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All about diets: which ones really work and which ones only harm

All about diets: which ones really work and which ones only harm

Popular diets, miraculous nutritional supplements, lymphatic drainage teas, special underwear for weight loss, intensive training – this is not the whole list of miracle products that are designed to help us get rid of extra pounds. Needless to say, each technique promises quick results and ideal forms and has a crowded fan club on the Internet. But if some tricks really work, others can nullify all our efforts and even harm the body.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the most popular tricks good and bad. To begin, let’s try to deal with the diet and how to adjust it.

After all, some products and individual nutrients contribute to weight loss, while others, on the contrary, lead to the increase of adipose tissue and cellulite.

Weight watchers movement

The “Weight Watchers Movement” originated in the States in the early 1960s. And in 2010, the scientific community recognized this technique as correctly balanced.

It is based on two main principles. Participants bring their diet in line with the latest recommendations of nutritionists and regularly appear at collective meetings to discuss the successes and failures of each “recruit”. The technique involves the use of a system of “nutritional points” (PP).

They are assigned to each type of product based on their caloric and nutritional value. On the same scale of points, taking into account the initial weight and lifestyle, the individual number of BCPs allowed per day is calculated.

Thanks to this logic, you can eat anything your heart desires, just to keep within the established limit. In parallel, physical activity is strongly encouraged: every movement allows you to recruit an additional amount of cherished PP.

On such a “diet” everyone loses weight in its own rhythm: someone is faster, someone is slower, but weight loss always happens. Importantly, the risk of getting better after the end of the program is significantly reduced, because the technique instills the correct eating habits.

Who is suitable? Anyone who needs a decent throw (10, 15, 20 kg or more), who loves to cook and who does not want to completely abandon the use of some “dubious”, but very tasty dishes or products.

Glycemic Index Diet

Experts advise this power supply system first of all to those who cannot get rid of a stomach in any way. Its principle is simple – to avoid products with high GI.

It is necessary to severely restrict the use of alcohol, sweets, potatoes, pastries and bread made from refined flour. Instead, it is allowed to eat foods with slow carbohydrates: vegetables and fruits, legumes, products made from solid varieties of a wide variety of cereals, unpolished cereals. They are rich in fiber, therefore, normalize digestion and give a feeling of satiety for a long time.

And they accelerate the flow of tryptophan to the brain. This amino acid has a calming effect, which in itself is never superfluous.

If the initial weight was large, you will slowly but surely lose weight.

Who is suitable? Everybody.

A diet with a low glycemic index is one of the 100% healthy diet options. And it is extremely useful to extend it for a lifetime, and not be limited to a period of active weight loss, because this diet increases life potential and helps prevent diabetes.

All about diets: which ones really work and which ones only harm

This popular weight loss scheme, based on the use of high-protein food, gives one weighty advantage – those extra pounds go off very quickly. But she also has disadvantages.

If, after reaching the goal, to return to unhealthy eating habits, the figure will almost certainly have to say “goodbye!”

Who is suitable? Holders of iron will: will have to literally follow the detailed prescriptions and in the period of active weight loss, and in the period of stabilization.

In addition, you will need to work closely with a doctor or a nutritionist. And it will be necessary to make sure in advance, again in a pair with a specialist, that you do not have contraindications to such a diet (first of all, kidney failure).

It is also worth bearing in mind that this diet is young, so no one has worked on the assessment of long-term effects.

This refers to diets that involve the use of special powders with a high content of proteins (proteins) and the absorption of fresh vegetables in large quantities. Such methods of losing weight quickly melt the excess fat, but they interfere with the active social life, because in the restaurant with friends no longer go. And they instill a perverse attitude towards food.

When you eat some powders, you can break the habit of the usual type of food. For this reason, followers of these diets often develop eating disorders. In addition, this “diet” very weakens the body and adversely affects the kidneys.

But the most unpleasant – after the end of the course, the weight returns instantly.

We are talking about the minimum values ​​when you need to use less than 1000 Kk per day. In fact, this diet allows you to lose those extra pounds, but along with them often melts and muscle mass.

This in itself is unnatural, and therefore wrong. And the silhouette of such losses, too, does not win. Another point – such diets suggest a constant and rigorous counting of calories.

Eating is transformed into mathematical exercises with a calculator in hand, and gastronomic pleasure turns out to be doubtful. The mood due to hypercontrol decreases sharply, appetite is disturbed.

It is clear that for a long time it’s impossible to hold out in such a rhythm at all. But the biggest disadvantage of these diets in another. The body learns to live in a state of constant stress and a banal lack of energy and vital nutrients.

And after the transition to the usual diet, he begins at any opportunity to make stocks “for a rainy day.” And it is in the form of fat deposits.

There is nothing to lose weight – how good is this idea? To do so is to harm oneself: the body suffers from hunger and diseases that are quickly activated against such a background.

And just as in the case of low-calorie diets, the body begins to make reserves for future use. As a result, not only fat is lost, but also muscle mass, the skin dries out and sags, wrinkles appear. The consequences of such hunger strikes are devastating in all respects, plus to everything, they emphasize complete self-neglect.

So it is better to refrain from such harsh measures.

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