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Air environment

Air environment

City dwellers spend a day on average 22 hours out of 24 in an enclosed space. Home, work, college, school, kindergarten, subway.

And if we take into account that we breathe 9/10 of the volume of air we breathe indoors, our first task is to take care of its purity.

Dust is a punishment for people for separating themselves from nature with walls. Due to their microscopic size, dust particles easily penetrate the protective environment of our lungs.

And, of course, settle in them. Experts say that in one liter of air in large cities and in rarely ventilated rooms there are up to three hundred thousand grains 0.5 microns (μm) in size. With a sigh, about two hundred and eighty thousand of them penetrate into our body, but with an exhalation only seventy-five to eighty thousand go, while the other two hundred are deposited in the bronchi.

The inhalation volume is 1.5–2 liters of air. Every day a person passes 7–9 thousand liters of air through his lungs.

Each apartment has its own microflora. But a microscopic dust mite is perhaps the most common air dweller and often becomes the cause of allergic reactions in adults and children. The size of the dust – 10 microns.

And this is good, because such dimensions make it visible to the human eye, which means that we can simply take a damp cloth and mercilessly walk on it. But there is dust and smaller sizes. This does not sink, but constantly hangs in the air.

Even smaller, but no less harmful particles are mold spores (2.8 microns), bacteria (0.5-5 microns), viruses (0.5 microns), tobacco smoke (0.01-0.1 microns) . Why are they all slaughtered in our apartments? Yes, because the air in our homes is warm and there is no natural circulation.

In such conditions, microorganisms feel very comfortable.

Air environment

Air environment

Now move to the kitchen. That’s where the hotbed of all kinds of “air evil”. First of all: gas stoves in certain amounts of emit carbon monoxide, in addition, during the combustion of gas from the air leaves a large amount of oxygen.

That is why during cooking the kitchen for the child is not the place. As during washing dishes, because washing liquids also emit harmful vapors.

Ecology outside the window also leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is not necessary to air the room at peak times, especially if you live near major highways.

At the same time, do not forget to pick up the window with a fine mesh or to curtain it with wet gauze, which will collect all the harmful particles that are trying to break into your home from the outside.

And now let’s look at the nursery and try to make its microclimate the most comfortable for your baby to live in.

First of all: no paint on the walls! The fact is that the walls in many houses are covered with plasterboard, and it enters into active reactions with paint.

The product of their joint activity is the destruction of the paint layer and the separation from it of the smallest particles invisible to the eye. They fly into your baby’s nose and cause allergic reactions.

So the walls in the nursery should be plastered with wallpaper, but in no way vinyl. Such generally suitable only for corridors. It is believed that they, without missing air, cause even more pollution.

Wallpapers must “breathe”, and therefore buy porous and not very dense.

Air environment

Pay attention to the floor. What is it covered with you? Linoleum?

Not the best solution. He begins to accumulate those harmful particles that are collected on its surface.

In the nursery, and in the apartment in general, he does not belong at all. The best for the floor – it is wooden boards or parquet.

At the same time, overly caring parents equip the nursery with heated floors, because their children spend the most time on the floor. It is not right. Heated floors increase the electromagnetic background in the room, which is not best reflected in the child’s nervous system.

It is better to cover the floor with a regular carpet. But not carpet!

After all, its production uses glue, which also tends to decompose into tiny particles. A carpet should be lint-free, because villus likes to hide dust.

Very often, experts who measure the level of air pollution find particles of a substance called formaldehyde in the microflora of our homes. First of all, they are distinguished by furniture made of chipboard, because formaldehyde is used for gluing plywood and chipboard.

At least for the nursery, purchase solid wood furniture. And if you still give preference to particleboard, then at least try not to expose such furniture to sudden temperature changes, do not put it on the battery.

And remember: its shelf life is 15–20 years. Formaldehyde absorbs plants very well, but don’t overdo it with the number of flower pots in the nursery, because plants increase humidity. And do not fill the ground too much, otherwise mold will form on it.

Everything is good in moderation.

Air environment

Air environment

Nature, creating our world, did not expect that we, the people, would, for example, glue the chips with artificially created substances and produce furniture from it, and not from the whole material, given to us in excess of wood. I didn’t assume that for the construction of our dwelling we would specially create a harmful mixture, in principle not existing in nature, like asbestos.

Moreover, we will build factories, from the pipes of which endless puffs of smoke are being felled, we will braid the cities with a network of highways, to which we will run countless cars. That is why today nature cannot protect neither the air nor our lungs from pollution. And the man had to deal with this problem independently.

First, various cleaners, humidifiers and air ionizers were created. They are in particular demand in Europe.

You can easily buy them in Russia. But if you decide to purchase such an expensive device, first invite a specialist to the house to determine the level of air pollution. What if he says that your house is already full of ions?

Or that humidity is higher than normal? In this case, these devices will, on the contrary, work against you. And besides, having provided the nursery with a cleaner, do not forget to change the filters in it, otherwise it will only increase the concentration of harmful particles in the air.

And, by the way about the appliances, the smoke extract is a must-have device for any civilized kitchen.

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