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And we have in the country

And we have in the country

Walk with your baby in all the rooms at home, see how they are located. Exit the site and determine in which room each window is located.

If the child finds it difficult to answer where, for example, a children’s room, put a toy or a picture on the window sill and go outside again. Now the child will not be mistaken.

Take the crayons and draw a target on the wall of the house – fire. This game will last until the image is completely washed off, so you should not worry about the exterior of the house.

You need to moisten the sponge in a bucket of water and throw them into the fire – to extinguish the fire. You can take sponges of different colors and sizes, throw them in a certain sequence.

A good way to introduce a baby with a card is to make it together. Of course, it’s too early to introduce the legend and scale, but drawing the objects and arranging them on the sheet correctly is the best time.

Cut out the image of a country house, a swing, a water tank, an economic block, a pool, beds and trees – in short, everything that is on the plot, and together with the baby try to spread all these objects on a large piece of paper. Draw tracks and paste pictures. That turned out hand-made map of the country.

Now you can make a trip route around the site and boldly set off in search of treasure.

It is not necessary to bring a lot of toys from the city. After all, one has only to look around!

Take, for example, peas. With the help of toothpicks, you can fasten a variety of figures from it.

Use also cucumbers, other vegetables and fruits. And then wash these crafts and eat at dinner.

Problems with the appetite of the child will not.

And we have in the country

Tasting of berries is not only useful and interesting, but also tasty. Take, for example, currants, gooseberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Let the baby try each one first and remember how she looks. And then he closes his eyes and guesses the berries to taste. Correctly named 4 out of 4 – great!

Such an exercise (unless the crumbs are not allergic) can be carried out with flowers, only, of course, to determine them by smell.

The question “Why are the leaves green?” Asked many children. Explain it as it is.

So, the color gives the leaves the substance chlorophyll, which is formed under the influence of light (the process of photosynthesis). No light – no green color! Select a large sheet on the tree and stick any shaped velcro onto it.

You can simply cut out the first letter of the baby’s name from paper and fix it on the lawn. The end of this experiment will have to wait about a week, so it is better to conduct this experience before leaving home until next weekend.

However, the wait will be rewarded: a yellow image will appear under the sticker.

Many works are much more convenient to create on a country site: less debris in the room, and the necessary material, as they say, at hand. Masterpieces will decorate a country house and will not cause confusion in a city apartment. A child can find a lot of smooth stones and color them.

Let them be fabulously beautiful, with small drawings, variegated and one-color. To work fit gouache.

And if you then cover the best products with varnish, you can play with them or make a collection of fairy stones.

And we have in the country

Swing can be turned into a real water park. To do this, on a hot day, you just need to bring a closer sprinkler of water.

When swinging, the baby will fall under the rain and get a lot of pleasure from it.

A small pool, bath or basin are simply necessary in the country. A child can mess around with water and various forms and containers for a long time, without distracting parents from the garden. Offer the kid a spoon and a ladle, let him try to pour water from one vessel to another.

Marker can be noted to what level you need to pour. Give the crumbs pebbles, invite him to throw them in the mold until the water spills over the edge. Calculate how many stones will be needed to sink the boat, mold, floating in a basin.

You can add a few drops of food coloring to the water and experiment with color.

Morning gymnastics is always useful, and in the open air, in a cheerful company, doubly. Organize a bowling competition.

Place the pins or turret of cubes and try to knock them down with a ball with the baby.

Exercise not only has a beneficial effect on the formation of coordination of movements, but also develops the eye and vision.

And from what, I wonder, the distance the baby can throw the ball in the basket? Let’s play basketball, more precisely, “bakeball” (bucket – in English “bucket”). Instead of a basketball basket we take a bucket or a basin.

In the heat, you can fill this container with water – the spray will cheer and refresh.

And we have in the country

The game “Fishing”, many parents buy in stores specifically for giving, but you can make a fishing rod and fish yourself. You will need a wand, fishing line, magnet and paper clips, oilcloth or paper.

Attach a magnet to the line. Fish can be cut out of oilcloth, if you are going to fish in the pelvis, or from paper – if you lay the river inhabitants on the lawn.

Attach a clip to the fish – and the game is ready.

To develop fine motor skills, have the child hang any small change on the rope to dry and attach it with clothespins. It does not matter if the item is dry, you can always wet it and at the same time check whether it is sinking or not.

For the game, you can use cloths, sheets of paper, plastic covers, cups of yogurt, any light and flat unnecessary items that exist in the house or storeroom. Observe the drying process.

What items dry faster?

Allow the baby to run enough and run around the country paths. Draw on them the lines that the baby must step on while running and jumping, and draw circles that need to be bypassed and never touched.

It’s time to instruct on the movement at the dacha. Show your child where to walk, and where vegetables or flowers are planted, where beds should not be stepped on.

After such a game, the principle of movement will be easily understood by the kid.

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