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A child has a cold: what and how to treat

A runny nose, or rhinitis, is not a disease, but a symptom of it. To cope with it, it is necessary to eliminate the reasons that caused it.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

In infants most often runny nose viruses. After a year, allergic rhinitis can occur – a child can react to plant pollen, pet hair, and more. Sometimes allergies accompany a viral infection.

So how to distinguish one from the other?

With a cold (ARVI), transparent water flows from the nose, after 2–3 days it becomes thick and cloudy, and when the child recovers, it brightens again. On the 3-4th day, the child may rise to 38 ° C, the baby becomes sluggish, his appetite disappears.

Your throat may also turn red and cough. If bacteria are attached to the virus, nasal discharge becomes yellow green.

You can understand that the baby has started inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, or sinusitis, if you have a runny nose that lasts for 1-2 weeks, thick yellow-green discharge comes from the nose. The karapuz starts headaches, he eats and sleeps poorly, and the temperature stays at 37–38 ° C.

In allergies, a runny nose begins suddenly and lasts a long time, and it can either subside or increase. Nasal discharge transparent.

The crumb can hardly breathe through the nose, often sneezes and rubs it, the eyes and eyelids of the babe blush, but he feels good, eats, sleeps and plays as usual.

In children, rhinitis quite often can lead to complications. From the nose, the infection passes to the “neighbors”, causing inflammation of the tonsils, pharynx, bronchi, and from 2-3 years – the paranasal sinuses and adenoids. And since the nasopharynx and ear in babies are connected by a wide canal, a seemingly harmless rhinitis sometimes provokes inflammation of the auditory tubes (eustachitis) and the middle ear (otitis).

Before choosing from one of many remedies for rhinitis symptoms, you need to consult with a pediatrician. Pay attention to the instructions, where instructions are given on the dosage depending on the age of the baby. Vasoconstrictor drops should not be used for longer than 7 days, and some – longer than 4-5.

If a bacterial complication begins, the doctor will prescribe nasal antibacterial drugs. In the treatment of allergic rhinitis used antihistamines.


A child has a cold: what and how to treat

Nose spray “Aqua Maris Sens”, JSC “YADRAN” Galensky Laboratories, Croatia

A drug for the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis. Contains a combination of ectoine and isotonic sea salt solution.

Allowed to children from 2 years and pregnant women.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

Spray nasal “Snoop”, “Stada”

The drug for the treatment of rhinitis on the basis of sea water and xylometazoline. Quickly and effectively restore nasal breathing in allergic rhinitis.

Recommended for children from 2 years.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

Oil “Breathe”, “Akvion”

The drug facilitates breathing in case of a cold and protects against colds. It contains only natural oils with antiviral and antibacterial effects. Suitable for children from 3 months.

Applied on a paper napkin, handkerchief, pillow or child’s toy.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

“Dolphin” for children, the company “Dynamics”

Complex for washing children’s noses. Washes bacteria, viruses, allergens from the nasal mucosa before they enter the body. Promotes local immunity.

Recommended for children from 4 years.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

“Viferon® Gel”, OOO “Feron”

Means for the prevention of influenza and SARS. It has a prolonged action and strengthens the local immunity.

Apply to the nasal mucosa twice a day. Suitable for children from the first days of life and expectant mothers.

A child has a cold: what and how to treat

Otrivin Baby Complex, Novartis Consumer Health LLC

It helps in the treatment of rhinitis in the child as part of complex therapy, as well as in matters of daily hygiene of the baby’s nose. Droplets (from birth) and spray (from 3 months) facilitate the removal of the secret, an aspirator with interchangeable nozzles helps to clean the nose with the help of mom’s breath.

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