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Alphabet, I know you!

Alphabet, I know you!

Why do children sometimes have difficulty remembering letters? Adults come up with such colorful primers and cubes for them, and success does not come as fast as you want! The reason is that the letter for the baby is a somewhat abstract concept.

Especially if next to her in the picture is drawn an object with which the child is not very familiar. For example, a bus. It seems to adults that all children know what it is.

In fact, for many kids, a bus from the primer is like an atomic structure in an illustration of a physics textbook.

It is not easy for kids to compare painted buses with those they see on the street. Yes, and it is difficult to link in the consciousness that the bus is the letter A. The image of the object, of course, helps to remember the meaning of the letter.

But in memory, this picture remains as something that exists next to a letter and does not look like it at all. And when the baby starts reading, it makes it difficult to concentrate.

He needs to read the word “bal”, and he, in examining the letters, for some reason must remember the barrel, the bus and the forest!

Elena Bakhtina came to the conclusion: if you make the picture in the picture next to the letter look like her, the connection becomes absolutely obvious. And if you play with this letter, then it is already impossible to forget it. Conduct an experiment: draw and cut a large block letter A. Then show the baby a photo with a small child playing in the crib, and say: “This is the letter A. Even the small ones know it.

They lie in a crib and shout: “Aaaa!” Yell with your child. He will remember it instantly. First, the letter is associated with a very familiar to the baby concept – he himself was not so long ago a baby.

And secondly, during the lesson with his mother, he gets a lot of positive emotions.

In the alphabet of Bakhtina by this principle, you can learn all the letters. Favorite letter P is shod in shoes, and when children get to know her, they hear the phrase: “Daddy Came, Brought Gifts!” Well, how can you not love such a letter! And the funniest letter is Ya. Because she loves the same things that they love.

Ask the child: “Who loves candy?” He will answer: “I!” – “And cartoons?” – “I!” – “And walk?” And you will hear again: “I!” This letter is so called. Shout together: “I-II-II!”

Learning is very fast, because all the images that are associated with letters are well known to the child. The letter H is like a cup. From it you can drink and kefir, and milk, and tea.

On the letter H, like on a spool, wind multi-colored threads, and say hello with the letter L, if instead of a tail on the left you draw a palm unfolded to greet it.

Images of letters, anyone can come up with himself. The main thing is that they are close and understandable to the baby.

For example, we can say that a soft sign looks like a felt boot. But if the baby has never seen him, it will not help to remember the letter. And if your child has felt boots, then a firm sign to learn for him will not be a problem.

Tell me only that he looks like a felt boot, from which the sock sticks out. A win-win option is to draw a soft sign as if it were made from a soft down pillow.

A solid – built of stone cobblestones. Associations will be understood by every child.

Alphabet, I know you!

Did you learn the letters? To go further, you need to make sure that this lesson is well learned. And for this you need to be able to name the entire alphabet, following the pointer’s eyes, in a maximum of 20 seconds.

There is nothing supernatural, and any child can do it.

In order to voice the alphabet, it will take three minutes, and therefore, for one letter – about 6 seconds. At this speed, read the word “Masha” baby will be 24 seconds. Take a watch and try to read at that speed.

It’s impossible. It is better to train the memory so that, seeing the letter, the baby calls it without hesitating for a second.

If the whole process of learning the alphabet was associated with a baby with only positive emotions, he will be happy to start reading. Now you need to learn how to combine letters into syllables. These lessons can take place anywhere, both at home and on the street.

It is enough to show the child a syllable, for example, ON, and explain that the letters are able to be friends. When (H) meets (A) – together it turns out. After this, it remains only 70 times a day to repeat the phrase (H) (A) with the baby together with HA.

Not every child can remember this from the third or even the tenth time. But if you said it 10 times at breakfast, another 10 during a walk, in the evening in the bath – it will settle down in memory. And most importantly, do not sadly repeat the same thing, sitting in front of the alphabet.

Show your baby that you like to listen to him, and he will repeat with pleasure 100 times!

You can also learn the other syllables, and then proceed to reading by syllables. At this stage, parents often make the same mistake: they require the child to repeat the whole long word that he has read.

And angry when it turns out that he is not able to do it. One mother once complained to Elena Nikolaevna that her child did not understand what she was reading:
– Well, what is not clear in the words “willow has a hut”? It’s written in Russian!
– Do you all understand that you are reading in Russian? – Bakhtina asked her.
– Of course!

Then Elena Nikolaevna took the book “The Basics of Vector and Tensor Analysis” from the shelf and suggested that the perturbed mother read and explain what she understood. Of course, it is difficult for adults to look at the world through the eyes of children.

They cannot imagine that for a child the words “hut” and some unknown “willow” are as incomprehensible as scientific physical terms for the humanities.

And the next stage, retelling, can be mastered only after working through the reading technique. Let even on unfamiliar words.

If the kid reads slowly, retelling for him is an impossible task. The human brain is not well perceived information that arrives at a speed of 4-5 words per minute. Namely, this is how children read at first.

The baby will be able to understand the meaning of the read only when his reading speed is at least 40 words per minute.

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