level of decibels. Another option – the study of the properties of objects with which you can achieve a roar, squeak, knock.

An irritating ear of an adult, a monotonous sound for a child is not inferior to the sound of a musical instrument, because its auditory perception is many times more sensitive. For him, the door creaks in a new way every time, and each of the pots on which he bangs the lid has a unique range.

How to handle
Psychologists recommend finding an opportunity to give the child from time to time to practice vocals and other “playing music”, to find a place for this, to provide at his disposal a sufficient number of sounding subjects. If loud sounds are unacceptable, give an example of a quiet voice, turning to a whisper: it is strange to demand silence with the help of a shout. It is unlikely that the baby will understand you correctly.

Also, keep in mind that if the family is accustomed to talking on high tones, the radio or television is working all day, the child will have to make certain efforts to be heard, and most likely will “turn up the volume”.

Why is it ok
When your baby was tiny, he tasted toys and books. Now he is 1–2 years old, and he moves on to experiments with soapy water and sand. He continues to explore the world, and the main way to do this at that age is to taste it.

A child can drink water directly from the bath or suck it out of rubber toys, lick them, even taste foam. He is also attracted by the delightful fluidity, softness and plasticity of sand, and he drags the contents of the scoop into his mouth.

How to handle
If the taste of sand quickly discourages eating it, then the habit of drinking water from the bath may persist longer and pose a certain health hazard.

Before bathing, try to feed the child with bottled or boiled water, focusing on its taste: “Oh, what a nice, pleasant water, Sasha and I always drink this water from these cups.” You can also offer juicy fruits.

It is important that the bath water is not too warm and does not cause feelings of dehydration. If the child is thirsty, take him in your arms, wrap him in a towel and carry him to the kitchen. He should remember that you should only drink water there, let him get used to drinking from his beautiful cup.

Create a “ritual.”

However, drinking water from a bath is often explained not by thirst, but by curiosity and a desire to explore the properties of not only water, but also one’s mouth. This is a natural desire at that age, and it is important in this case to wean the child from swallowing water.

If you teach your child to let it out of his mouth with a trickle and show how water can get into a floating toy, you will not only take care of your little tummy, but also develop a useful skill that will be useful to your child when brushing your teeth. It is also better to keep boiled water on hand for this game, especially if your tap is heavily chlorinated. It is important that weaning from undesirable behavior does not turn into a struggle; bathing should remain a favorite pleasure.

Do not forget that a strict ban provokes the child to repeat unwanted behavior again and again, which will fix the habit, and not get rid of it.

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