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Accessories for strollers: everything for comfort

Accessories for strollers: everything for comfort

Standard stroller bed consists of upholstery and mattress. Why not buy bedding according to your own taste?

The mattress can be replaced with a better one, for example, with coconut filler (coir) in combination with layers of wool and cotton. Such a bed is considered orthopedic – even, elastic and moderately rigid. Alternative mattress fillers are sintepon, cotton batting, sheep wool and buckwheat husks.

It is desirable that the cover was removable – for washing.

A sleeping set will decorate the stroller. You can choose any color range that is pleasant to parents. The kit usually includes a mattress (35×70 cm) and a pad (35×20 cm).

In the sets of advanced configuration add a blanket and a sheet with pillowcases. As for the pillow, then the parents need to decide how much the baby needs it.

If desired, consult a pediatrician.

In late spring and summer, when it’s hot outside, babies often walk without diapers. So, in the stroller need oilcloth or waterproof mattress topper. In order to have less washing, some mothers prefer to use disposable absorbent diapers, spreading them in a stroller.

Wet diapers are thrown away immediately after the walk.

Pendants and stretch marks – garlands of toys, assembled on an elastic band – will certainly delight the baby. When the carriage moves, they swing, rustle and rattle. Such entertainment will suit an infant from 3-4 months, when he is awake longer for a walk.

At first, the child will only watch the toys and listen to them, and after a while it will start to take them by hand, twist and shake them. It is worth paying attention to the loudness of the sounds, which are produced by the stretching.

Some rattles are too noisy, which can frighten or re-awaken a baby. Suspensions are mounted at a distance of about 30-40 cm from the face of the crumbs.

Closer can not, otherwise the toys will be out of focus, which threatens visual impairment.

Game arc is the basis for the suspension of various toys. It can be sold both separately and with a set of rattles. She looks stylish and cheerful, raising the mood of the baby and mother.

Such an arc is not part of the stroller, so it can be removed at any time for washing or cleaning. Mom changes toys on the arc as often as she sees fit.

The set of arcs, which provide for many toys, immediately has a special grid, in which it is very convenient to store figures that are not used at the moment.

A raincoat for a stroller will allow you to walk in any weather, without fear that the baby will be uncomfortable if it rains or snows. The raincoat is a waterproof case made of transparent and soft PVC film, which is put on the stroller.

There will not be raindrops on the baby, and the upholstery of the stroller will not suffer from precipitation. In the raincoat there is always a window – for the access of the mother to the child.

In some models, more expensive, there are special membranes that provide adequate ventilation under the raincoat. After the rain, the cover should be properly shaken, folded and put away in the waterproof bag or bag attached to it.

And at home – to dry thoroughly. When purchasing a raincoat, you must consider the type of stroller (sleeping or walking) and its model.

Most branded raincoats are sewn individually for a specific model of the stroller and fit it perfectly – tightly and without unnecessary folds.

Raincoat is an accessory for any season. But some may harden at low temperatures, so cracks appear on them.

For winter, a nylon weatherproof cover is good – a winter hut. He does not hush in the cold.

Stripes of reflective fabric will come in handy if you walk in the evening when it is dark.

A warm envelope is needed in the cold. Some models of strollers are completed with envelopes immediately. For other manufacturers, it is recommended to take the envelope as an additional option, selecting it in the same style as the pram upholstery.

You can purchase an envelope separately. By design, warm envelopes come in the form of a sleeping bag or a transformer (fully expanded so that you can put the baby there). When unfolded, the envelope-transformer is often used as a blanket or rug.

Usually the envelopes last for a long time: the folded edge of the breast allows you to adjust the thing to the height of the baby. Envelopes with a hard bottom and foam quilted walls turn into an envelope-carrying.

Having taken the baby out of the stroller, it can be carried in an envelope as in a bag – by the handles or hanging over the shoulder (if a long shoulder strap is provided), so mom’s hands will be free.

The mosquito net is relevant in the run-up to summer, when various mosquitoes and mosquitoes begin to circle in the air. These nets are versatile and worn on any model stroller with elastic.

In some wheelchairs, you can change the wheels in accordance with the season. To do this, you must purchase a set of replacement wheels. Large and wide pneumatic tires with a reinforced tread will ensure that the stroller has good permeability after snowfall and slush.

In spring, when the snow melts, the winter wheels can be changed to summer ones — narrower, lighter plastic with a soft rubber rim. The total weight of the stroller becomes smaller.

In addition, summer wheels do not need swapping.

Antisplash covers help to keep the house clean. After the walk, before entering the apartment, you should cover all the wheels, and then they will not leave dirty and wet marks.

Thanks to the covers, the mother does not have to wash the floor once again, to spend her strength on it. True, the covers will sometimes have to be washed.

The flexible (bicycle) lock is useful when the carriage has to be left unattended at the clinic or store. It is a padlock with a long flexible handle and a locking mechanism – it is locked with a key (sometimes using a code). There are locks, equipped with a siren – when you try to “unfasten” them, a loud beep sounds.

The bicycle lock is fastened to a tree, railing or handrails.

A bag that is hung on the handle of the stroller is a very desirable addition. You can put removable underwear, a diaper, wet wipes, a diaper, food, a toy, a pacifier, etc., here. Many strollers are sold complete with a bag.

Conveniently, when it keeps its shape, it is quickly, fastened and unbuttoned with one hand, it has an adjustable shoulder strap. Many offices and pockets allow you to accurately place the necessary things.

And everything will be at hand.

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