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Aerobatics: cosmetics for our men

Aerobatics: cosmetics for our men

Shaving is almost a daily ritual of most of the representatives of the stronger sex. That is why the most necessary cosmetic products are products for shaving. Of course, in regard to the removal of vegetation from the face, men are much more knowledgeable than women.

Nevertheless, there are several subtleties that they should adopt. Even more effective (and, perhaps, more efficiently, because the woman is even more interested in the smoothness of the skin of her superman), if you show off erudition and by the way tell about your companion

– First, no matter what anyone says, but the razor guarantees the closest shaving. Unlike interchangeable cassettes with 4, (and even with 6) blades, one touches the skin as closely as possible and picks up the largest number of hairs.

Today, experimenting with a straight razor is a rather fashionable trend (you can take a master class and learn how to use it yourself at the Royal Shaving School in the Truefitt Hill salon). Usually, the ritual is supplemented with “homemade” foam made from special soap with glycerin – thanks to it, it does not dry the skin and makes shaving as smooth as possible.

The quality of the foam depends on the pile brush – natural or synthetic. The latter does not cause allergies and unpretentious care. But real connoisseurs are better to please with natural products.

Among natural materials most often used is boar and badger wool. The first is perfectly combined with solid soap for shaving – however, it is not as soft and gentle as the second.

It is noteworthy that the shelf life of a high-quality copy reaches 15 (!) Years. Keep this in mind if you want to make a memorable gift to your father or loved one. To extend the life of the present, choose options with a handle made of ivory, glass, metal (instead of a short-lived tree).

And also instruct the owner how to properly care for the brush: wash the bristles under very hot water, and dry – “upside down”.

– Men who practice traditional shaving, advise to keep the machine almost perpendicular to the face, so that the blade does not clog with foam and hairs. So you can significantly increase its service life.

So that the shaving gel does not dehydrate the skin, it is better to foam it in the hands, not on the face. It is important not to overdo it with the quantity: a “portion” equal to a walnut is sufficient. Pay attention to your favorite instances with additional options.

They have an antibacterial and healing effect due to the composition of tea tree oil (Tea Tree Shave Gel, Paul Mitchell), extracts of arnica and chamomile (shaving gel, Elemis), thermal water (shaving foam, Avène). Another caveat – an aftershave should not contain alcohol, so as not to provoke a “drought.”

It is his responsibility to reanimate the skin – remove inflammation, moisturize and tone it. Especially advanced exhibits as a bonus prevent oily shine and eliminate imperfections with the help of salicylic and glycolic acid (CodePurete, Vichy Homme).

In addition to shaving products, today more and more men are introducing specialized care products into their strategic supply. And rightly so. It is no secret to anyone that men’s skin is 3 times more prone to fat and 2.5 times more dense than women.

However, in the course of their research and surveys, scientists from the Japanese company Pola revealed another interesting fact: as men age, their complexion changes, a reddish tinge appears on it. This is due to frequent shaving and lack of skin care.

This conclusion inspired them to create a multi-functional Mergence gel. It provides skin cells with oxygen, controls the sebaceous glands and improves the complexion with linden extract, green tea and hyaluronic acid.

In addition, the lack of sleep, overwork and processing are instantly reflected on the faces of our miners. After 30 years, such overloads do not pass without a trace.

According to a TNS study called “The 10 Evil Enemies of a Man,” 53% of men in China and 45% in Europe recognized that fatigue prevents their skin from looking healthy. Based on this data, the Biotherm brand has developed a new line of products – Total Recharge. Working in tandem, the series provides the skin with a “global reboot” – erases signs of fatigue from the face and transforms it, as after several additional hours of sleep.

Ginseng, vitamin C, caffeine, guarana, spirulina extract and mint water have an increased activity in the formulas of means (gel for washing, moisturizing cream, cream for the skin around the eyes).

Aerobatics: cosmetics for our men

If in the “for men” lines for the face there are more and more universal products with a wide range of responsibilities, then in the issues of hair care the trend is the opposite. Products “2 in 1” (convenient for traveling and going to the gym) in the daily care give way to more focused options. The main problems they solve are dandruff and hair thinning.

The first one is dumped “like snow on the head” due to the increased activity of the Malassezia fungus. It “lives” on the scalp and eats sebum, which in men is abundant. To combat the “detractor” in the list of “activists” of many shampoos for men there are zinc pyrithione (Clear Vita Abe), nasturtium and myrtle extract (Klorane), tar.

Vitamins B2, B6, A and E, as well as pine bark extract (Morphosis Sport, Framesi) are designed to stop hair loss and “strengthen their position”. Menthol – a faithful companion of men’s shampoos – not only refreshes, but increases the flow of blood to the bulbs, which accelerates hair growth.

Increasing their number (+1700 new hairs for 3 months) due to the awakening of “sleeping” hair follicles is promised by the molecule Stemoxidin (Dercos Neogenic, Vichy).

According to the study of the monitoring company NPD Group Inc for 2014, more and more men choose their own perfume (earlier it was the prerogative of their second half) and do it quite consciously. Many of our contemporaries are already knowledgeable (of course, not without our help) about the presence in the fragrance of head and heart notes, and also understand which “family” this or that species belongs to.

Another nice trend: finally, they are ready to experiment – to change their usual aroma wardrobe and even to go beyond the favorite perfume house. The tastes of the male audience also change: lighter and fresher compositions come to the place of heavy, brutal blends.

In order to keep up with the times and keep the brand, many fragrances begin to acquire lightweight versions marked “sport” (Armani Code Sport, YSL Homme Sport). And some perfumers add even more “coolness” to their cult refreshing waters (L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition; L’eau Par Kenzo New Pour Homme).

Aerobatics: cosmetics for our men

According to the brand CND, manicure is the most popular salon procedure for men. More often it is made by business owners and top managers after 35 years who value their image.

Often they are limited only to the processing of nails, excluding the coating colorless or matte varnish. Male pedicure is less in demand.

However, those who once broke a stereotype, go to him regularly.

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