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A week before the second: we change the children’s room

A week before the second: we change the children's room

Parents prepare the firstborn psychologically for the appearance of their second child, and the apartment practically. We asked the interior design expert of the MebelVIA online hypermarket Lilia Schulga how best to equip a children’s room, in which another child will soon grow and frolic.

The main role in the harmonious arrangement of the room for two is played by the age difference of children. If the firstborn is older than the second child by more than three years, the best option in terms of safety is to leave the baby in the parents’ bedroom. In any case, the first months of a baby’s life are accompanied by sleepless nights and the constant attention of the mother.

In the future, in the absence of more space, you can divide the nursery into two parts with a real wall. With a significant difference in age, there are frequent cases of jealousy, attempts by seniors to harm the younger by something.

We consider zoning rooms for children with a difference of 2-3 years. Here there are at least two convenient schemes: according to the number of children, when filling with objects occurs for each child individually, and by types of occupations (bed, work area, play room).

If the room is small, its division into areas of activity seems more reasonable. However, the choice always remains for parents and children, if at least one of them is already old enough to express their preferences.

By the way, it is good practice to discuss the details and listen to the wishes of the child: by involving him in the process, you pay attention to what is needed in a difficult period of big changes in the family, developing imagination and the desire to help.

When the zoning scheme is approved, it becomes easier to design the room and you can focus on the design of the room. With the help of “lowering” the ceilings – the formation of a relief with drywall for painting – the separation of the room into areas can be emphasized.

For example, to create three-dimensional drawings of a girl and a boy over the zones of a daughter and son, or in the style of cartoons, in a playful tone to sketch out the ceiling above the playing area and workplace.

Very often, having heard the phrase “children’s room”, people represent a riot of colors, cartoon characters in each corner of the room, stickers, toys. But do not try to put in the room all that is associated with children.

It is better to find a middle ground – do not dump all your favorite ideas, but do not make the interior faceless, boring.

A week before the second: we change the children's room

Wallpapers with a cyclical image of the same pictures look bad in the nursery, where so bright enough interesting toys for the development of imagination and placement of accents. And from too motley interior baby quickly get tired.

Choose a calm pastel background color of the walls, dim floors. An ideal option for the floor is a parquet of warm wood shades, perhaps even light and gray, in combination with a carpet by the bed.

I advise you not to put soft carpets that are not intended for active games in the playing and working areas, otherwise you will not avoid frequent cleaning, washing them from paints and clay.

A variant with an “active” wall is possible: considering the three walls of a calm background color, you can choose wallpaper with a bright pattern of the same series or scale. It can be variations of photo wallpapers or use of a map of the world, which will not only improve the interior, but also provide new opportunities for the development of children.

The role of color accent can be played by curtains or pieces of furniture (preferably not the main ones – chairs, padded stools, bedspreads, pillows, furniture upholstery).

As for the furniture itself, at the moment the walls are very relevant, combining sleep areas and work areas. A berth can be both two-tier structures and planar ones.

It is no secret that the second floor, which is usually associated in children with their own house, can become a whole world for a child. But the significance of the first tier today is not difficult to emphasize.

For example, you can add shelves and a reclining table with a lamp, and also make a special design for each tier – taking into account the interests of children. Then there will be no conflict, who will sleep on such an attractive top floor.

A week before the second: we change the children's room

Today, there is a large selection of “hidden” beds that save space. The only controversial point may be the question of children, which of them will sleep on the part that needs to be removed after sleep.

If the dimensions of the room allow to place two separate beds, then it is better to arrange sleeping places and working areas for children on different sides of the room in order to avoid the division of one large table. At the same time, the issue of the diverse activities of children who will not be distracted by each other will be able to go about their business will be resolved.

The layout will divide the kids into class time, but will unite during the fun – in the central, play area.

Hinged shelves at any height, plus a small wooden stepladder will eliminate the need for the location of large bookcases. Do not forget about lighting.

Hanging lamps or transformers floor lamps look very beautiful in any of the zones; you can move and zoom in as comfortable as possible.

The storage area of ​​things, toys and various items can be placed at the window, making deep window sills and forming cabinets in the length of the entire wall. On a wide window sill, with the proper height, you can put pillows and make a recreation and observation area: “What is there, outside the window?”.

If the windows are high, they can be used as shelves for toys, and when the kids grow up, replace the toys with beautiful pots with plants.

It is better to place the play room between the sleep area and the work area, here the right to exist has a chest of drawers for toys or a small open closet for storage. You can also position the wall bars or gym complex – and it is interesting for children, and it is useful for development.

We tried to consider the main points of the formation of a nursery for two kids. As you can see, the main role in this process is played by the psychological aspect of preparing a child for the appearance of a brother or sister, including by means of interior design.

And then – do not overdo it with a riot of fantasy and keep in mind that it is better to locate the working area near natural light, the sleeping area is on the opposite or adjacent side, and safely place the playing area between them.

Photos of bedrooms with bunk beds are provided by MebelVIA online hypermarket

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