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9 things that pets teach us

9 things that pets teach us

Remember the words: “Because, because of all more important and more expensive, of all trusting and stricter kindness in this world.” When you have a small kitten in your arms, it is almost impossible to remain indifferent. We relent, we want to stroke him, and good tender feelings wake up in our souls.

The kitten clings to us, purr. At such moments, something wakes up in the shower, even in harsh men, what can we say about the children.

The animal does not know how to lie, dodge, hide their attitude. Everything that it feels is reflected in appearance: in a look, in a pose.

If you offended him, for example, screamed – you will immediately see fright or chagrin. And show affection or call with a benevolent intonation – and now they are looking at you with hope, enthusiasm, adoration. We, people, often hide what we feel, put on “masks”, prefer to restrain mental impulses.

The ability to be sincere in animals, we definitely should learn!

“The dog is a true friend” is a rubber stamp, but it is. She, in contrast to the “reasonable man” will not betray and will not give up, will not go over to another owner.

It is important for animals that it is you, his beloved households, who are near.

We are responsible for those who have tamed – remember? We learn to care for those in need, to be attentive.

Of course, sometimes laziness takes over: we are too lazy to go out with the dog for a walk, change the filler in the cat tray, put food in the bowl … But understanding that no one except us will do it, and if we don’t, we will be bad , forces us to shift the focus of attention from our business to our smaller brothers.

9 things that pets teach us

5. The correct mode of the day

Watch the cat or dog. In their daily routine everything is clear: food, toilet, washing, sleeping, playing.

They do everything thoroughly, slowly, enjoying the process. If an animal wants to sleep, it sleeps. If he wants to eat, he eats.

We want to sleep, but do not sleep, because things have not yet been redone, we want to eat, but do not eat – we need to keep an eye on the figure. And what if at least some “must” be changed to “want”?

Is it really impossible? Pay attention not only to matters and concerns, but also to your needs.

6. Healthy lifestyle

Do you have a dog? Need to walk (and better several times a day)! Fresh air, active movement, or at least walking – all this is now with you.

As a result, you start the day with physical activity and end it in the same way. Now many are sedentary (sometimes – from childhood!). The appearance of a dog in the house will make you quit bad habits and become a more active person.

Well, after walking with a faithful friend, you feel not only an increase in physical strength, but also a surge of good mood.

Have you come from work annoyed and angry, and maybe sad and tired? Animals all feel.

They can either step aside so as not to interfere under your feet, while you are not in the mood, or come to the rescue, walking over and cuddling, as a sign of support. Sometimes you think: “But the truth is, everyone understands, but they cannot say.” We often show indifference to others, not noticing their condition and mood, reacting more to signals from our own stomach than to emotional signals from a child or a spouse.

Let’s learn sensitivity from dogs!

8. The joy of simple things.

From early childhood, we always want something: a glass of juice, candy, a car, new shoes, a game console, a computer, a fancy foreign car, a mansion … Of course, it’s not harmful to want, but sometimes we want obvious excesses. Animals enjoy the simplest things: food, your affectionate look or gesture, the opportunity to go for a walk.

How little, it turns out, it is necessary for happiness!

9. Unselfish love

Animals accept our friendship and give unrequited love in return, simply because we are (by the way, just like children). We come home, they meet us, showing our love with all their looks. Seething emotions express screaming and pleading eyes. We are loved for “just like that.”

And for what we love each other people?

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