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And this must be taught

And this must be taught

For many parents, teaching the child the rules of politeness today is often not a priority. They decide that it is better to isolate the crumb from talking to strangers, and therefore do not pay much attention to words like “hello” or “good afternoon”.

The same children, to whom parents nevertheless say that it is necessary to greet people, face certain problems.

Firstly, the reaction from neighbors to the children’s “good afternoon!” Is very emotional. Having listened to the words of delight (as if he had at least jumped a double flip), the little one doesn’t really understand what deserved such admiration. Another problem is that adults themselves do not consider it necessary to greet the child personally.

They say to his mother: “Hello, Lena!” – that’s all. One kid answered his mother’s question: “Why don’t you greet my acquaintances?” Reasonably answered: “Why don’t you greet mine?”

Simply put, the cultivation of politeness must begin with ourselves. And again: teach children to use all the riches of the Russian language and do not limit yourself to just “hello – goodbye” and “thank you”.

Use the words “good afternoon (morning, evening)”, “greet you”, “thank you”, “be kind”, “please”, “excuse me”, “excuse me”, etc., and let the baby get used to them from early childhood.

And this must be taught

If you do not teach your child to blow your nose in early childhood, he will ignore this action for a long time to come. The inability to clean the nose will not only cause inconvenience to the crumbs, but may also cause all sorts of complications during and after an illness.

Teach to blow your nose really and a two-year-old crumb, and even a year and a half. It is best to start training from an early date – on a personal example or in the form of an exciting game. Naturally, children rarely go to learn how to perform this simple action without help.

But despite this, the basic skill is extremely important to form as early as possible.

It is better to start learning to blow your nose when the baby is completely healthy and able to breathe freely. In addition, choose a time when the baby is in a good mood, otherwise it will be difficult for him to concentrate and hear what you are saying.

It is much easier to teach your child to blow your nose when learning is turned into an exciting game. First, take a handkerchief and show how this is done by example. Small children are well-known “tales”, and it may very well be that the training will end there.

You can also offer your child to blow out the candles, first with his mouth, and then with his nose. The main thing is to explain what and exactly how to blow.

You can also play with him in the train. Closing one nostril, blowing the air into the other, imitating the whistle.

This should be done as much as possible and louder, but without a voice. Take the image of a toy hedgehog and puff for it.

Blow together paper butterflies from the table or think up and sing a little nose song together.

As a result, use the skill acquired in these simple games directly for proper blowing out: slightly opening the mouth and clamping one nostril alternately, blow the other one with a small tension into a handkerchief.

And this must be taught

Another necessary condition for the proper development and good growth of the baby is the ability to breathe correctly. Proper breathing stimulates the heart, brain and nervous system, relieves a person from many diseases, improves digestion, helps to relax.

The baby can easily be taught proper breathing. The essence of the breath is to let air into the lungs and oxygenate the blood in the pulmonary alveoli.

Breathing falls into two acts: inhalation, during which the chest expands and air enters the lungs, and exhalation – the chest cell returns to its normal volume, the lungs contract and push out the air present in them. And your main task is to teach the child to clean the lungs well.

If it does not completely exhale, then in the depths of the lungs a fair amount of spoiled air remains, and the blood receives little oxygen. Having taught the baby to breathe through his nose, you will help him get rid of frequent runny nose, flu, tonsillitis, etc.

A lot of breathing games. You can draw on the glass, breathing on it to make it sweaty.

You can make a storm in a glass by blowing through a straw; swing toys on the stomach, taking deep breaths and exhalations; scream like indians or blow bubbles. Whatever exercises you come up with, it is important to know the basic rules of respiratory gymnastics: take air through your nose, do not lift your shoulders, do not puff your cheeks.

Exhalation should be long and smooth.

Above all, remember that breathing games with a baby should be handled with care. Take care that your child does not become breathing faster, the color of his face does not change dramatically and his head does not spin.

Otherwise, if symptoms do not go away, consult a doctor immediately.

And this must be taught

There are many “childish superstitions” that promise fulfillment of desires. This is blowing out the candles on the cake, and at the same time the same word spoken by two people, and sitting between people with the same name, and a shooting star, and a full month. Many parents consider these examples and children’s games to be nonsense.

However, in fact, they are very useful.

Encourage all sorts of opportunities for your child to make wishes! Thinking about what he needs, the kid learns to set goals, make plans. Often the desire of a small child is limited to buying a new toy.

Well, let it be just the beginning. After all, the right desires, too, must be taught. Read the child V. Kataev’s tale “Flower-seven-flower”, explain that, making wishes, it is important to think not only about yourself, but also about other people.

Tell us about the fact that you can desire not only material things, but also, for example, learn something, have good friends, go on a trip.

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