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Adaptation to kindergarten – easy and fast!

Adaptation to kindergarten - easy and fast!

Even before the child crosses the threshold of the kindergarten for the first time, parents can (by accident or intentionally) form the attitude of the child to this event. Saying in the presence of the crumb: “I don’t even know how he will be there without me!” Or “They always offend everyone, and in the kindergarten everything will surely be the same!”, You program it in advance for failure. It is important to tune in a positive way!

Up to 7 years, the natural need of a child is to communicate with people of different sexes and different ages. Creating such an environment is a big job that not every parent can do.

In addition, there are a number of requirements for a preschooler to enter first grade, and not all moms and dads have the necessary qualifications and patience to help their child learn the necessary knowledge. Kindergarten will provide the child with all of the above.

If you start to talk with your child about some upcoming event in advance, involve him in preparation, tell in detail about what is happening, then, being interested, the child will be happy to take part in business on an equal basis with adults. Explain to the child how it is interesting in kindergarten what kind of beautiful toys are there and how many in the group are the same funny kids as he is.

Do not forget to talk about it regularly for at least several weeks (with such a simple mantra you motivate the child and calm yourself down).

Just imagine: for no reason at all, early in the morning, your mother suddenly woke you up, drove you to an unfamiliar place, left in the company of foreign adults and a dozen of the same as you, roaring, frightened tops and left for an indefinite period! To avoid unnecessary stress, take time to get acquainted with the garden in advance.

Walk past it for a walk and show the child, take a look at the site for a while, find out the name of your teacher, and ask for “visit” at a convenient time for the teacher, let the baby look around. At least once having been “on the ground”, he will feel much more confident when the time comes to return. If the kindergarten has an adaptation group of short-term stay (GKP), try to get there.

These classes are aimed at preparing the child to attend preschool educational institutions. Usually the group works according to a flexible schedule: from 2 to 5 times a week and from 2 to 5 hours a day – and will help the child to get used to innovations in his life. It will also be useful to slightly change the mode of the future kindergarten’s day: if you usually get up at 11 am, then with the start of school it will be hard for the kid to get up on the alarm clock.

Try to adjust your day as much as possible to the garden schedule.

Adaptation to kindergarten - easy and fast!

The adaptation process in kindergarten usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks, it is designed to help the newcomer to smoothly enter the rhythm of the life of the group. On the first day in a new setting, the kid will have enough a couple of hours; It will be useful to take the crumb a little earlier than he can play enough and get tired, then he will have only positive emotions left from visiting the kindergarten.

By the end of the week, if everything goes well, you can try to pick up the child after dinner, well, then everything depends on the individual characteristics of the little person. Do not rush to leave the baby to sleep – it is very important that he was ready for this step. The child can spend a day in the kindergarten, on average, a month after he began to attend it.

It is better to consult a psychologist in the garden: he will help determine the degree of readiness of the baby. Do not be lazy to attend the garden systematically.

If you start the morning with the phrase: “I don’t even know whether to lead him to the kindergarten or not, he cried so yesterday!”, The child will feel your insecurity and will gladly give you a couple more reasons not to go to kindergarten.

Try to establish contact with experts working in kindergarten. If your child has any peculiarities, tell the staff about them, ask forcibly not to feed the little one, give the hyperactive baby a run, and for the lover of silence to be alone for a while. Be sure to notify if a family has recently occurred or is currently taking place at the moment some other significant events: the birth of a younger child, relocation, the divorce of parents.

The experience and knowledge of educators, psychologists and speech therapists will help to pass the “lossless” adaptation period.

A favorite trick of parents of kindergarten beginners is “the disappearance of a mother.” One has only to distract the child for a minute and switch his attention from the parent to the doll or machine lying on the carpet, as the mother suddenly disappears. Without explaining or saying goodbye.

Another deception: “I’ll wait for you in the corridor!” – is also revealed elementarily, it’s worth the child to look out the door. It is impossible to do this, it undermines the foundations of a basic feeling between parents and a child – trust.

The best option is to say in advance everything that will happen in the near future. Example: “Now you will go to the group, and I will go to work.

You will have breakfast, then classes, then you will go for a walk, and then I will take you! ”Do not use the concept of time, it is very difficult for a child to determine how much time has passed since your separation – 2 hours or 15 minutes.

Adaptation to kindergarten - easy and fast!

Psychologists say that almost all the difficulties that may arise in a child of preschool age directly depend on the emotional state of his parents. A young child has a lot of resources, he needs them in order to adapt to the environment in which he is located, but the form of this adaptation is inextricably linked to the atmosphere in which the baby is.

If the baby is cheerful and satisfied, motivated to learn, wants to communicate, it directly means that everything is in order at his house and vice versa. So, when teachers complain about the whims and bad mood of their pupil, first of all think about what is happening in your home, and try to quickly eliminate the source of stress.

For some reason, in adulthood, it is considered that being sad is bad, experiencing, showing that you are not taken sadly, but such feelings are an integral part of human consciousness. Allow me to test them both for myself and for the child, because the greater the amount of experience is suppressed, the greater the pressure on the psyche increases, respectively, it becomes more difficult to cope with stress.

Share how much you miss a baby, how you don’t want to part with it, let him tell you about your experiences too. Such conversations are very useful for creating a comfortable psychological microclimate of the family.

Every family has little secrets of upbringing. Develop your own “farewell ritual” that will cheer the child up: you can rub your noses, “charge” each other with a good mood, or “scatter” 10 kisses in your pockets, which your baby will be able to “get” if you feel sad during the day and From the inside you can attach a family photo so that the child can see you at any time if he misses you. And most importantly, always remember that wonderful specialists work in your kindergarten, they feed tasty and healthy, children walk in large and safe areas, and that means that everything will be fine.

And you should be sure of that.

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