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Acclimatization of children

Acclimatization of children

Acclimatization is an adaptation of an organism to a change in natural, including climatic, conditions. Every time we find ourselves in “non-native” geographic latitudes, we have to adapt to new conditions of life.

How is the acclimatization of children? Komarovsky writes that climate change often leads to general malaise and increased susceptibility to disease.

And the farther you leave from home, the more these problems become apparent.

No one is immune from problems with digestion: when meeting with local cuisine, many stomachs raise a riot.

The first signs of acclimatization do not appear immediately, but on the 2-3rd day after arrival. The child may become slightly inhibited, will start to tire quickly.

He may have signs of a cold – runny nose, cough, appetite may disappear, sleep may worsen. These are the easiest manifestations of acclimatization, from which it is almost impossible to save the crumbs.

Everything will come back to normal in 5-7 days, you just need to be patient.

But sometimes acclimatization is manifested by more serious problems. A child may experience a sharp rise in temperature, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or, conversely, constipation, he will begin to complain of abdominal pain or headaches. At high temperatures (more than 38 ° C), give your child antipyretic.

When pain in the abdomen will come to the aid of drugs that improve digestion.

Most difficult to adapt to climate change, babies, because their immunity has not yet been formed. Sometimes the symptoms of acclimatization persist in such small children up to 2 weeks.

Try to follow the feeding and sleeping patterns that your baby is used to at the new place. If the baby is breastfed, the mother should be attentive to her menu and do not chase the dishes of local cuisine. If the baby is bottle-fed, take the mixture that is familiar to him from home so that it will last at least for the first few days.

If you have already entered prikorm, during travel and within a week after returning, do not introduce new products. Take a trip from the house jars with baby food, to which the baby has become accustomed.

Children under 1.5 years old pediatricians do not recommend dramatically changing the climate and time zone. Habitual for the child weather conditions must be chosen in the event that the trip lasts 1-2 weeks.

The benefits are obvious: it will take a couple of days to get used to the new environment. And usually it goes completely unnoticed for the crumbs, and for the accompanying adults.

For example, the acclimatization of children in Anapa, even in summer, is easier. When the outdoor thermometer crosses over 25 ° C and the air is dry, we begin to actively sweat: the evaporating moisture helps to reduce body temperature and prevent overheating. Sea breeze has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs and improves blood flow to the lungs and strengthens the immune system.

For the same reasons, it is fairly easy for children to acclimatize in the Crimea.

Wet subtropics are not the most suitable place to relax with a small child. For children who often suffer from ARVI, this geographic belt is generally contraindicated. With high humidity, the baby also sweats heavily, but the moisture evaporates much more slowly, because thermoregulation mechanisms often fail.

The body overheats, breathing and pulse are increased, the blood supply to the internal organs decreases, blood pressure jumps. For these reasons, the acclimatization of children in Abkhazia is harder, it takes more time.

Acclimatization of children

Acclimatization of children in the south has its own characteristics. Sea bathing will have to be postponed until the most acute symptoms of acclimatization pass, that is, for 6-8 days.

So the rest on the sea should last at least 3-4 weeks.

Begin by rubbing in warm sea water (28 ° C). After 2-3 days, go to the douche. After another 2 days you can plunge into the sea for a moment.

After 2-3 days, the bathing time is adjusted to 3-5 minutes. When the baby comes out of the water, wipe it with a towel and let it rest for 10-15 minutes in the shade.

If the sea warms up to 24 ° C, the “heats” extend to 5–7 minutes, to 26 ° C to 10 minutes. You can swim 3-4 times a day, in the morning – up to 10 hours and in the evening – after 16 hours. Between food and bathing should take at least 1.5 hours.

The break between bathing should be at least 3-4 hours.

Acclimatization of children

Doctors believe that climate change causes far less damage to the body than changing the time zone, especially when the time difference exceeds 2 hours. The negative impact increases with the flight from west to east, when the arrows are moved forward. In such conditions, there is a risk of hormonal failure, nervous excitability may increase, heart palpitations become more frequent.

Changing the time zone also affects the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, body temperature and blood pressure.

Based on this, the acclimatization of children in Thailand is fraught with rather serious problems. You can go there only with a child older than 3 years and in the event that the trip lasts more than 2 weeks, otherwise the toddler just will not have time to recover from the flight.

The most suitable season for this is the beginning of spring.

The time difference with Egypt and Turkey for those who live in central Russia is minimal, and therefore acclimatization of children in Turkey, as well as the acclimatization of children in Egypt, is easier. Unless, of course, you go to Egypt in the midst of summer, when the temperature reaches 50 ° C.

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