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Allergenic products for baby

Allergenic products for baby

You can find out what are the most allergenic products from a special table. It is based on it recommendations pediatricians on the order of introduction of complementary foods.

So, the allergenic products listed in this table are cow’s milk, fish, chicken, red fruits and berries, sweets.

Cow’s milk, or rather cow’s milk protein, does not tolerate about 80% of children under 2 years of age. The reason is the lack of enzymes necessary for its processing.

When they are formed and begin to develop, and this happens after 2 years, the problem will disappear by itself.

Fish is also one of the most dangerous allergens. And for some people, the smell of fish alone can cause a choking attack.

It is for this reason that it is injected very carefully into the lure, after 8 months in microscopic doses, and closely monitor the reaction of the baby.

Eggs, more precisely, egg white. The common opinion that quail eggs are not as allergic as chicken eggs is just an opinion. In fact, the reaction to them occurs approximately with the same frequency as in chicken protein.

Conclusion: familiarity with the eggs begins with the yolk. Protein in the diet of the child appears only after the baby is 1 year old.

Meat. The risk of allergies is great if the baby tries the chicken.

Because lure begins with rabbit, turkey and even horse meat. In any case, it is not recommended to give fat varieties of meat and poultry. Meat broths are given to a child only after 1-1.5 years.

In this case, the first broth is always merged. The bird must remove the skin and remove subcutaneous fat.

Very young children are better to give green vegetables and fruits. For example, choose clarified juice from green apples, mash green apples and pears.

As for vegetables, the child is first introduced to zucchini, colorful and white cabbage.

The most innocent in the sense of an allergic reaction and at the same time the marmalade and the marshmallow are considered the most useful. Make sure that they do not contain artificial flavors and preservatives. With chocolate a child can be introduced no earlier than 3 years.

Choose dairy varieties of chocolate. Acquaintance with citrus and exotic fruits is also better to postpone at least 3-4 years.

To reduce the risk of developing allergies in infants, nursing moms are advised to follow a hypo-allergenic diet. All products mentioned above, you need to use carefully and not get carried away with them.

If one of the parents has a reaction to one of the products mentioned, it is better to exclude him from the diet of the nursing mother.

Allergenic products for baby

The list of allergenic products for children is very extensive, we have listed only a few of them. But this does not mean that the child is strictly forbidden to try chocolate, nuts, red apples and chicken.

Bans are kept only for the time being. From a certain age, the risk of allergy is reduced, as the body begins to produce enzymes that promote the absorption of a particular product. For most allergenic products, the threshold is 3 years old.

By the age of 3, the child’s digestive system will be strong enough to easily process the substances contained in a particular product.

The safest methods, including in terms of the risk of allergies, are cooking methods such as boiling, stewing, baking and steaming.

The answer is unequivocal: yes. If a person is allergic to pollen, then its presence, even in minimal quantities, can provoke great trouble.

In honey, as we know, pollen is present in very large quantities. A child can be introduced to honey only after 3 years. It is necessary to begin with microscopic portions and carefully monitor the reaction.

At the first sign of trouble, the product is excluded from the diet. The next attempt can take place in 2 weeks.

Mushrooms, like a sponge, absorb all the harmful substances present in the soil and in the air. And if harmful substances are present in the air and soil, then an allergic reaction can follow after eating the mushrooms.

In addition, mushrooms are practically pure protein, which in itself is the strongest allergen. Therefore, it is possible to give a child a try of mushrooms only after 5 years.

Some nutritionists advise to postpone the tasting of mushrooms and do until 7 years.

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