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All children are so different!

All children are so different!

Every child is unique and inimitable. The division into types of temperament is, to a certain extent, arbitrary: a modest kid may suddenly show leadership qualities, and a fighting, active child may suddenly disappear.

Any qualities can be slightly corrected: to teach how to manage anger or help to overcome the fear of something new. But to completely change the nature of the child does not work: certain features are incorporated in it genetically, and they must be taken as a given.

Especially since he inherited them, most likely from us, the parents.

Your baby may be frightened by unfamiliar surroundings and, rather, will be watched from the side rather than join the general game. Such children are usually considered too modest, shy.

All children are so different!

How to bring it up?

“Shy” baby always needs time to feel freer. And, of course, he needs your support.

Let him (literally) lean on you. When your child meets a new person, hold him in your arms and speak in a calm and confident voice.

Do not hurry. Such a child does not like a sweet kiss from a distant, almost unfamiliar relative.

But your favorite toy will help to establish contact. Offering something new, mix it with the old.

Give him something familiar, such as gravy or sauce, in which he can dip a new product for him.

If you are going to an unfamiliar place, prepare it, tell us what awaits him there. Brothers and sisters, other relatives, not to mention dogs, the more the child knows in advance, the better.

Treasure his personality. Not everyone is required to be a communication genius.

There is nothing wrong with your child having only a few close friends and he does not want to impress everyone. Do not insist and do not make him feel “worse than others” if he does not want to communicate with other children.

On the contrary, watch what is happening with him, not trying to plunge into the thick of events.

All children are so different!

From the moment she was born, Sonya was like fireworks. “My girl is like this from the first day of her life,” her mother says. “Incredibly active, spinning like a whirligig, waving his hand to passersby and always makes it clear to us what she wants or doesn’t want – when she spits out porridge or refuses to give the bottle away.”

Some aspects of the temperament of the child are identified from the moment of birth. Some children are timid and shy, others are too impulsive and angry. Some of the kids easily get used to the new situation and quickly acquire friends, while someone takes time each time to approach the children on the playground near the house.

It is important for a child that you understand the characteristics of his character and help him feel comfortable without trying to change him. The fact that your baby has just such a character is not an accident: it reflects your features and features of upbringing.

That is why, before saying “And who is he like with us?”, Look inside yourself: perhaps you will find there a shy and shy girl or a little tomboy, a real “leader of the Redskins”. Of course, all the kids are different, but there are features that are inherent in many of them.

We have identified four types of character traits, and it is likely that in one of them you will recognize your child.

All children are so different!

He rushes around the playground, rushing to everything he sees. Such children are confident and often become leaders, but because of their fearlessness they may be in a dangerous situation.

How to bring it up?

Treat your discoverer like a big child. Allow him to pick up “adult” objects – such as a TV remote or a telephone – and praise if he uses them correctly.

Make exceptions to the rules. For example, let him play on the court a little longer: he will feel that you value his independence and keen interest in everything that surrounds him.

Insist on daytime sleep. He will refuse to go to bed because he is interested in what is happening around.

But if the child is overworked, it will be more difficult to calm him down.

Avoid monotony, monotonous pastime. Look for new ways to develop his curiosity. The discoverers are constantly in motion, so they develop and learn.

Therefore, do not insist on quiet activities such as watching TV or daily walks on a familiar patch.

All children are so different!

He is an ideal child with a calm character and is always positive. But this does not mean that it will always be easy for you with such a baby.

And most importantly, do not forget that he will need no less love and attention than others.

How to bring it up?

His even temper and ability to be alone with yourself should not deceive you. He needs cooperative games and communication as much as others, although he does not claim this with a demanding cry. Do not forget to praise the baby when he does what you ask.

If your “problem-free” kid sees that you are paying much more attention to his older naughty brother, he will imitate him to also get some of your attention.

Even a very calm and balanced child can get confused while solving a difficult task. Do not demand too much from him, let him feel that you are always ready to come to his aid.

Be realistic in your expectations.

Your little Buddha, like any other child, can throw a tantrum. Do not be with him in this situation more strictly than with other children, this is just a short-term loss of self-control.

Tune in to baby signals. When he is mostly calm, we can ignore some of his needs or feelings.

The fact that he does not so clearly manifest his emotions does not mean that nothing can upset him.

All children are so different!

Lively, energetic and active, he rushes without stopping and immediately loudly and clearly lets you know when he is dissatisfied with something. Such babies are more impulsive and more easily lose self-control in certain circumstances.

How to bring it up?

All children are so different!

If the last time he refused to share toys with the children, carefully take him aside from the property he guards when his friends are nearby, and engage in the general game. Be sure to maintain a calm atmosphere, do not allow overexcitement, too vigorous fun or intense grief. It’s hard for a kid to deal with outbursts of anger.

Having been transported, it can become uncontrollable. If you feel that the child is on the verge, turn off the light and turn on the calm music, try to pick him up, speak to him a little slow and rhythmically, in a singing tone.

Formulate your requirements for the child clearly and clearly. When you need to draw his attention to what you say, sit down and try to catch his eye.

Rejoice in his energy! When a baby learns to control its impulsiveness and stops taking down everything in its path, it will be easier for you to see it from the best side open, sensitive and inventive.

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