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Alsou, Jasmin, Zarina and 13 more popular Tatar names

Alsou, Jasmin, Zarina and 13 more popular Tatar names

Al in Turkic means scarlet color. If we draw an analogy with the Russian version – red, that is, beautiful, then Alsou is beautiful.

The end of the Su in translation: water. More free interpretation of the name Alsou, close to the original – “pink-cheeked”, “rose water”.

A girl with such a name is kind and modest, however, having matured, she is able to achieve very much.

This girl with character. But a strong character happens to harm her herself.

Find harmony with yourself and others, the main task of Aigul. And the thing is in two parts of the name, originating from different languages.

The first part is “ah” meaning “moon”, of Turkic origin, the second part in translation from Persian (“ghoul”) means “flower”. This “Moon Flower” is woven out of controversy.

The name is derived from the male Arabic name Ali. Aliya was born a beautiful, intelligent and kind girl, but her health needs support.

The name Aliya means “sublime, high.”

Jamila (Jama, Mile)

The origin of this name is Arabic, from the male version of Jamal. Means “beautiful”, “pretty” is sometimes translated as “good.”

Restless and emotional, Jamilya usually becomes more sensible with age, but her parents should help her with this by creating a certain behavioral framework.

Jasmine (Yasmina, Mina, Yasma)

The Persian name Jasmine means “jasmine flower”, “jasmine”, “jasmine branch”. In a figurative sense, the name Jasmine is also translated as “the gift of the gods” and “fragrant.”

Charm Jasmine since childhood, attracts people to it, which she will successfully use until old age.

“Gold-decorated” – this is the name translated from the Tatar language. According to other sources, the name Scythian 9tak was called one of the queens), according to others, Old Slavic. The contradictory nature of the princesses is peculiar to the owners of this beautiful name.

They are smart, but cunning.

The name according to different versions has either Greek roots and means “from a noble family”, or Latin (“attendant of the temple”), or Arabic – from the male Kamil. For the Arabs, it means “perfect in all respects, the best.”

A girl with that name will be independent, somewhat arrogant, but with a light, responsive character.

The name Farida, translated from Arabic, means “pearl, diamond”, in the sense of “most valuable”, there is also a translation variant – “unmatched beauty, unparalleled in beauty”. Loves to be the center of attention, loves gifts, all his life surrounded by the opposite sex.

May have Spanish, German, Turkish or Arab roots. Translated as “honest, honest”, as well as “glorified, famous” or simply – “princess”.

The owner of this name will have a good character, she is agreeable and hardworking.

This is the name of a man of strong spirit, inflexible, iron, not without reason that Timur is translated from Mongolian as “iron.” There is a version that the name Timur comes from the name of Tamerlane.

The task of the parents is to direct the determination and imperiousness of the boy in the right direction.

“Wonderful”, “magic” or “accurate shooter” – there are two translations of the name Ramil of the ancient Arabic language. A guy with that name will grow up to be a truthful, athletic and travel-loving man.

“A young man dedicated to serving the gods” is the name that interprets the translation from Latin Camillus. And it comes from the Roman personal or generic nickname. In European countries, the name Camille also had and has been circulating.

In Italy – Camillo, in Spain – Camilo, in Portugal – Camilo, in Romania, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands – Camilo. Focusing on the Arabic origin of the name, in translation we get “perfect”, “perfect in all respects, the best.”

Boys of boys with this name grow up appeasable, serious, intelligent, but alone at heart.

This name of Turkic origin consists of two parts. The first part “il” means “country”, “peace”, and “giz” – “go.” Together, it means, as a “walking around the world, a“ traveler ”,“ wandering through his country ”.

A boy with great inner potential due to his natural shyness may not reveal it. The task of parents is to instill confidence and get rid of complexes.

Denarius – the so-called Roman coin of silver. And, although the name is of Arabic origin, it originated from a denar, then turned into a dinar, and mentioned in the Koran. Means literally “gold or silver coin”, in the sense of “valuable”, “expensive”.

This is the name of the pet of fortune, to which everything comes so easily that, at times, it simply slides with the flow. And it can wrap the wrong place!

The Muslim version of this name has two translation options: “honest”, “merciful”, “with a wide heart”. And the second: “respected”, “revered”, “dear”.

In addition to the generosity and generosity stated in the name itself, the boy will have obvious creative makings. As a rule, the humanities.

From Arabic, the name translates as “winner” or “celebrating the victory.” A person with this name will be unhurried, calm, docile, like a fish in water feeling in any company.

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