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And who is this crawling? Future excellent student!

It’s good or bad, says the head of the Center for Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Correction at IBP, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Russian State Medical University Tatyana Germanovna Goryacheva.

And who is this crawling? Future excellent student!

According to Russian medical standards, which are based on many years of observation and research, with timely development, the child begins to crawl about 6-7 months, sometimes later. But some kids do not even have time to try to crawl, because parents put them in a walker, believing that the crawling stage is quite possible to skip.

Someone thinks that it would be better for the intellectual and physical development of the child, and some mothers are simply too lazy to wash the floors daily. And the child, without learning to crawl, begins to walk. However, not only the walkers are “guilty” of the fact that more and more children start walking early, and have not managed to crawl.

Sometimes the reason may lie in a different plane. In the mid-1990s, scientists from all over the world, including Russian doctors, began to urge parents to put their babies on their backs to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

As a result, the number of child deaths fell by 50 percent! It was a huge victory for pediatricians and parents in the fight against early infant mortality. But it led to other consequences: since mothers began to be afraid to lay their children on their tummy, not only during sleep, but also during wakefulness, the development of children’s motor functions slowed down.

After all, in order to crawl on all fours, the child needs to use both the arms and legs, the muscles of which must be sufficiently trained. And how can a child train these muscles, if he constantly lies on his back in a crib, sits with his mother in a “kangaroo”, in a crib or in an arena?

No And when the mother still remembers that because of the constant lying on his back, the baby’s head can become flat, and turns the child on its belly, the baby begins to cry after a minute, because he is not used to this position, it is difficult and unpleasant for him.

And my mother immediately turns it back over.

And who is this crawling? Future excellent student!

No sane parent will force her baby to lie on his stomach when the pussy is indignant and screams. But gradually to accustom the baby to lying on the tummy is still necessary. After all, the period of crawling is very important for the development of subcortical structures of the brain.

Minimal brain dysfunctions, which are now diagnosed in many children after heavy labor and birth trauma, are partially compensated during the crawling period.

In addition, crawling helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, train hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. As a result, children who crawled at least a couple of months are more physically developed and stronger than babies who missed this stage. Yes, and fine motor skills are better developed, because crawling helps to stretch the ligaments of the wrists and hands, which is necessary for the development of fine motor skills.

It will be easier for such children to learn to hold a pencil or spoon in their hands, and in the future to master writing and drawing.

What is also important, crawling contributes to the development of bilateral coordination. Our brain consists of two hemispheres: the right is responsible for the functions of the left side of the body, and the left – for the activity of the right. When a child crawls, active and well-coordinated work takes place between the two hemispheres.

Kids control their body better and are oriented in space.

Unfortunately, not all children independently fill in the gaps of their own development. It happens that a smart, well-developed child suddenly finds it difficult for everyone to read and write, making many mistakes.

At the same time, the baby really wants to learn from one of the fives, but he simply does not succeed. If a child has similar problems with schooling, it is necessary to consult with a neuropsychologist, who may assign a course of rehabilitation to the child.

This is a system of special physical and intellectual exercises that help develop certain parts of the brain. Such remedial courses are held today in many specialized centers.

The attitude of parents who have to believe in their baby, encourage him, help is important, and then the child will really be able to overcome all difficulties.

And who is this crawling? Future excellent student!

Starting from the first months, you should try to spread the baby more often on the tummy. First, 5-10 minutes several times a day, gradually increasing the time.

Try to sit on the bed and arrange the baby on your lap or lay it on your tummy on the changing table before you change the diaper. The little one will learn to keep his head, later he will start to lean on his hands and rise, from time to time making it all the more confident.

If the child is stubborn, put him on his chest – so he can look around without lifting his head high. You can also put a rolled-up towel under the child’s chest and arms. Next to the baby you can place a couple of bright toys, for which he will reach.

If the child is already easy to reach the rattle you like, move your favorite toy away so that the baby tries to crawl over to it. Of course, you should not be zealous and bring the crumbs to tears – after all, the first “encroachments” can turn out far from immediately.

When the baby is 5-6 months old, you can spread a large blanket on the floor so that the little one can explore new horizons. By limiting the child’s space with a playpen or bed, the mother thereby deprives him of the opportunity to experience the world.

Are you cooking dinner? Spread the blanket and in the kitchen and give the child as a research object a saucepan with a lid.

There are many useful exercises. For example, taking the child under the arms, the mother can alternately place one leg on the floor, and then the other, and slowly begin to lower the baby, prompting him to lean on her hands. When the baby thus got on all fours, gently hold the crumb under the breast: you should not let him go at all.

Let the child stand a little in this position, and the mother can slightly swing him back and forth. Or you can try exercises on a large gymnastic ball: place the baby on the tummy and gently rock the ball from side to side, so that the baby’s legs sometimes touch the floor.

A quick gymnastics also helps to master the crawling technique faster: the mother should bend and unbend the legs of the child, first alternately and then simultaneously. When the crumb already knows how to keep his head lying on his stomach, you can take him by the heels and vigorously bend both legs 3-4 times.

Or you can just tickle children’s heels.

It is quite obvious that if a child jumped at some stage of development, it is already impossible to return this moment. But do not despair.

The brain of the child is incredibly plastic and susceptible until the age of 9–10 years, and during this period it is quite possible to make a correction that will fill the developmental deficit.

By the way, many children even “make up for lost time” themselves without any corrective classes at the age of 2-3 years, actively crawling on the floor during the game. If you notice that the child spends considerable time lying down and crawling on the floor during the game, you should never straighten him, calling for order and demanding to take an upright position. It is better to lay a carpet on the floor and let it play as it pleases – most likely, your child simply did not “crawl” in due time and now fills the existing gap.

And to make it very, very important.

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